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Chapter 98 - Fast Leveling!

The nagas immediately became joyful and the beautiful woman slithered forward to personally hand Liam the two pearls. 

Unlike the others, she had a golden serpentine figure which was very eye catching. 

Liam looked at her from top to bottom, carefully observing all the details and as she extended her hand, with the two pearls on her palm… he abruptly gripped her hand tightly.

Having not expected this, the soft hand tried to pry out his hold but to no avail.

”You! What are you doing? Didn ’t we reach an agreement just now? ” The naga anxiously hissed at him.

”Yes. Yes. We still have an agreement. I merely stopped you because you are forgetting something important! ” He let her hand go.

”Huh? What? ”

”Please remove all your cloth, armor, and jewels and leave them here. ”

”WHAT? ”

The five nagas looked utterly shocked and angry as they glared back at Liam. ”Pervert! Get away from her highness! ” 

One of the naga guards standing on the right took out a spear and came at Liam.

But his level was only 18 and Liam casually blocked it. He almost wanted to laugh at this pathetic display of strength, but he didn ’t take it too far.

Even if their levels were suppressed, they might still possess some sort of life saving trump card. It was best not to underestimate them.

”Wait and hear me out. ” He raised his hands in front of him and signaled them to stop. ”If you leave everything behind, then I can convince my allies that I killed you all. ”

”This way you can rest assured and no one else will come chasing after you. ” He explained with a calm smile.

”Oh! ” After hearing Liam ’s words, the guard turned to look at his companions as he was now confused.

All the other nagas also had similar expressions. 

It looked like they weren ’t able to figure out if the person in front of them was simply robbing them in daylight or sincerely intended to help them.

After a couple of seconds, the astoundingly beautiful naga bit her lips and finally relented. ”This…This seems to be a good idea. Just leave everything here. We need to get out of here right now. ”

A cold glint flashed in her eyes as she gazed at Liam one more time before removing several things that were donned on her slender seductive upper body.

She now only had a piece of cloth wrapped around her chest, covering her big melons and even her spear was placed on the pile.

All the other nagas did the same as well and everyone threw Liam a dirty look before hastily fleeing from the spot. Liam no longer held them back.

He watched the group of nagas slither swiftly, disappearing somewhere in the distance. He wondered they were going.

”Well. That doesn ’t concern me I guess. I should put these back quickly. ” 

As his two pets and his undeads watched him curiously, he pocketed every single item that was left behind by the nagas. 

He didn ’t bother looking at these right now and just hurriedly threw everything in his inventory before the other demons could spot this pile of loot.

He had no intention of turning in any of these as a war contribution.

Only after fully cleaning out every last piece of loot, he fell back onto the grass, completely relaxed, and took a deep breath.

This invasion quest was turning out to be extremely rewarding, giving him one surprise after another! Liam grinned.

His conversation with the trigger happy male naga had already given him an idea. 

He now knew exactly how to finish this quest and reap the maximum rewards! In fact, he should have thought of this long ago!

All he needed to do in these invasion quests was simply survive. As for gathering resources, he just had to take out a few gold coins and give them to the leader!

It was as easy as that!

Liam sprinted back to the group of demons and once again joined them in bashing down the few nagas. He stood at the back and tossed out one fire ball after another, paying attention to his training.

[Ding. You have received 75 experience points]

[Ding. You have received 60 experience points]

Small lumps of experience points started accumulating and the fight continued for some more time, proceeding smoothly as expected without any other surprises.

Liam also continued to be a team player and provided support from the backlines. 

A couple of hours later, suddenly, everything became dark and Liam ’s vision blanked out. He couldn ’t see anything and he also felt a sort of pull on his body.

The next second, he found himself back in the nether realm, other demons as well standing beside him, all of them cheering loudly in unison.

”Oh? That was it? ” Liam looked around his surroundings when a series of notifications chimed in.

[Ding. You have received 50000 experience points.]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

[Ding. Your pet 1 has reached level 15]

[Ding. New evolution paths available]

[Ding. Your pet 2 has reached level 5]

Liam glanced at the notifications calmly, but he was interrupted by the leader of the squad. ”You don ’t have anything to contribute soldier? ”

”Oh! ” Liam was surprised by the hostile tone and when he looked up, he saw all the other demons going up to the front to drop equipments and several things on the ground making a huge pile.

”Yes. Yes. I do. ” Liam took out a single gold coin from the inventory and gave it to the leader. ”Ummm… I only managed to pick this one up. ” He hesitantly answered.

He wanted to test the waters first by starting small.

And just as he had expected, the leader ’s eyes widened in surprise! 

”Oh! This is a gold coin! Bravo! You have done well! You have done really well! You have made our Lord proud by collecting so many resources. ”

[Ding. You have been rewarded 100 contribution points]

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