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Chapter 83 - Check The World Announcement

Liam chuckled and did not say anything to the girl. He calmly took the two rings and studied their attributes.

[Specter Halo] (Uncommon Rank)

Intellect +3, Agility +3

[Undead Halo] (Uncommon Rank)

Strength +3, Agility +3

[Wraith Halo] (Rare Rank)

Intellect +8, Agility +5

Additional Skill: Mana Regeneration is increased by 2%

”Great! It ’s not just Uncommon Rank. ” After reading the items ’ description, Liam was quite pleased. 

Rings were already good drops as there was no limit to how many rings one could wear. Most players roamed around with all their fingers covered by three to four rings each.

On top of that, these stats looked quite good, and especially the Rare Rank ring ’s attributes were good enough that it could be easily used until one reached Level 50.

The equipments in the ’Evolution Online ’ game were categorized into several ranks starting from White, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Epic, and Legendary.

Unique, Epic, and Legendary rank equipments could only be obtained from mobs in high level areas so getting Rare rank equipments was quite good at this stage.

However, Liam did not go back on his words just because of this. He had already told them that the equipment drops and money would be theirs so he looked at the healer and muttered.

”Show me your hand. ”

Minah nodded and opened her palm, only to see him give all three rings back to her. ”You guys should feel free to distribute this among yourselves as you all see fit. ”

”I will be taking the skill book. ” It was a skill named [Flame burst] which was basically a stronger version of [Fire Ball] and consumed more mana.

Liam also couldn ’t help but wonder if this had dropped because he did the major damage and he relied mostly on fire magic. 

It was something that was worth testing and another reason for running this dungeon again. ”I will give you guys 5 minutes, then we will start another run. ”

Since the outside of the dungeon was extremely crowded, Liam sat down on the first street ahead of which the dungeon entrance portal was located.

Now when they were ready, they could simply walk out and then walk in. He also used this opportunity to check his current status and attributes.


Name: Liam

Species: Human being

Gender: Male

Level: 17

Exp: 200/18300

Class: N/A

Titles: Rolling in Debt, Perfectionist, Soul Devourer


Health: 7500/7500

Mana: 5000/5000

Stamina: 60

Strength: 60

Defense: 60

Vitality: 60

Agility: 60

Intellect: 60

Unassigned points: 84


Skills: [Throat Punch], [Slash], [Sword Dance], [Demonic Summon], [Awaken], [Stealth], [Pickpocket], [Unlock], [Tame], [Ice Shard], [Lightning Bolt], [Fire Ball], [Lava Rain], [Spirit Slash] (Skill Locked), [Spirit Wrath] (Skill Locked)

Trade Skills: [Alchemy] (Intermediate Level), [Forging] (Master Level)


Liam gazed at the status window with a pensive look on his face. He still had a lot of free unassigned points that he had not bothered to assign to anything just yet.

In the ’Evolution Online ’ game, all stat points were equally distributed until Level 10, but after that, the player is given the opportunity to choose and distribute the points according to their wish.

Each level upgrade gave 2 stat point boost to each attribute and thus Liam had managed to collect 84 points in total.

”Boosting agility and strength will help my swordplay. Boosting intellect will help my mana control. Hmmm… ”

In reality, each and every single attribute can be independently developed and improved by doing specific things. 

So no matter what he chose, he could always correct the decision by working on the other attributes. But Liam had no plans of doing this as all of this was temporary.

The strength that he was gaining right now was only so that he could access the higher level areas. It wouldn ’t translate to the real world.

Only one ’s soul strength, spirit strength, and what they comprehended in this tutorial could be carried over.

Everything that one gained an understanding of inside the game would remain with them. No one can take that knowledge away.

”Alright. No need to think so much. I will just add some points to all the attributes, giving intellect a bit more. ”

Liam quickly distributed 13 stat points to all the other attributes and 19 stat points to Intellect. 

He decided to do this as he was planning to mainly rely on his mage skills and necromancy skills for the rest of the game to understand them better. 

Unless he came across a Sword Heritage, this was his best bet. 

There had been a few others who had managed to stumble across these sorts of heritages and wills, which was essentially an explanation of all the concepts.

Since everyone ’s main goal was to learn to use mana and such intuitively, these sort of heritages and wills were the real treasures as they were shortcuts that gave the players instant spoilers.

But the main problem was that no one revealed anything about these things. There was not one piece of information available about them.

That didn ’t mean that Liam had completely given up on these. He after all knew all the players who received these heritages and wills thanks to the walls of fame feature of the game.

Some of them even belonged to famous guilds. So he could roughly estimate which region they could have possibly gotten the heritage.

Liam chuckled wryly. If he knew he was going to get a second chance, he would have tried remembering more details.

For now, the only one he had a solid lead on and doubted the most was the necromancy heritage. This had to be inside the Nether realm! 

That was the only logical possibility and the player who had received this heritage also got it when the nether realm event started. 

So putting two and two together, this was the one he had the highest chance of obtaining, and hence, Liam decided to invest more in the Intellect attribute.

As he was deeply engrossed in his thoughts, the small fox that was jumping around him, trying to jump up and catch the bird, noticed the skill book lying near him.

It got bored of playing with the bird and started playing with the book curiously. 

One thing led to another and the next second, a light glow enveloped the fox as it ended up learning the skill book.


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