Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 103 - The Red Door Stinks With Wine and Meat There Are Frozen Bones on the Road (2)

e price, he finally obtained the support of the Ye and Jiang families of Jiangnan.

Next, as long as he obtained the support of a current State Overseer, he could become the State Overseer of Fengzhou as he wished.

In order to realize this dream of his, Ren Yuankui had the opportunity to hold a banquet at home every day. He could either entertain the envoys of the various large factions or receive people sent by other State Overseers.

Of course, the most grand banquet was definitely the banquets for the other State Overseers.

Like today.

The You State Overseer, Wei Xiong, came to discuss the selection of the Feng Prefecture State Overseer with Ren Yuankui.

This was the third time they had discussed this.

According to tradition, as long as the outcome of this negotiation was more or less satisfactory to both parties, the matter could basically be settled.

Therefore, Ren Yuankui took it very seriously.

At the banquet, three cows and sheep were prepared. There were 12 types of honey, 16 types of fruits, 9 species of precious wild birds, as well as monkeys, snakes, rabbits, and other kinds of native wild game. There was also an endless flow of fine wine.

The entire banquet hall was filled with the fragrance of wine and meat.

Even if more than a hundred people were invited to this banquet, it would be more than enough. They might not be able to finish everything

However, in reality, there were only two people attending the banquet: the Governor of Luoan County, Yuan Kui, and the You States Bie Weixiong.

Of course, there were also musicians formed by 72 people playing music at the side. 24 young girls dressed in thin veils danced on the banquet floor.

However, they were not qualified to taste the delicacies at the banquet.

Wei Xiong was already in his sixties, but his physique was still strong. He was a burly man nearly nine feet tall with a beard.

He didnt look like a civil official. He looked more like a general.

He narrowed his eyes as he admired the graceful figures of a few young female dancers. He casually pointed at two of them and said with a smile, “Governor Ren, these two are not bad. Send them to my room to play tonight.”

“Haha, as long as you like them, even if you want all of them, its fine!” Ren Yuankui laughed and said, “These are all young chicks that weve carefully selected. All of them are 28 years old and have never touched rain or dew.”

“No, no. Im old, so I cant show off anymore.” Wei Xiongs gaze swept across the young girls half-covered bodies. He shook his head and said, “If I were ten years younger, I would definitely fight to my hearts content tonight, haha!”

“Dont say that. Youre still at the age where youre full of vigor.” Ren Yuankui poured a glass of wine for Wei Xiong and flattered, “Youre definitely as impressive as before.”

“Haha, I like listening to you. Alright, Ill add two more girls.” Wei Xiong laughed and ordered two more young female dancers. Suddenly, he changed the topic. “However, having fun is one thing. Dont think about relying on these to make me help you bargain with Overseer Shen.”

Overseer Shen was the You State Overseer, Shen Yu.

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