Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 88 - Its Raining Black

”He He. ” The young girl giggled and winked at Liam. ”I know everything, brother. ”

”Eh? What do you know? ”

”He He. I am not that small you know. ” She winked at him when Liam finally understood what she meant. He gave her a bitter smile and pinched her cheeks.

”Don ’t talk rubbish. ”

While the two of them arranged the dishes on the table, a surprised yelp came from within Liam ’s room. ”She went to my room? ” 

Liam walked over to check what had happened when he saw Shen Yue admiring his game capsule with her mouth open. ”Woah! This is so big! ”

”Ya, it ’s an advanced full dive game so the capsule is quite complicated. By the way, there is another washroom in the corridor. ” Liam pointed her to the one outside his room.

”Sorry. Sorry. My bad. I saw this and just walked in. ” Shen Yue was really embarrassed this time as she had crossed a line and wandered into another person ’s private room.

”Don ’t worry about it. ” Liam shook his head. ”Join us when you are done. ” He left her and returned back to the living room. He was starving so he dug in without waiting for anyone.

Shen Yue clapped her face with her hands and shook her head. She then quickly ran out of his room and used the washroom outside.

She splashed water on her face and looked up to see the mirror when she noticed that her shirt had been fully drenched in sweat and extremely transparent all this time.

Even her breasts and her nipples were clearly visible. ”Ahhh! ” She yelped once again and before any of the two siblings could stop her she ran out of the apartment first.

”I will change clothes first. ” Only her voice could be heard.

”What happened now? ” Liam asked his sister who shook her head and shrugged. She also did not know.

When Shen Yue returned back, the TV was switched on and both Liam and Meilin were already sitting on the couch and munching their food.

Did he see everything? Shen Yue gulped and took some dishes onto her plate acting as normal as she could. She looked at Liam who seemed as expressionless as always.

But this only made it worse and her face became bright red. She silently sat on the other end of the couch and continued eating.

On the TV, once again news about the latest video game was being broadcast. 

No one was still able to find how everything was hacked and who was the game developer of this revolutionary game.

”Well… I guess… this is all the same… they are paying attention to the wrong things. ” Liam sighed, muttering to himself.

”Brother, did you say something? ” Meilin asked to which he shook his head. ”Nothing. Nothing. ”

”Brother, by the way, did you hear the news yet? ” The young girl looked so excited to tell him that she put her plate down and shouted with her mouth still full.

”First swallow your food idiot. ” Liam chuckled.

”Hmph. You wouldn ’t be this calm if you heard the news! ” She pouted. Shen Yue silently watched the two wondering what they were talking about.

”The bullies that cornered us the other day? You remember? ”

”Mmm. ” Liam casually put another scoopful of food in his mouth. He already knew what she was going to tell.

”Brother! They died! They actually died! ”

”Oh really? ” He slowly chewed, enjoying the taste of the fried chicken. ”What happened? ”

”Their gaming software apparently malfunctioned and they died within the capsule itself. Their parents only found out about it when they hadn ’t come out for a couple of days together. ”

Mei Mei started recounting the whole incident as she had read in the news. It was being talked about a lot and the specific gaming capsule manufacturing company was also being sued.

There were also several talks and serious protests about how gaming was the cancer of society and etc. 

So they chalked this up to game capsule malfunction? Liam could only chuckle inwardly hearing all this nonsense. 

He knew very well that nothing was going to change even after all of these. Human greed was boundless so despite the situation being risky, ultimately no one was going to care. 

When the serious gamers started earning a lot, it was only inevitably going to grow more and more until the big balloon burst open and revealed the reality to everyone.

Snapping him out of his thoughts, Mei Mei clutched his hand and asked worriedly. ”Brother… This… maybe you should also play the game a little less? ”

Liam smiled and ruffled her head. ”Don ’t worry dummy. I am using a different company ’s gear. He must have skimped on money. That ’s why it malfunctioned. ”

”Both of ours are pretty high-end so you don ’t have to worry about that. ”

Shen Yue finally mustered the courage to join the conversation and spoke up. ”Oh! Which one do you think is good? I am also thinking of getting. ”

Liam nodded and gave her some details before finishing his food and returning back to his room. He then switched on his desktop.

He opened up the ’official website ’ for the game which was basically the most popular game ’s website now manually made into the ’Evolution Online ’ website by some of the gamers and the company.

Since no other company came forward and claimed a lawsuit for doing this unlawfully, they continued posing as the ’official website ’.

Liam signed in as a guest and posted. 

”I died a few times in game today and I am feeling a bit sick when I logged out. Did anyone else experience this? ”

”I died a few times in game today and I am feeling a bit sick when I logged out. Did anyone else experience this? ”

”I died a few times in game today and I am feeling a bit sick when I logged out. Did anyone else experience this? ” 

He made the same post on a few threads and then signed out. This was it. He could only hint at these things and just doing this was already risky enough. 

Otherwise, he would be subjected to the unnecessary spotlight that he didn ’t yet have the strength to defend against.

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