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Chapter 85 - Again!!!

”Calm down, sis. ” Rey smiled awkwardly but he quickly looked away as soon as his sister gave him a death glare.

”We fucking ran that dungeon a dozen times and still did not unlock the hard mode and this bastard somehow did that! ” Alex was furious.

”Sis, we already have the first clear and the dungeon record for the normal mode. So why not just let this go? ”

”Are you serious? I already told you about our situation and why we are investing in this game and you still dare to be carefree? ”

Seeing that Alex was ready to grill Rey, Mia sighed and finally intervened. ”Let him be, Alex. I don ’t want you guys to be stressing out so much. My parents wouldn ’t have wanted that either. ”

”I already told you. If it means that we have to let go of that company, then we will. It will be fine. ”

”Ah… Sorry. I didn ’t mean to… ” Alex didn ’t want to hurt her feelings. She knew that she was very upset and just not showing it outside.

”It ’s alright. ” Mia patted her with a sweet smile and then asked. ”So what are we going to do now? ” A golden glow surrounded the woman as she had advanced further in her healer class.

”What else? ” Alex grinned. ”We are going to the ’Moon Lake ’ dungeon. Heh. ”

”Alex… ” Mia was speechless.

”You wanted me to not stress right? What other better way is there to relieve my stress? He He. ”

”Sis… ” Rey had a bad feeling about this.

”I am going to hunt that guy down and send him all the way back to zero. I might even camp next to his body and continue beating him to pulp some more. ” 

”Want me to sign a fucking slave contract? We will see who signs what! Hmph. ”

Past Level 25, it was not possible to enter the ’Moon Lake ’ Level 20 dungeon, so just like the other guilds, ’Heavenly Retribution ’ led by Alex, Mia and Rey also hurried over to the dungeon.

With several elite teams suddenly scattered all around Yleka city, the entire place became chaotic. 

A lot of fights broke out and a lot of people also started selling wares outside the dungeon. They only sold consumables but they sold them for a higher price than what they were available for in the city and raked in some fast profits.

Meanwhile, near the dungeon portal, Liam and the rest of the members of his team appeared shortly and then disappeared back into the dungeon in the next instant.

The fully cleared village now once again was brimming with specters at every corner. Liam saw that everyone was staring at his face and waiting for him, so he chuckled. 

”You all know the drill right? Then what are you waiting for? Let ’s start. ”

Shin Soo gulped and double checked just to be sure. ”So everything same as the last run brother? I mean everything including pulling all the mobs? ”

Liam nodded. ”Yes. Just like that. Does anyone have a problem with that? ”

Everyone nodded their heads like dolls and the tank quickly stepped forward to pull the first mob. His movements were much more fluid, and confident compared to before.

Damage numbers started appearing and everyone could see the results of their previous run. Kim Hyun and Chung Hee had both leveled up and their damage output was not higher.

The healer as well had gotten a good boost from the new ring and she was grinning wildly from ear to ear to see everyone ’s health bar filling up with just the weakest healing spell. 

However, unfortunately for them, this was all temporary. When Liam stepped in casually and started casting his fireballs, each attack zoomed through the air like a cannonball.

Chung Hee was especially dumbfounded as he gawked at the new damage numbers. It was already unbelievable and now it had increased even further???

After distributing all the stat points, Liam ’s damage numbers improved by a decent percentage as he had been accumulating them all this time.

So the sudden change was very noticeable. 

And it did not end here!

After Liam tossed a fireball, another huge ball of fire shot towards the specters.

Fire Blast!

And the caster was none other than the small fox jumping up and down near Liam ’s feet. The bird did not make any move yet, but the last attack was undoubtedly from the fox.

Kyuuuuu! Kyuuuuu! Kyuuuuu!

The little thing looked very happy.

Everyone looked at Liam and then at the tiny fox next to him. They didn ’t know who was more monstrous. 

Not many people had pets at the moment and the formation available was not much. 

So it was shocking for them to see a tiny little pet casting a magic spell, especially considering that Liam was a mage.

Chung Hee wanted to cry. It was shameful for him to see that his own class could be so much more powerful. Just like him, another person also wanted to cry, though it was for a different reason.

Kang Mina wanted so badly to lift that tiny little fox and run away. Unfortunately, she was a bit too terrified of Liam to do that.

The group continued grinding the specters in the same way they had done earlier and though they all assumed that things would be a lot easier this time, considering the numbers Liam was pulling, it ended up being just as taxing as before.

They still chased after each and every mob in the dungeon and, surprisingly, Liam was also somewhat slower in attacking. 

It looked like he was engrossed in deep thought and took his sweet time sending out the fireballs. 

The others did not know what skill book had dropped so they waited for him to use the new skill. However, that never happened.

He even used [Lava Rain] sparingly and only kept sending out fireballs. Of course, it would make their lives a lot easier if he did something more but who was going to complain?

The man was still doing the majority of the damage! At this point, the rest of the team ’s sole consolation was that their damage numbers were at least higher than the little fox ’s.

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