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Chapter 84 - Again!!

The small fox immediately panicked as it had done something wrong by accident. It had a constipated look on its otherwise adorable face, staring at Liam like a thief.

”Hmmm? What happened now? ”

”Papa… ”

Liam cringed every time he heard that term. It made him feel very uncomfortable. ”Ahem just call me, master. ”

Kyuuu! The fox quickly nodded its head up and down. At this point, it was ready to do anything to make up for its mistake.

”Ok. Tell me what happened now? ”

The beast looked here and there and seeing that there was no way to salvage the situation, it finally spat out the truth. ”Mastar… I ate the book. ”

”Eh? ” Liam immediately stiffened up. He picked up the fox and looked at it from all sides. It was only Level 1 and it could already learn skills?

As soon as he picked it up, the small fox began panicking even more and started to cry. ”What happened now? ” Liam was speechless. 

”Ah. Don ’t worry. It ’s ok to eat books. I will give you more books to eat later. ” Seeing him interact with the fox with a warm expression, the others standing around were flabbergasted.

Was this the same guy who had grilled us all for the past few hours?!

Among them, Minah, the healer had been eyeing the fox from the beginning. She was a girl who liked cute things and the fox was adorable as hell!

So with a bright beaming smile, she decided to use this chance and talk to Liam, but before she could a private message popped up in their group.

Inside the private chat:

Shin Soo (Tank): Stop trying to flirt with him so blatantly! You will drive him away!

Kim Hyun (Thief): Ya. You will drive him away with your ugliness! He He

Kang Mina (Healer): You both are idiots!

Kang Mina (Healer): Kim Hyun, I won ’t heal you bastard!

Chung Hee (Mage 1): What are the stats on the two rings? Are they good? And what skill book dropped?

Shin Soo (Tank): The rings are good. For now, Minah will equip two and I will equip one. Forget the skill book, it wouldn ’t be polite to ask for more details.

Chung Hee (Mage 1): Ai. I was just curious.

Shin Soo (Tank): I am also planning to give the rare ring back to him when we finish all the runs. If anyone has any objections, speak up now. 

Chung Hee (Mage 1): I am fine with that

Kang Mina (Healer): +1

Kim Hyun (Thief): +1

Shin Soo (Tank): Alright good. You all better behave during this run. Do better.

Since these people were busy chatting, and several messages popped up in the group chat, the other rejected mage also chimed in.

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): Don ’t tell me… Hu Hu Hu. You guys just finished the first run??

Kim Hyun (Thief): Fuck. Why is this guy still in the group? Kick him out!

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): Bitch, please. Who do you think has to carry your lazy ass in the next run? I only need a couple more hours by the way, I will be Level 20. Hmph.

Kim Hyun (Thief): He He He

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): Kek. All my equipments are uncommon. Now do you understand?

Kim Hyun (Thief): He He He

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): What? Have you gone crazy from jealousy?

Kim Hyun (Thief): He He He

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): Your mother

Shin Soo (Tank): Alright. Stop. Both of you. Just stop. Kim Hyun, stop spamming in this chat and get ready for the next run. Do I need to tell you more?

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): You guys are really going to go for another run? Are you serious? 

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): Just the first run took so long. Isn ’t this a waste of time?

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): ?

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): ??

Goo Sunho (Mage 2): ???

Kim Hyun (Thief): Look at the world announcement properly stupid. He He He

The four of them no longer were chatting in the group, so Goo Sunho quickly opened up the wall of fame feature to take a look. 

He hadn ’t seen it before, as he was also running a dungeon, but now he had some spare time to pay attention to it. Besides, he was also very curious about Kim Hyun ’s cryptic words.

The bastard had spoken as if the announcement had something to do with him. How absurd!

His eyes hurriedly swept past the initial congratulatory message and finally landed on the party name and the names of the members of the party.

”Fuuuccckkkkk! ” Goo Sunho felt his head spin and his eyes were full of shock and disbelief. How the hell is this possible?!!!

He knew about the strength of their team better than anyone. So how the hell was something like this even remotely possible?!!

Unless… the person they had teamed up with was an insane monster!

”Damn it. Why was I the one to be kicked out!! Ahhhh. ”

His luck was absolute dogshit today! This was not fair!

As he was standing still dumbfounded, the group he was running with currently called him and Goo Sunho could only cry inwardly as they again started the dungeon.

But Goo Sunho was not the only person to see the world announcement.

The ’Moon Lake ’ dungeon had become even more crowded ever since the world announcement was made.

Several elite teams from top guilds once again returned to the dungeon to redo their runs and figure out the secret of triggering hard mode.

The hard mode dungeon record was not set yet and more importantly, there could be yet another level of difficulty that was worse than hard mode.

So to obtain these clears, everyone hurriedly scrambled towards the ’Moon Lake ’ dungeon.

And among these people was a certain red head. 

”Damn it! How the heck is this possible? ” Alex gnashed her teeth and swung the axe she was carrying onto the ground.. A loud thud resounded in the air.

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