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Chapter 97 - Daylight Robbery?

Ka ta Ka ta Ka ta

Liam focused his mana on his feet and sprinted across the grassy lands, circling the group of hooded figures. He then landed directly in front of them and blocked their path.


He greeted them with a fireball, simultaneously unsheathing his sword. The two demon undeads as well jumped on the group from behind, finally catching up. 

They started frantically attacking whatever they could get their hands on. This combined with Liam ’s nimble and agile attacks, the group of hooded figures became completely flustered. 

However, to Liam ’s surprise, they did not fight back. One of them removed the hood, revealing a very handsome face.

He was a Level 22 Naga and he was decked out in shining jewelry and armor from top to bottom. 

There was something about him that was different from all the previous nagas Liam had faced.

”Demon. Halt. Let ’s not fight. What do you want? Who are you? I can give you treasures. Move and do not block our path! ”

Liam ’s eyes widened in shock. This was a dialogue and yet a quest was not initiated. He knew that he had to be very careful here. 

It looked like there wasn ’t a particular set outcome and what he says might probably determine what happens next.

”I am sorry. I cannot do that. I am under very strict orders to gather resources. My companions are right behind me, heading over here as well. ”

Liam even looked back as if he was hoping to spot them any second now.

”Yes. Yes. Resources. I can give you. Here is a gold coin! This should be more than enough, right?! ” The naga hurriedly tossed a coin at him as if he was throwing something at a beggar.

Liam sneered inwardly, looking at the gold coin that disappeared amidst the tall grasses. One gold coin? Just one gold coin? Who are you trying to scam? 

After thinking about it for a second, he continued portraying a solemn face and shook his head without saying anything.

At times like this, it was always better to let the other party decide what their worth was. Or rather he wanted to see what was the maximum he could obtain from them.

He had no idea what this interaction was. So he was also genuinely curious.

”What? What more do you want? Here. How about 2 gold coins? Shouldn ’t this be more than enough? What more do you rats need? ” 

The handsome naga started to become really agitated and this time he threw two gold coins at Liam, more forcefully and more angrily.

He looked very upset but in reality, Liam was far more ticked off than him. This person was bargaining with him 1 gold coin at a time? Dream on!

He shook his head again and the naga immediately hissed in anger. 

He was about to say something when another naga standing at the center of the group stepped forward instead, interrupting him.

”Shut up, Razzrarox. ” A woman ’s voice sounded. She removed her hood, revealing her stunning beautiful figure and an even more astounding face.

The naga slithered forward, her eyes betraying her anxiety. ”Stranger, we really need to leave now. The fate of our entire clan depends on this. ”

”I will personally compensate you. Generously. Please move aside. ”

Liam calmly listened to the naga ’s words but inwardly he was very shocked. Did she just say the fate of the entire clan?

He couldn ’t believe her words as her level was only Level 20 even lower than the previous naga who had spoken.

At the same time, she was also decked out from top to bottom in luxurious jewels and equipments. Something was weird about this whole situation.

Perhaps these nagas were high-leveled monsters whose levels were temporarily reduced? This was the only explanation he could come up with.

Liam slightly nodded, still looking very much hesitant. Seeing that he was not convinced, the beautiful naga immediately fished out something from her robe.

”Here. These are my personal pearls. With this, you can summon me twice. I can come to your aid in the middle of any kind of danger. ”

The woman earnestly looked at him, extending her palm that had two white pearls.

Are you serious? Liam couldn ’t believe this nonsense. At least the first one was better. Why would he need the help of a level 20 Naga?

Unless what he hypothesized was indeed correct… but one way or the other he was determined to find out the truth.

He shook his head and didn ’t accept the two pearls. ”I think maybe you should use these two to save yourself right now? ” He seriously replied back with a straight face.

The snake woman ’s expression instantly changed and the man beside her became even angrier. Liam was obviously mocking them and he did not even bother hiding it.

”You fool! You dare to reject her highness ’s offer! Leave right now, your highness. ” The naga took out his spear and thrust it towards Liam, who only had to lean slightly to avoid it.

”I don ’t care if I die fighting this moronic demon. I would rather die than let your highness be humiliated like this! ” The naga shouted.

Finally! This was what Liam had been waiting for all along! At least now, he knew the identity of the nagas in front of him and this treasure also seemed to be somewhat valuable.

But what lore was associated with the royal naga clan? No matter how much he thought about it, he just couldn ’t remember anything like this.

Moreover, this could also be a part of a special quest. 

Now that he had gotten whatever details he could get from them, he quickly changed his tone and did a 180. 

”Ah! I am very touched by your loyalty. Such loyalty is very rare to see! You have my respect! I have decided to help you. ” 

”Please leave. I will gladly accept these treasures.. ” Liam muttered with a grave tone.

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