Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 10 - Qiqi and the Immortal Dawn Sword Art

ique that could draw in the power of Heaven and Earth.

Using the Immortal sword art to display the moves, one could unleash flying sword moves and sword lights to fight.

If one cultivated to the pinnacle, they would possess strength comparable to a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Once the sword was unsheathed, a thousand feet of golden glow would fill the sky like an Immortal descending to the world.

He named it the Immortal Dawn Sword Art.

“Although this sword art can only be cultivated to the level of Foundation Establishment, this is not the limit. When she comes into contact with higher level martial arts in the future, she can further improve the sword art.”

“Moreover, with might comparable to the Foundation Establishment, in the world of cultivation, she can be considered quite a figure. Even in the world of high-level martial arts and profound illusions, this level should be enough for one to enter the threshold.”

Cui Heng was very satisfied with his creation this time.

The next morning.

Jiang Qiqi brought a small stool over from who knows where. She sat in front of the door of the Beginners Hut, her small mouth unconsciously blowing bubbles.

She was waiting for Cui Heng to come out.

When the sun rose into the sky, the door of the villa finally opened.

Jiang Qiqis eyes lit up and she jumped up in joy. “Big Brother Immortal!”

She seemed more lively than before.

“You sat here for a day and a night?” Cui Heng looked around and asked in surprise, “Why didnt you return to your room?”

“Im afraid that you wont be able to see me when you come out.” Jiang Qiqi lightly smiled and said, “You said that you wanted me to wait for you here in the morning. I dont want to miss even a little bit of time, let alone make you wait for me.”

“Could it be that you havent even eaten?” Cui Heng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Ah, this…” Jiang Qiqi suddenly looked like a child who had done something wrong. She lowered her head and explained softly,” Although I havent eaten, there will always be a warm feeling in my stomach, making me not feel hungry. Ah! ”

As she spoke, she suddenly let out a cry, her face slightly red. She looked at Cui Heng and said, “Big Brother Immortal, that warm current is coming out again. Its everywhere in my stomach. Its so warm. Why dont you touch it?”

The little girl pointed at her stomach as if she wanted to prove that she wasnt lying.

“That is the residual spirit energy from the bowl of noodles you ate earlier. It wont last long.” Cui Heng ignored the ignorant girls actions. “Lets go. Lets eat first, then Ill teach you swordsmanship.”

“Oh, alright.” Jiang Qiqi nodded obediently and followed behind Cui Heng.

Since Cui Heng had already been treated as Big Brother Immortal by the little girl, he was no longer worried about scaring her. He called out the Yellow-scarved Strongman and got him to make two sets of breakfast.

Naturally, the appearance of the Yellow-scarved Strongman attracted Jiang Qiqis exclamations. When the Yellow-scarved Strongman started cooking, it attracted all the attention of the little girl.

After all, it was rather amusing to see a three-meter-tall, muscular man cooking.

After breakfast.

Cui Heng brought Jiang Qiqi to his usual cultivation chamber.

Although it was called a chamber, it was actually more than 70 square meters in size.

It was huge.

It was enough for him to impart sword techniques.

“The sword technique Im imparting to you is called the Immortal Dawn Sword Art. As long as you cultivate it diligently, youll have a chance to slash out a strike that isnt inferior to the strike I swung yesterday.”

Cui Heng briefly introduced the Immortal Dawn Sword Art, and then he said in a low voice, “Once this sword art is passed down to you, youll be my only successor in your world. Can you pass down this sword art, and will you be able to remember and carry out your words from before to help some people and change some things?”

“I can! Big Brother Immortal!” Jiang Qiqi said firmly, her eyes filled with determination. “I will!”

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