Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 85 - Again!!!

a different state.

They could only silently nod again.

In the end, only Shin Soo was able to muster his strength and talk back. ”Bro, are we now going to another dungeon? What… what is the plan? ” He hesitantly asked, afraid to know the answer.

Hearing his words, the others were stunned silly. Another dungeon ahhhh?! Was this fellow trying to kill them all?! 

They had alarmed looks on their faces and they wanted to protest right then and there! 

But it looked like their good luck or rather bad luck had finally come to an end… Liam shook his head and muttered. ”No, I have something else to do. Let ’s part ways here. ”

He did not even finish speaking when he heard a collective sigh. He couldn ’t help but chuckle. ”Good luck. ”

He left the party right away and then walked out of the dungeon casually. The four who had just now sighed in relief suddenly had different expressions on their faces.


Kang Mina was the first one to shout. ”Ah! Friend Request! ” She didn ’t wait for Shin Soo and directly sent Liam a request. The next second, she also got the notification!

[Ding. Your friend request has been accepted]

”He accepted it! He accepted it! ” She grinned and jumped up to stand in shock.

”He accepted it? ” Shin Soo also hurriedly sent one.

[Ding. Your friend request has been accepted]

”Oh! He accepted mine! ” He felt relieved only after seeing this message. Now if they wanted to call him again in the future, things would be a lot smoother.

Seeing the two of them get positive results, the other two as well hurriedly sent in, but unfortunately, no return notification came in as their request was probably not viewed.

They knew that because they had also received a lot of friend requests after the world announcement. So by the time Liam checked again, theirs would probably already be buried.

”It ’s fine. Why do you have long faces? We will be playing together anyways. I will just talk to him and later, you both can also send in requests again. Don ’t spam him now. ”

Shin Soo as well got up. He already had a plan to contact Liam later as he wanted to give back all the rare drops from the dungeon.

Since every single one of their runs had been on hard mode, their luck was quite good and they had actually gotten three rare drops in total.

Liam did not care about it and simply asked them to keep but Shin Soo wanted to return it. At that time, they could once again team up and play.

While he was thinking about this, Kang Mina continued proudly showing off. ”He He.Ya. Don ’t worry. I can also message him on your behalf. He He He. ”

Kim Hyun couldn ’t stand it any longer and scoffed at her. ”What are you so happy about? Did you think you hooked on some rich whale? ” 

”He looks like a mixed race person, and judging from his name ’Chang Liam ’, he is probably from China and you are from Korea. ” 

”And more importantly, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Even if he is some big shot, he won ’t spare one look at you! Hmph. ”

”KIM HYUN! I swear I will let you die in the next run! ”

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