The life of the two people in the hospital in City C was not completely smooth, but also not bad.

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Lu Ming and Chi Qiu were wounded people with mobility problems, so not only Xu Ling who bothered to accompany them in City C for several days, even Ji Yanchen ran to the ward twice a day on time, sending this and that and sending care.
He even thoughtfully asked Lu Ming why he did not use the urinal he bought.

The same day, Lu Ming asked the caregiver to throw the urinal away, he could not use it.

When Chi Qiu looked at the urinal carried out by the caregiver, he remembered the day he accompanied Lu Ming to the toilet and immediately blushed and heated up in place.

Lu Ming looked at Chi Qiu’s blushing face.
Sometimes he really didn’t understand what was going on in his head.

On the day of discharge, the bandage on Chi Qiu’s hand was removed.
The doctor glanced at it and said lightly: “The wound is recovering well, but scarring is inevitable.
However, as long as you pay more attention, the scar will not be too obvious.”

Chi Qiu listened and said with little concern, “Okay, thank you, doctor.”

Instead, Ji Yanchen took his phone and wrote down many points of attention that the doctor said and sent them to Lu Ming’s phone one by one.
When he asked Lu Ming for his contact information earlier, Lu Ming hesitated for a second but finally gave it.

Looking at the dialog boxes that kept popping up in the message interface, Lu Ming said helplessly, “I remembered everything the doctor said.”

Ji Yanchen: “A good memory is not as good as a bad writing.”

Lu Ming was too lazy to argue with him, “Got it, thanks.”

This made Ji Yanchen very upset.
He secretly snitched to Chi Qiu and said stubbornly: “He must not remember it.
He must be secretly happy when I sent it to him.”

Chi Qiu could not stop the smile on his face and obediently followed Lu Ming.

After a few days of rest, Lu Ming could already move freely.
He held Chi Qiu’s hand and walked to the hospital gate, politely thanking Ji Yanchen for his care over the past few days.

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Chi Qiu thanked him too: “Yanchen, after you return to Xingxi City, we will invite you for dinner.”

“Okay, wait for me to go to your house for a meal.” Ji Yanchen didn’t want to continue eating dog food, “Lu Ming, where’s your little secretary? I’ll take you to the airport.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Ling came all the way as he gasped for breath, “Mr.
Ji, I have already arranged a car, so I won’t bother you.” After that, he reported to Lu Ming, “Mr.
Lu, the caregiver account had been settled, and the extra ones have been credited to his account according to your request.”

Chi Qiu was puzzled: “Give more?”

“Tips.” Lu Ming gave a random reason.

Chi Qiu didn’t think much of it, his right hand still holding his guide stick, lightly tapping the ground.
Facing the blinding sunlight of City C, he breathed a sigh of relief that he was finally going home.

What he didn’t expect was that as soon as he stepped off the plane, he was greeted not only by the familiar smell of Xingxi City, but also by the large bouquet of red roses placed in the living room at home.

And their uncle, Lu Fengshen, whom they hadn’t seen for a long time.



Xingxi City, Lu family villa.

Aunt Zhang learned that Chi Qiu and Lu Ming were injured in City C, so she planned to prepare a nutritious menu for the next month.
Today from early in the morning, aside from personally going out to buy some fresh ingredients, she almost always spent the whole day in the kitchen busy making medicinal meals.

When Chi Qiu arrived home, the first thing he smelled was the rich aroma of bone broth, then the big bouquet of red roses on the table caught his eye.
He was pleasantly surprised, but the fragrance of the soup overshadowed the big bouquet of roses on the table, so Chi Qiu could only try his best to hide it, and involuntarily grabbed the corner of Lu Ming’s clothes.

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“I…” He pretended to be hungry, his Adam’s apple moved up and down.
He said, “I’m hungry.”

Chi Qiu showed the expression that he wanted to drink a bowl of hot soup immediately, and successfully deceived Lu Ming.

Looking at the roses on the table, Chi Qiu couldn’t resist getting closer.
He took a step forward and excused himself to go to the kitchen to have a look.

Lu Ming stopped him: “Go take a shower and change your clothes first.”

“I don’t stink.”

Lu Ming did not say that Chi Qiu ‘stink’.

Chi Qiu loved cleanliness so much, how could he be ‘stinky’?

Lu Ming knew in his heart that Chi Qiu must have been overly hungry, so he started talking nonsense.

Thinking of his rose, Chi Qiu turned his head and asked, “Can I go have a bowl of soup first?” As long as Lu Ming let him go; he had already thought about how to make a surprised expression later.

And Lu Ming looked at the clock on the wall and asked seriously, “The soup is probably still stewing in the pot.
It’s very hot, are you sure you want to drink it now?”


“Go take a shower first, I’ll have something for you later.”

When Chi Qiu heard this, there was a faint light in his eyes.
He was an incredibly cooperative and good partner that even though he already knew what the gift was, he nodded with a look of anticipation and quickly compromised.

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With the help of Lu Ming, Chi Qiu put a waterproof bandage on his arm, and walked into the bathroom with ease.
The sound of water quickly drowned out the slight movement in the bathroom.

The leisurely Lu Ming stood in front of the bedroom window and pulled open the half side curtain.
He saw that the apricot flowers in the front yard had been mostly knocked down because of a heavy rain last night.
Two hourly-workers were sweeping the flower petals from the stone slab, moving skillfully and in a cordial atmosphere, laughing softly about something.

Everything in the home was as usual.
The only difference was, after a rain, the gardenia in the front yard bloomed a lot.

Lu Ming fixed his eyes for a moment, pulled up the curtains and walked back to the living room.
He slowly took off his suit jacket and casually put it on the sofa.
Listening to the clock in the living room ticking, he bent down and sat down, with a vague sense of pain still remaining in his back.

He raised his eyes; the rose on the table was brilliant.
Lu Ming looked at it and fell into a brief moment of contemplation.

He didn’t know if it was because Aunt Zhang’s soup was extraordinarily fragrant today, or because the fragrance of this bouquet of roses had strangely disappeared, but Lu Ming felt that its existence was now equivalent to zero.
In order not to let its significance disappear, Lu Ming deliberately put it in the bedroom.

He hoped that once Chi Qiu came out of the shower, he could smell it and find it.
He also hoped that Chi Qiu could show an extra happy smile to him.

As dazzling as a passing spring day.

Thinking about this, Lu Ming was speechless.
But this kind of childish expectation, he had it for the first time after the death of his mother.


Since the two of them had been in the hospital for several days, Chi Qiu was diligently taking a bath at the moment, taking longer than usual.

Lu Ming remembered that Chi Qiu was going to drink soup, and thought that he should put a bowl out first to cool down.
Unexpectedly, he just stepped into the kitchen half a step when he bumped into his uncle who was wearing an apron.

“Uncle?” Lu Ming was surprised, “Why are you here?”

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The first to speak out was the smiling Aunt Zhang: “Mr.
Lu, you’re back! Mr.
Lu1referring to Lu Fengshenknows that you and mister2referring to Chi Qiu are home today, so he came over specially to make soup for you.
Look, the fragrance is spreading, I’m hungry, Mr.
Lu’s cooking skill is good.”

She was full of praise.
It was clear that she and Lu Fengshen had a good chat.

Lu Fengshen bowed his head embarrassedly and wiped his hands on his apron: “For work reasons, I returned home early and arrived yesterday.
I thought I hadn’t seen you guys for a long time, so I came to see you, but I didn’t expect you to go to C City.” His shoulder sank, “Sister Zhang told me all about you guys.”

He looked up and down at Lu Ming carefully, and asked with concern, “Is your body alright?”

Lu Fengshen’s rather young face was completely devoid of the sense of elder.
He was only eight years older than Lu Ming.
Even though he was Lu Ming’s uncle, but to him, he was actually more of a nagging older brother.

“Nothing.” Lu Ming wrinkled up his eyebrows and said rigidly, “The guard should have informed me when you come.”

Lu Fengshen twitched the corners of his mouth, thinking he had forgotten about this: “You forgot that I was the manager of this villa before?”

Before Lu Ming returned to China, he would occasionally come back to China to look after the villa.
He was considered as one of the villa’s managers.
Hence, he could come in without the owner’s permission, unless the owner removed him from the system list.

But Lu Ming would not do so, he welcomed Lu Fengshen in his heart.
In those years abroad, this little uncle took great care of him.

Seeing Lu Ming’s haggard face, Lu Fengshen turned around and served up a bowl of soup: “There is an old saying, eat where you hurt, eat what you can to make up for it.”

He brought the soup over: “Taste it? I remember you used to like my soup the most.”

This, in order to let Lu Ming and Chi Qiu drink a bite of fresh hot bone soup, Lu Fengshen got up early today and went to the market to pick meat and bones in person.

The most important thing about this stew was the heat.
The heat had to be controlled at all times.

For half a day, Lu Fengshen was patient enough to stay in the kitchen.

1referring to Lu Fengshen2referring to Chi Qiu

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