Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 100 - Immortal Gods Power A Stroke That Moves Mountains and Rivers (3)


However, there was another direct question placed in front of everyone.

What about the soldiers who had fallen into the ground?

They were definitely dead, but they couldnt just leave the corpses inside. After they started rotting, it was easy for diseases to


And what about this huge crater? If it stayed here all the way, it would greatly affect the traffic in and out of Lu County.

“Lets return to the city first and ask the Lord for instructions,” Chen Tong suggested, and everyone nodded.

Crack! Crack!

At this moment, everyone suddenly heard the sound of stones falling under their feet. Their expressions changed and they wanted to retreat.

But just as they moved, they saw four hands crawling out from the edge of the pit not far away.

It was none other than Wang Qinghe and Xie Beixing

They were top-notch Inner World experts after all. They didnt die from the fall and even climbed up from below.

Wang Qinghe and Xie Beixing flipped over and panted heavily.

They felt as if they had just survived a calamity.

However, before they could steady themselves, they saw the group of people not far away and their souls almost left their body.

Xu Fengan and Zhou Hongyi immediately looked at each other and nodded. “Catch them!”


In the governors office.

“Lord, the bandit leaders Wang Qinghe and Xie Beixing have been captured by Sir Xu and Daoist Zhou.” Chen Tong, as the Captain, came to report the results of the battle to Cui Heng. “How should we deal with these two?”

“Haha, these two actually survived the fall. I dont know if theyre lucky or unlucky.” Cui Heng laughed and waved his hand. “Hang these two on the flagpole too.”

“…Yes, my Lord!” Chen Tong held back his laughter. If those two had known that this would be the outcome, they would probably wish that they were dead.

“By the way, theres one more thing I have to ask you. What should we do about the chasm outside?”

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