The dishes were served quickly, and the waitress brought in each dish one by one.
After stating the name of the dishes, they placed it neatly in front of Chi Qiu.
It took less than two minutes.

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One dish of scallion fish, one dish of crispy sugar lotus root, one dish of scrambled egg with shrimp, and one dish of crab meat with tofu.
At the end, there was a large bowl of shepherd’s purse with codfish soup.

Since Lu Ming had instructed that no one needed to be left in the box, the waitress went out after serving the dishes.

Without Aunt Zhang by his side, Chi Qiu didn’t know where each dish was placed, so it was difficult to start.
He knew that he had stepped on Lu Ming’s taboo just now, so he really didn’t know how to ask Lu Ming to help him with the dishes.

Fortunately, the table was not wide, so he quietly probed forward with the back of his fingers and came across a dinner plate.

Before Lu Ming came, he carefully touched the outside of each plate.

Among the three identical plates: the one with the small plate would be the scallion fish; the one that was slightly cool would be the crispy sugar lotus root; the one that was piping hot at the bottom would be the crab meat with tofu.
Another warm dish should be the scrambled egg with shrimp.
A little further up the side, the taller and larger bowl must be the shepherd’s purse with codfish soup.

After figuring out the location of each dish, Chi Qiu breathed a sigh of relief.

In fact, he had already heard about the details of Lu Ming’s mother.
Although he was not quite clear about the details, he knew that Lu You didn’t die in a decent way.
Perhaps Lu Ming had been unable to accept it for so many years, so just now Lu Ming ended this topic hastily.

Chi Qiu knew that he had said something wrong today, so he touched the bowl to please and serve Lu Ming with a bowl of shepherd’s purse with codfish soup.

A few minutes later, Lu Ming came out of the bathroom.
He washed his face with cold water in it, and answered a phone call which wasted some time.

When he saw Chi Qiu serving the soup by himself, he walked over quickly: “I’ll do it.”

“It’s already served.” Chi Qiu was not afraid of the hot bowl, so he held the bottom of the bowl and brought it to Lu Ming, “It’s for you, the waitress said that the soup should be served hot.”

Lu Ming hurriedly took the bowl from Chi Qiu’s hand.
After sitting down, he used his own bowl to fill Chi Qiu’s bowl: “Be careful.”

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It was meal time now, and Chi Qiu’s stomach was really hungry.

He lowered his head to drink the soup and was amazed by the taste at the first sip.
He didn’t care about the scalding and finished half a bowl of cod soup in no time.

At the same time, his ears heard a small clattering sound from Lu Ming’s dinner plate and chopsticks.
If he heard correctly, Lu Ming was picking the fish bones for him.

Soon, the fish in Lu Ming’s plate was dipped in the sauce and properly placed in Chi Qiu’s spoon.

What Lu Ming didn’t know was that the reason why Chi Qiu wanted to eat scallion fish was because he wanted Lu Ming to feed him a bite or two.
But in today’s situation, Chi Qiu decided to honestly eat by himself.

Fortunately, the food in this restaurant tasted good and Chi Qiu was very satisfied with his meal.
The food took away most of his worries.
The afternoon sun outside the window was just right, and the breeze came with the fragrance of spring flowers.

Lu Ming’s care for Chi Qiu remained considerate and attentive.
The insignificant small conflicts between the two soon dissipated.

Chi Qiu started to talk to Lu Ming little by little, and Lu Ming replied again and again.
From time to time, Lu Ming would go along with the questions thrown by Chi Qiu.
He also asked some things about Chi Qiu.

He didn’t ask many questions and his tone was stiff, but Chi Qiu answered happily.

Lu Ming asked him casually, “Do you have something you don’t like to eat?”

Chi Qiu thought about it, the whole sugar milk tea counted as one, but he couldn’t say it.
He thought about it and said the coriander.

Lu Ming was really not expecting Chi Qiu to have something he didn’t like to eat, he thought Chi Qiu would say: I am not a picky eater.

Lu Ming put down his chopsticks.
He knew for the first time that Chi Qiu didn’t like coriander and recalled his usual times: “Aunt Zhang occasionally adds some coriander to garnish when cooking, and even mixes some in cold dishes.
I haven’t seen you mention it.

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“I just don’t like it, it’s not that I can’t eat it.”

In the Chi family, except Chi Qiu, everyone liked to eat coriander.
Chi Qiu couldn’t let the whole family stop eating with him just because he didn’t like it, right? At most, when there was coriander in a dish, he would eat two bites less.
Chi Qiu thought this was not a big problem that needed to be mentioned.

He still remembered that the cold salad made by Aunt Zhang was complimented by Lu Ming.
Then, since he opened his mouth and praised it, Lu Ming must have liked it.

Chi Qiu rounded up the field for the coriander: “There are many dishes that will become more delicious with coriander.”

Lu Ming took a deep breath, picked up his chopsticks and gave Chi Qiu a shrimp.
After watching Chi Qiu eat it with relish, he said, “In the future, I will ask Aunt Zhang to pay attention not to buy coriander.”

“…But don’t you like it?”

“It’s just the same ingredient, if you don’t like it, I can not like it too.”

Lu Ming agreed with what Chi Qiu said: I don’t like it, but it’s not that I can’t eat it.

Because Lu Ming had this attitude towards many things.

It was just that he felt that, at least when with him, Chi Qiu didn’t need to have this attitude.
He would try to satisfy everything that Chi Qiu wanted as much as possible

And this time, the only way to make Chi Qiu happy was to abandon the coriander that was indispensable in his life.

The pitiful thing was that Chi Qiu’s heart was so small, so small that it overflowed with honey just because of Lu Ming’s words.
The shrimp in his mouth became sweeter and more delicious, so he couldn’t help asking for more.

Chi Qiu grew up in a wealthy family, looking harmonious and warm on the outside, but in fact it fell apart on the inside.

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His mother, Chi Lanyan, loved him, but before he lost his sight, she was always busy with her work; his biological father left before he was born and never once came to see him; his stepfather, Lin Yuming, drew a line of demarcation between them and the silence was as lonely as the cold violence; his younger sister, Chi Xia, avoided him more and more as she grew older, her eyes are full of estrangement.

The seemingly sheltered greenhouse could not fill Chi Qiu’s empty heart at all.

It was not until he met Lu Ming and fell in love with him that Chi Qiu found something in his heart and began to look forward to the future.

Just like now, Chi Qiu suddenly didn’t hate coriander so much.

It was still early after dinner, so Lu Ming paid and took Chi Qiu for a walk in the unique garden of Quyuan Nanfeng to digest food.

After spending a long time in the big city, occasionally coming to a secluded area shaded by greenery, even a blind person would feel soothed.
When passing by a bamboo forest, Chi Qiu smelled the refreshing aroma of bamboo leaves.

Chi Qiu felt that it smelled good and stopped for a while.

After a while, a familiar voice appeared in the quiet environment: “I didn’t expect that this restaurant actually has its own scenic spot for viewing, it’s very decent.
Taking a few steps here makes people feel much more comfortable.”

Along with the orderly tread of high heels, Chi Qiu ‘looked’ in the direction of the sound.

Oncoming was a middle-aged woman dressed elegantly, accompanied by a tall young man.
The man was wearing a baseball cap and seemed to be holding a black mask in his hand.

The moment he saw Chi Qiu, the man quickly put the mask back on his face.

As the middle-aged woman was focusing on what she was saying with the man beside her, she did not notice Chi Qiu’s appearance, as well as Lu Ming beside Chi Qiu.

The long hallway was not very spacious, and when passing by, Chi Qiu suddenly shouted: “Aunt Luo?”

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Only then did Luo Yun, who had been called, turn around and see Chi Qiu in the front.
She was stunned for a few seconds, then surprised, “Xiao Qiu?” The petite woman tilted her head and saw Lu Ming beside Chi Qiu.
She thought carefully for a moment, and with her good memory, she instantly recognized Lu Ming as well: “Lu Ming?”

Lu Ming frowned, having no impression of the lady in front of him.

He thought hard for a moment, and finally dug out Luo Yun’s identity somewhere in the corner of his memory——she was the doctor in the psychological clinic where he and Chi Qiu first met ten years ago.

Before returning to China, Lu Ming had glanced at her profile.

Lu Ming reached out his hand politely: “Dr.
Luo, long time no see.”

“Lu Ming is really getting more and more handsome.” Luo Yun reached out and shook it, then she held Chi Qiu’s hand excitedly, “How many years have I not seen you, you have all grown up, Auntie almost couldn’t recognize you.”

Chi Qiu was equally happy when he saw his old friend.
Speaking of which, without Luo Yun, he and Lu Ming wouldn’t have met each other.

“I didn’t expect to run into you here.
I remembered your voice and recognized you right away.”

“Good boy.” Luo Yun touched Chi Qiu’s shoulder lovingly.

Luo Yun would squint her eyes when she smiled, and her face was kind. She looked at Chi Qiu left and right; her eyes were full of love as she said with emotion, “I didn’t expect that you and Lu Ming were still on such good terms.
Back then, I remember you two liked to chat together in my small garden.
I remember that Lu Ming was so good at making you happy at that time.”

Chi Qiu smiled embarrassedly: “Aunt Luo, Lu Ming and I…are already married.”

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