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Chapter 99 - Slapping With Gold

Hmmm… 100 contribution points for 1 gold coin?

Liam grinned and called after the leader who had started walking away. ”Boss! I also found this one! ” He gave another gold coin to the leader.

The demon was perplexed. His huge nostrils flared in excitement. ”You have outdone yourself, soldier! You have shown true potential and excellence! ”

[Ding. You have been rewarded 100 contribution points]

’Another 100? ’ Liam had in fact expected only 50 or so, considering that the reward probably capped after a certain limit, but clearly, if there was a limit at all, this wasn ’t one!

He had to try again!

”Leader, wait a second. Ahh! I found another coin! ” He shamelessly fished out another gold coin and handed it to the demon.

”Lad! How did you get your hands on so many gold coins!! ”

”Aha ha ha… these were gold coins? I just picked them up because they were shiny and I thought they might be useful somehow. Aha ha ha ”

”What a lucky fellow! You have such good luck and intuition! Your skills are also excellent! These are the traits of a good leader! ”

”I hope you will be able to successfully lead your own squad soon! ”

[Ding. You have been rewarded 50 contribution points]

[Ding. Your rank has been upgraded]

[Rank: Senior Soldier] (0/1000)

Liam saw that he was now a senior soldier. The points this time were lower and coincidentally they helped him level to the next rank as well.

”This should be the limit. 250 contribution points for one invasion quest. I should join another invasion quickly and see what these upgrades are useful for. ”

Liam looked around and saw another demon squad assembling nearby. 

Since it was wartime multiple squads were doing this day in and day out, in preparations for gathering more resources for the upcoming war. So there was no lack of teams to join in.

He quickly approached the leader and the quest notification chimed in. The leader was in fact more than happy to accept him as he was a senior soldier.

[Ding. New Limited Quest available]

[Ding. Survive the mission and bring back adequate resources]

[Ding. Reward: +50 contribution points; +50000 experience points]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept the quest? Yes /No]

”Yes. ” Liam muttered and joined the team. A few minutes later, the portal was once again activated and this time they were transported to somewhere dark and dingy.

The demons started scrambling, trying to look around and Liam as well materialized a fireball. If possible he wanted to start fighting before his companions started dispersing by themselves.

Luckily for him, the very next second a group of short skinny creatures ran towards them. Their heads resembled that of a rat and they had sharp protruding teeth.


Level 18


Level 14


Level 19

The creatures were not high leveled but their numbers were not small. They continued pouring out from everywhere.

”Keee! Keee! Keee! ”

”Keee! Keee! Keeee! ”

”Intruders! Intruders! ”

The demons who had moved away from the group immediately ran back.

”Attack! Kill everything! ” The squad leader demon shouted loudly.

And immediately, an intense battle erupted. This time it was completely different from the grasslands where they had landed for their previous mission.

But Liam didn ’t mind at all.

This in fact worked out well for him.

He casually moved from his spot at the back and settled in the center, in the midst of the demons. 

From here, he started once again casting fireballs, the fox as well repeating his actions. He specifically aimed for the Kobolds that had low health and were already severely injured.

And bang!

[Ding. You have received 10 experience points]


[Ding. You have received 10 experience points]

”This is ridiculous! This has to be the easiest way to level in the entire game! ” Liam grinned from ear to ear. 

He had a lot of good things meticulously planned but this was a pie that had fallen on his lap out of nowhere.

It looked like those pigs whom he had slaughtered were in reality pinatas. 

He had broken them and the candies were still dropping one after the other, long after their eternal death.

Heh. Liam chuckled. ”Can I reach Level 30 in the remaining 48 hours? ” He began pumping out more firepower and sending the Kobolds to their deaths faster.

The nether realm was really treating him too well!

The second invasion mission ended faster than the first one or rather it simply seemed that way since right from the start until the very end, the group had continued slaughtering Kobolds one after the other.

They had landed smack dab in the middle of their nest and there was nothing else that they could do. 

The gains this time were also not much as the Kobolds were just as poor as the demons. However, that was only for the rest of the squad.

Liam, of course, handed over 3 gold coins and earned the maximum contribution point rewards and the experience points boost, also gaining another level!

He was smashing through this laborious part of the game at an insane pace!

Leveling in this manner was extremely efficient, quick, and not to mention addictive. As an added bonus, he was also able to train properly with so many demons tanking for him.

Liam was fully pumped up and he did not plan on stopping any time soon. After completing the second invasion mission, he immediately dived into another one.

This time they had landed in an impoverished orc village. There was really nothing in the village except for mundane common items. These orcs did not rush to fight them either.

In fact, all the orcs that were remaining in the village were either elderly or women or children. However, the demons still continued slaughtering and pilfering and Liam as well did the same.

If he hesitated here now, then he would be facing the same situation later on. Only the strong had the right to survive and only the truly powerful had the right to show kindness.

Since he was neither, at least yet, he simply slaughtered everything in sight, just like he had done before without skipping a beat.

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