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Chapter 80 - Hard Mode

Shin Soo turned around and stared at Liam dumbfoundedly. In the spur of the moment, he didn ’t have any time to make any decisions.

The only thought that was running in his mind was that this was insane!

A mage can use a sword sure, but how the hell was he going to tank? Did he even have the defense to absorb a single combined attack from the three wraiths?

This was simply foolishness!

If it was anybody else, he would have just sent a kick their way, asking them to shut up. However, this was Liam. So he instinctively stepped aside and listened to him.

Before the attacks from the wraiths could land on his, he dodged and did not provoke them after that, thereby losing their aggro.

Almost immediately, the three pitch black wraiths turned their attention to the man at the back with two tiny creatures beside him.

Liam sent out three fireballs back to back, drawing the attention of all three wraiths. The most common tanking method might be using the various taunt skills, but this worked too.

His damage numbers were almost double what others were dealing so it was very easy for him to make the wraiths target him instead.

But this was just the beginning. The real skill of a tank laid beyond this.

Liam ’s figure blurred and he immediately appeared in front of the three wraiths. 

The other mage took a step back and the thief and the ex-tank started attacking from the back while Liam dealt with them from the front.

His movements were a lot less restricted and when the next attack of the wraiths landed, it barely grazed him.

The healer sighed in relief quickly using this time to heal the ex-tank. The group then targeted the one on the right continuing to grind down its health bit by bit.

And Liam as well contributed to this damage once in a while, but his main focus was on something else.

His gaze was firmly fixed on the three wraiths.

He was observing everything about them including their movements, attack patterns, and every detail that he could see.

These were the only undead in the lower leveled zones closer to the cities. If he wanted to interact with more undead, he would have to go to higher leveled zones.

So he tried his best to understand the three wraiths. 

As these wraiths and specters were a level higher than the mindless undead that arose from using the spell, his goal was to use them to gain some sort of insight.

After slaughtering several specters, he wasn ’t any closer to comprehending his undead affinity, so he could only hope that this would work.

Liam nimbly moved dancing around the three wraiths as he continued maintaining their full attention. 

He casually evaded their attacks, but he also allowed some of them to hit him, taking the full brunt of the impact head on.

Every time he did that, the healer panicked. The main difficulty in this particular fight seemed to be avoiding this attack from the wraiths as it was almost a one-hit kill sort of an attack.

Liam ’s health points were decent enough to at least eat three of their attacks, but still seeing the health drop so much was flustering.

And moreover, he had no plans of making this easy for her. He was fully engrossed in his own world, leisurely playing around with the three wraiths.

Completing the dungeon successfully seemed to be the last thing on his mind.

In this manner, the fight continued and with Liam skillfully maneuvering as the tank the three wraiths looked more like mobs rather than a mini boss and the fight was over in no time.

[Ding. 1000 Experience points have been rewarded]

[Ding. 1000 Experience points have been rewarded]

[Ding. 1000 Experience points have been rewarded]

Juicy experience notifications rang one after the other, and both Kim Hyun and the wind ripper leveled up. 

”Fuck yes! I am finally Level 20! ” Kim Hyun jumped around and seeing him the bird also did the same.

Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

”Ughhh. Don ’t pick up any habits from this guy. ” Liam immediately reprimanded the bird and it quickly settled down.

Kim Hyun could only smile bitterly and act as if he wasn ’t just labeled as a bad role model for a freaking bird.

”I suggest you all take one more drink from the lake. ” Liam reminded them, he himself taking a sip as well.

Not long after, the last and the final boss of the moon lake arrived. The entirety of the lake water started swirling around like a whirlpool and above it, a tornado started forming.

Pitch black wisps started descending into this chaos and a monstrous wraith slowly started forming. Unlike the other specters and wraiths, this one had a red glow surrounding it.

[Demonic Wraith General]

Level 20

Health: 5000000

The sheer health of this giant black thing struck fear in everyone ’s heart as they saw the massive 5 million health points. 

This had 100 times the health of the elite boss Barabara which Liam had slaughtered. Around Level 20, this was the strongest dungeon boss!

”Ahh… Why is it so high? Wasn ’t it supposed to be just 1 million? ” Shin Soo cried in disbelief. He also received another notification which made him further stiffen.

[Ding. The evil eye lands on you. You have been targetted by the Wraith General]

[Ding. All your stats are reduced by 5%]

Everyone else as well received similar notifications.

”I can ’t breathe properly. ” Minah took a step back, her body shivering.

She was a holy healer and the presence of the boss affected her the most. Instead of 5%, she received a 10% reduction in stats.

Liam on the other hand felt invigorated in the presence of such a strong powerful undead. Not only that, but he also received a different notification.

[Ding. The evil eye lands on you. You have been targetted by the Wraith General]

[Ding. All your stats are reduced by 5%]

[Ding. You possess a SSS-grade undead affinity]

[Ding. All your stats are increased by 20%]

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