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Chapter 82 - Unassigned Stat Points

”No. ” Liam shook his head. ”Watch its health. It lost a lot of its health while summoning these dead villagers. We should start targeting the boss now. ”

As he finished explaining, he started bombarding the boss with more attacks, and everyone else quickly joined in as well.

Fighting this boss was initially supposed to be extremely complicated as it swarmed the players with undead mobs while also attacking simultaneously.

But now, because of the strategy and positioning they used, this became overly simplified and all they had to do was grind down the remaining health.

When the big 5 million health bar was reduced to the last hundreds, the wraith general started casting something once again but Liam interrupted it by throwing a fireball right at its mouth.

Spells could also be interrupted like this? Everyone was dumbfounded. This… This brought a new meaning to the words ’eat my attack ’. 

The wraith was completely enraged and it screamed making everyone including Liam shudder as its shrill voice assaulted their eardrums.

As a last ditch attempt, it hurriedly muttered something in archaic language and a red glow started appearing on Liam ’s body.

Since he was dealing the maximum damage, the last attack of the boss was to possess him.

Everyone noticed this and started panicking. They were so close to finishing this damned dungeon and that they had insanely worked hard for, how could this happen now!

”Minah!!! ” Shin Soo shouted and the healer started casting a variety of spells to recover him or cleanse him, but the red glow continued to darken.

”Bro, try running around or jumping? ” Kim Hyun randomly suggested.

However, Liam was still standing. This time they wanted him to be as calm as always but he had a slight frown on his face and was gritting his teeth.

This made everyone even more uneasy.

Shin Soo could tell that the situation was not looking good. ”Just start attacking the boss with everything you have! It doesn ’t have much health left! Move! Move! Move! ” He shouted urgently.

Everyone started pummeling the boss and it was easier because the wraith had its attention on Liam. Their attacks were heavily debuffed but it was enough to bring down the last parts of the boss.

And before long…

[Ding. Congratulations. You have successfully defeated the Demonic Wraith General]

[Ding. 10000 Experience points have been rewarded]

[Ding. You are the first to clear ’Moon Lake ’ dungeon on hard difficulty. Your grand achievement will be etched in history]

Shin Soo, Minah, Kim Hyun and Chung Hee were utterly stunned. Though they doubted that the difficulty was weird for some reason, they never dared to imagine something like this!

Their no-name team had actually obtained a first clear! 

They had all gone up by a whole level and the boss had dropped several glittering things on the lake shores! This was absolutely ridiculous!

They had known all along that Liam was a bit skilled, but this… was completely above and beyond.

Even Chung Hee who was feeling jealous earlier, now only had a look of reverence on his face. In fact, everyone looked at each other with similar expressions on their faces.

This golden thigh! They absolutely had to cling to it! NO MATTER WHAT!

And just when they thought that the surprises were over… another notification chimed in…

[DING. World Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Just Chilling ’ party for the first clear of the ’Moon Lake ’ dungeon on hard difficulty. Party Members: Shin Soo, Kim Hyun, Kang Minah, Chung Hee, Chang Liam]

”FUCCCCKKKK! ” Shin Soo dropped his shield on the ground. They got a world announcement!!! No one could believe what they were seeing!

Everyone cheered and celebrated as now their names would forever be on the walls of fame.

And while they were celebrating, the person actually responsible for it had a frown on his face. Liam shook his head helplessly. 

He had wanted the wraith ’s [Possess skill] to last for just a bit longer as he was trying out something, but these guys were too eager and ended up killing it!

”Alright. It doesn ’t matter I guess. I should be able to get it the next time. ” He clicked his tongue and paid attention to the fox that was jumping up and down.

This time both the bird and the fox had leveled up. It had indeed been a good decision to grind in this dungeon! Now just a few more rounds!

As all the members of the team turned to look at Liam with big adoring eyes, he also had a smile when he looked back at them.

”Bro we… ”

”Shall we start another run? ” Liam chuckled. He had spoken exactly what was on everyone ’s mind. Shaking their heads vigorously, all of them quickly agreed and Liam was pleasantly surprised.

He shrugged and started walking back to the portal when Shin Soo remembered the other important thing and quickly stopped him.

”Bro… The drops! ”

”Oh. I forgot! You guys go ahead and see what we got. ” Liam stopped and turned around.

”Ummm… ” Shin Soo became nervous as he felt the spotlight on him. What if he picked up the loot and everything was worthless? ”Ah.. Minah… you are the luckiest among us, so you pick it up… ”

Fuck? Since when? The healer wanted to curse loudly, but since Liam was watching she squeezed out a smile and stepped forward to do the deed.

Otherwise, if they continued arguing back and forth, she was worried that Liam might desert them for bickering and pick another group to run with. After all, they were just playing together randomly.

”2 Gold. ” The girl picked up the coins first and announced it as she did. Everyone gulped and waited for the next one, only to hear the girl shriek.


”Oh my god! Three rings! Two uncommon and one rare! ”

”Ahhhh! There is a skill book too! ”

”What are the stats? Quick! Quick! ” Hyun gasped, but Minah shook her head, quickly walking over to Liam. She handed everything over to him without any hesitation.

”Bro. This is all yours. ” She muttered with a shy smile.

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