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Chapter 94 - Hissssss!

”He was my good friend. He lost both his hands in the war. So beware, wealth or misery, it will all depend on your luck, lad. ” The blue skinned demon muttered somberly.

Liam patiently listened to him and when he was done talking, he nodded. ”I appreciate the warning, sir. I will keep that in mind. ” 

Things were slowly becoming more and more clearer to him. 

Though he hadn ’t heard about such a quest in his previous life, he still had a vague idea of what this was about after hearing the explanation.

He now knew what he had to do to explore this realm more.

And as an added plus point, he might even be able to explore more realms through these invasion portals. 

”This is definitely worth trying. ” Liam clenched his fists in excitement and hurried.

There was a tower building in the center of the city from where all the flares were being shot and the siren was being sounded. So Liam walked over to that area.

He saw the crowd thickening as he approached closer and groups were starting to assemble.

There were all sorts of demons in various sizes and shapes, mostly grotesque looking, and they gathered around in dozens.

Liam cautiously observed everything before walking up to a tall and lanky demon who was dressed in leather and metallic gear from top to bottom.

He even saw this one commanding a couple of other demons and it was clearly one of the many in charge.

”Sir, I would like to report for duty! ” Liam briskly declared.

The tall horned demon immediately turned to pay attention to him and it looked at him, especially at the few undead trailing close to him.

”You can do magic? ” The demon curiously asked.

”Yes, sir. ” Liam nodded. Only answering what he was asked and not giving away any other information.

The demon continued to scan him for a while as if it was deep in thought. With every passing second, Liam began to grow more nervous.

In the next moment, however, the demon burst into a fit of loud laughter without warning.

”Good. Good. You came to me at a perfect time. With you, I can rest at ease that our mission this time will be successful! ”

[Ding. New Limited Quest available]

[Ding. Survive the mission and bring back adequate resources]

[Ding. Reward: +50 contribution points; +50000 experience points]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept the quest? Yes /No]

Liam could feel his blood boiling as he looked at the quest. This was ridiculous! 

To gain the same amount of experience points, he had to take care of an entire dungeon that too to utter completion which took several hours.

And from the looks of it, the invasion mission should only last for a couple of hours at the maximum.

Not just that, but Liam also observed something very crucial. 

The quest mentioned adequate resources so there was a high possibility of there being different grades of rewards.

If he by chance managed to gather more than necessary, then there was a chance that he would be rewarded more!

”Hmmm… What are these contribution points? ”

Liam flicked open his status screen to see if there were more details when he saw a new term ’Soldier ’ added below his name.

[Rank: Soldier] (0/250)

”Hmm. These should be the contribution points. So if one invasion mission gave me 50 points, I should be able to rank up when I finish doing 5 invasions. ”

Liam stopped thinking about this as he heard the loud voice of their squad leader. ”We will begin now! ” The demon banged on his chest and jumped to stand at the front.

”Let ’s all fight! We need to show them our power! We, demons are below no one! Kill! Plunder! Devastate! ”

After the rousing speech, everyone quickly stood in order and the tall leader demon dragged its gaze over, taking out a parchment. 

He then dropped some blood onto the parchment and the next second, a red glowing circle immediately started spreading.

”This is an inscription! ” Liam ’s eyes observed everything carefully.

Inscriptions were spell papers that were usually crafted using mana, but this was the first time he was seeing one activated by blood.

”This spell shouldn ’t be too strong. ” He hypothesized. Otherwise, it wouldn ’t be possible to casually activate a portal spell like this.

This was probably why it was random!

Liam doubted if the leader demon himself knew where the portal was about to rip open. 

Just as he was mulling over the potential dangers they could be soon facing, his vision turned dark and Liam found himself standing along with the demons in a vast grassland.

Behind them, there was a reddish black colored swirling mass of energy. ”This should be the return portal. ”

Liam ’s thoughts were interrupted by the leader demon as he began shouting loudly. 

”Go forth and wreak havoc! Whoever brings back the most spoils will get a special remuneration from me! ”

”Hooorah! Hooorah! Hooorah! ”

”Hooorah! Hooorah! Hooorah! ”

All the demons immediately began cheering. The group of 30 then dissolved into smaller units as the demons scurried hastily in different directions.

”Won ’t they do more damage if they stick together? ” Liam shrugged. He observed his new surroundings and opened up the system interface to check where they were.

However, he was instantly shocked to see almost no details on the map.

World ???

Kingdom ???

Zone ???

”Just where the hell are we? Which continent is this? ” 

Liam did not linger around any longer and headed out to explore. No matter what this was a juicy experience reward quest, so at the least, he would gain that.

He ran across the vast grasslands, the five undead and his two pets still following him. There was no black rain here and the mana concentration also seemed normal.

”What is even here to loot and plunder? ” Liam planned to go in another direction as there was nothing ahead of him and he didn ’t want to stray too far from the portal.

But just as he turned, a loud hissing sound echoed.

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