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Chapter 96 - Halt. Lets Not Fight.

[Ding. Spell failed to activate]

Liam stared at the notification once his vision cleared and the pain subsided. 

It looked like he was not able to summon these undeads and even suffered some sort of backlash from trying to do so.

”Hmmm. Was it because their levels were comparable to mine? ” He pondered for a few seconds and that seemed to be the most plausible answer.

”There are too many things I don ’t know about this class. Too bad these would have been useful in the fights. ”

Liam clicked his tongue and unwillingly left the three snake corpses behind. He looked around and decided to head towards his right, where a group of demons had gone.

Before long, he heard loud battle noises, and a few feet ahead of him a group of five demons was fighting against four nagas.

There seemed to have been casualties on both ends with two nagas and three demon beast hybrids already down.

Liam observed the scene in front of him and saw that it was a losing battle. Of course, things would be different if he joined the fray.

”Well, why not. ” He grinned and walked over to silently stand at the back.

From there, he again started casting fireballs one after the other, making sure he hit all the targets at least once. 

He was not sure how the experience distribution here was going to be, so he tagged all the snakes once and then began targeting the ones with the least health, with the intention of getting the last hit through.

Standing beside him, the fox as well was sending out bursts of fire.

This situation was perfect for them as they didn ’t attract any aggro and didn ’t have to deal with the problematic venom burst.

Surprisingly, the demon beast hybrids standing at the front seemed to be immune to this poison so they continued thrashing at the nagas.

With Liam ’s damage numbers added in, the nagas were slowly forced to retreat. However, weirdly none of them had died yet. 

The demons hadn ’t noticed this but Liam ’s sharp eyes were already scrutinizing the nagas to learn their secret.

He didn ’t know a lot about these beasts but he knew that some of them were capable of casting magic. So perhaps they had a healer with them?

Liam searched the group for any potential healers and did not find any. He then targeted one particular naga that had only a sliver of health left.

Bang. A huge ball of fire sliced through the air and hit the snake ’s head, finally, one dropping down dead.

[Ding. You have received 75 experience points]

The demons immediately shrieked in joy and started fighting with even more gusto. 

Joining in on the boisterous atmosphere, the fox as well was in a good mood and started jumping up and down while sending more attacks.

Only Liam frowned. He was still unable to pinpoint the method these lamia beasts were using to heal themselves.

More importantly, something else was also worrying him…

The lamias were slowly but surely leading them somewhere. Within a span of couple of minutes, they had already moved further away from where they were standing.

Liam also observed that these lamias had different fighting styles compared to the three women whom he had fought before.

Something was definitely fishy.

Were they leading them all to some sort of a trap?

The demon beasts didn ’t seem to care and continued fighting and pushing them further back. 

Liam didn ’t want to let things progress any further and be ambushed by a naga army of some sorts.

His brain spun thinking about how to deal with this when he remembered his second pet. He eyed the wind ripper flying a bit further away from them and waved his hand.

The bird immediately flew down to him, zooming through the air like a bullet. It was already at Level 9 so it was considerably bigger compared to when it had first hatched.

”See if there are more nagas up ahead. ” Liam muttered to the bird. ”Make sure you are not in harm ’s way. ”

His eyes trailed the little bird that flew around them, paying head to his warnings. Liam nodded in approval. 

He watched it as it disappeared from his vision and then a couple of seconds later, it reappeared again.

Kaa! Kaaa! Kaaa! The wind ripper shook its head, side to side.

”You didn ’t find anyone ahead? ” Liam was once again surprised. If they were leading them towards something, then… perhaps they were leading them away from something?

Liam had a gut feeling that his hunch was right, so he decided to hang back and see what was behind them.

He circled back to the area where he had confronted the three lamias and before long, he came across a group of hooded figures running away.

But Liam stopped in his tracks and did not confront them carelessly.

There were a total of five figures and Liam was not sure if he would be able to take all five of them at the same time. If perhaps he had some help…

His gaze shifted to see if there was anything that he could use when he noticed the couple of heavily injured demon beast hybrids.

Liam hurried over to them and without hesitation quickly activated his new skill [Vemon Burst].

”Sorry, buddy. Nothing personal. You are just more useful to me dead than alive. ” He moved away so that he was not affected by the toxic gas.

Kuhak! Kuhak!

In just a couple of seconds, the two injured demon beast hybrids choked on the venom and dropped dead.

[Awaken] Liam immediately used his skill and this time it was successful. 

Perhaps because he had failed the last time and become successful this time around, he even grasped a certain fleeting sensation as he cast the spell.

”Ok. This ought to do it. ” 

Liam then hurried after the hooded figures with the undead and the pets closely following him behind.

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