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Chapter 95 - A Trap?

Liam unsheathed his sword, distancing himself several paces from the source of the sound, while simultaneously turning around to face the enemy.

”What the… ”

Standing in front of him were three lamia beasts with long coiled serpentine tails and voluptuous upper bodies, barely contained in the breastplates each were wearing.

[Blue-tailed Naga]

Level 30

[Blue-tailed Naga]

Level 21

[Blue-tailed Naga]

Level 25

It took him a second but Liam snapped out of his trance. 

He would only be a fool if he was entranced by their beauty and not notice their level or long forked tongue laced with venom, flickering in and out seductively.

”So we are in the serpentine beast territory… ” Liam muttered inwardly as he already began to cast [Lava Rain]. 

”You both run back and hide for the moment. ” The two pets quickly scurried away, obediently listening to him.

These three nagas were no doubt going to be tough opponents, probably the toughest he had faced! 

He was not even sure if he was going to be successful as there were three of them and there was a 10 level gap between the two of them.

While the three were momentarily distracted by the raining fire which sizzled their skin, he silently entered stealth mode and circled the three women.

Liam contemplated attacking the lower leveled naga first as his undead kept the other two busy. 

That seemed to be the only option even though sacrificing his undead would probably only give him a couple of seconds.

However, that should be more than enough to deal with a single snake. 

Casting a [Fireball], he dashed towards the woman standing at the center, slithering away from the lava droplets raining from up above.

At the same time, his undead scorpions screeched and ran over to the two other lamias. The women did not stand simply, waiting to be slaughtered. 

They took out long spears from their spatial rings to counter. However, Liam did not allow his prey to do so.

He slashed her hand that had donned the ring and then aimed for her weak points. He repeatedly slashed at the lamia who was hissing loudly in pain and frustration.

The strength of her opponent made her too stunned to think properly. She became anxious and decided to use the best attack she had.

[Venom Burst]

She cocked her head back as if she was going to spit out something, and Liam used this chance to cleanly sever her head from the rest of her body.

He had been targeting this exact same spot for the past few attacks as her scales had been considerably strong giving her a lot of defense.

But as he repeatedly hacked her at the same spot, he was easily able to land that final blow, immediately ending one of the three.



The other two immediately became enraged. ”Demon! How dare you kill my sister! ”

”These can speak? ” Liam once again moved back several paces. 

He looked over to see that all his undead summons were already destroyed and scattered around as chunks of bones and decayed flesh.

”We can understand a demon ’s tongue you fool. You will pay for your sin. ” The two lamias thrust their spears forward, aiming for his head.

Liam grinned and easily evaded their attacks. He stepped forward to meet their attack with his own and slashed at the weaker of the two.

Two against one wasn ’t too bad. The only attack he needed to watch out for was their venom!

”Graaaa! You cannot defeat us! ”

One of the two snakes shot forward towards him with her extremely agile body twirling behind her, the long coil aiming to wrap around Liam ’s figure.

Liam quickly side-stepped to dodge the attack but two sets of heads and tails were coming for him. 

He could no longer dodge this attack and spun his body rapidly, slashing his sword at every single weak point that he could reach.

[Sword Dance] 

[Sword Dance]

[Sword Dance]

Liam could feel his stamina plummeting and he was taking a lot of hits as well, but those were nothing compared to the damage numbers that he was delivering to the opponent.

Seeing that they were not going to be able to physically harm their enemy, the two lamias slithered and hissed loudly, releasing a huge cloud of venous breath.

Liam had already prepared for this and moved back several paces. 

He did not allow the two to heal themselves and started conjuring another round of fireballs, aiming for the previous injuries.

The two lamias skillfully avoided his attacks but they found it difficult to evade both lava rain and the fireballs.

In the end, they had to move out of the venomous bubble as this was also the spot lava poured from the sky.

And as soon as they stepped out, Liam was waiting for them and he immediately slashed at the two, finishing the fight to completion.

[Ding. You have received 226 experience points]

[Ding. You have received 845 experience points]

”That took long enough! ” Liam collapsed on the grassy ground, stuffing several berries in his mouth to recover his stamina as his eyes spotted the drops scattered around.

What luck! A skill book had dropped!

He had only dealt with three snakes and he had already gotten a good reward. He crawled over to take a look at the book lying nearby. He hoped that it was what he wanted and it indeed was!

[Vemon Burst]

Liam did not even blink as he instantly learned the skill. Poison skills were one of the most valuable skills. 

He was probably not going to gain any insight about this particular one but it was extremely useful at least to level in the current game and deal with sticky situations.

”Guys, you both can come back here. ” Liam did not forget to summon the two pets as they scurried out of a nearby bush.

This was not really a decent hiding place and only really worked if he was alive, but it was good enough. So he complimented the two. ”Good job. ”

Both the pets looked warily at the dead lamias sprawled on the grassy ground. ”They are dead. Don ’t be scared. ” Liam chuckled and he quickly cast the spell to revive the three.


However, as soon as he activated the spell, a stinging pain arose somewhere inside his body and made him twitch head to toe.

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