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Chapter 93 - First Mission

”Either shit or get off the pot, bitch. Which is it going to be? Hmm? ” The demon beast hybrid muttered as he twirled his spear, still pointed at Liam

Liam was shocked for a moment. He is asking me to go in? This guy really did not have a problem with me being human? What the heck? 

He was very confused. Even after two lifetimes, he was still not able to understand some aspects of this world!

”What? Are you deaf? ” 

The other demon half breed who had scales on his upper body and something spindly on his lower body, covered up by his clothes now started making gestures at Liam.

He clicked his swollen thumb finger and index finger. ”Money. Money. Money. ” 

”Do you have the copper coins? It will cost you 20 coppers to go in. Do you have it or not? ” The first one took his spear away from Liam ’s face and banged it on the ground.

”Ah. Yes. I have. ” Liam snapped out of his thoughts. This was the second main point about the nether realm. Everything here was cheap as hell.

He fished out the copper coins and handed them over. 

”Hmph. You can go now. ” The demon half-breed stepped aside.

Liam nodded and he was just about to walk in when the other guard propped his spear in front of him and spelled out his worst outcome.

”Wait a second. Mmm… ” The guard started circling around Liam. ”Doesn ’t this lad look suspicious to you? He reminds me of those stinking uppity motherfucking… ”

”Naw… what are you talking about? This guy reeks of death. Can ’t you tell? Look behind him. ” 

Liam only heard that much of their conversation as the two demon half breeds started murmuring among themselves, every now and then glancing at the undead behind him.

Initially, Liam had considered dismissing these undeads, but now it looked like these were his ticket inside the city.

He waited for a few seconds, but the two guards continued chatting, completely ignoring him. So he started heading into the city. He now felt more confident as he walked around. 

It looked like he would be able to get in and get out without any issues even though the ’nether realm event ’ hadn ’t started.

Liam took a few minutes to look around the city. There wasn ’t that big of a difference between the human settlements and the demon kingdom settlements. 

The buildings and structures here were cruder and the crowd had a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Liam was in fact the only human being in the vicinity. 

He was getting a lot of attention as he walked by but no one dared to look twice at him as soon as their gaze fell on the five undead scorpions closely following him behind.

The lesser demons and demon half breeds scurried away, not wanting to butt heads with a necromancer.

He was now also able to open the map and see his exact location, Thol city.

However, that didn ’t help much as he had never heard of this city before. ”Ok. Time to get some quests and start grinding… ” 

Liam muttered to himself and first walked over to a blue skinned demon who was busy repairing a pair of leather boots.

Demons or beasts or humans, flattery worked the best. So he started from there. ”Sir, do you perhaps need some rabid hound leather for your amazing craftsmanship? ”

The blue skinned demon lifted his head up scrutinizing Liam from top to bottom. His eyes then landed on the undead crawling near him and only then he opened his mouth.

”Oh. I indeed need some. Do you happen to have a bundle of leather with you? ”

[Ding. New Quest Available]

[Ding. Bartha needs some leather]

[Ding. Reward: 1 copper coin; 500 experience points]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept the quest? Yes /No]

’Bingo! Just as I thought. ’ The monetary reward was abysmal but the experience points were generous.

Liam grinned and immediately handed over the rabid hounds he had placed in his inventory earlier.

[Ding. You have received 1 copper coin]

[Ding. You have received 500 experience points]

The blue skinned demon accepted all the hounds but he had a frown on his face. ”Hmmm… These beasts are yet to be skinned and their leather is not usable as such. ”

[Ding. New Quest Available]

[Ding. Assist Bartha in skinning the rabid hounds]

[Ding. Reward: Skinning Skill]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept the quest? Yes /No]

Liam nodded. ”I would be gla… ” 

Interrupting him, a loud siren blared and another red flare was shot into the sky. This was similar to the one he had seen from the distance.

”What is that? ” Liam asked the demon, ignoring the quest for the moment.

”Eh? You don ’t know what that is? ” The demon looked surprised. ”We are at war, lad. That ’s the call to duty. ”

”You must have heard about the recent decree our Lord has given. We are actively gathering more resources in preparation for the war. 

”So our warriors will be despatched using portal magic to various realms. We scour and scavenge those places. ” 

”And if we can ’t find any by ourselves, then we plunder from those who have it. Fu Fu Fu. ”

The demon grinned suddenly and then continued talking as if he was recollecting a fond memory. ”The last time I joined the forces, it turned out to be a lot of fun. Fu Fu Fu. ”

”We found a group of elven beauties in the spot where we were dispatched and we had a lot of fun with them. ” 

”Not only that, we even brought a few back with us and sold them off for lots of coppers! So if you are planning to participate, you will definitely be in for a treat. Fu Fu Fu. ”

”But remember, it can also be very dangerous.. Do you see that demon over there? ” He was pointing to a big-bellied burly demon that laid in a corner, seemingly wasted.

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