Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 86 - I Think You Are In Love

nted to leave Yleka city after submitting his smithing quest and receiving the next part of the chain quest.

”Every single place I need to visit after this is a high-level zone. So I should just focus on leveling up for the next couple of days until the market opens up again. ”

”Hmmm… I should also probably log out and make sure that everything is alright. ”

When Liam logged out of the game and exited the game capsule, he could instantly hear loud music blaring through the whole apartment. He also heard a few voices.

”Huh? What is this girl up to? ” He scratched his head and walked out of his room to the living room when the scene in front of him made him utterly speechless.

A bunch of random girls were jumping or dancing or working out or whatever it was that they were doing. He also spotted the next door neighbor and his sister at the front.

”Hope you don ’t mind. My apartment ’s power circuit tripped. ” Shen Yue muttered with her usual polite smile, slightly out of breath as she continued her movement.

”Please brother! Class is almost over! Just 5 more minutes! ” Mei Mei chimed in, mirroring whatever the other person was doing. She was also out of breath.

Liam was speechless. Things around him were jiggling and shaking and moving too much. He took one look at this chaotic scene and did a u-turn returning back to his room.

He could even hear some giggling behind him but he didn ’t care and quickly shut the door. He had heard the words 5 minutes so he decided to take a shower first. 

He also ordered a bunch of food for dinner. By the time he was done showering, the food had already arrived and it looked like the crowd in their apartment had also cleared out.

Only his sister and Shen Yue were collapsed on the floor of the living room. ”Oh my god, the food smells so good. ” Shen Yue immediately exclaimed.

”Brother, sis is a big foodie. He He He. ” Mei Mei added.

”You are welcome to join us for dinner. ” Liam smiled politely. He didn ’t mind the intrusion as he was pleased to see his sister finally happy and smiling like a normal teenager.

”Waah! Thanks. Your brother is so nice, Mei Mei. ” Shen Yue chuckled and lifted her sweaty body from the floor. 

”It ’s alright. I don ’t want to impose on you guys too much. Thanks for letting me use your apartment. ” 

She waved goodbye when her stomach made a loud embarrassing grumbling sound. Mei Mei couldn ’t hold it in and ended up laughing loudly. 

”Sis Yue, don ’t think too much. Just join us for dinner. ” She smiled brightly.

”Aha ha. Okay. ” Shen Yue nodded and agreed with an awkward smile. ”Then I won ’t hold back. Let me wash up and come first. ”

After she left, Mei Mei turned around to give Liam a big thumbs up. ”Huh? What is that for? ”

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