Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 116 - The Heavenly Void World Is The Real Outsider!

Chapter 115 Following Heavens Will

After Wu Yin left the inner hall of the State Overseers Office, he was in a daze.

He was a little confused.

Why was the Overseer so anxious? Why did he have to implement the decree now and make it known to the world? He even said that he wanted to capture all the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World and settle the score together?

How was this possible?

Those were Immortals and Buddhas!

Although Wu Yin had heard many rumors about Cui Heng, such as summoning the wind and rain, sinking the land and turning it into a lake, and other great divine powers that were like Immortals, in his understanding, the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World should also have such divine powers.

Even if the Overseer really had the power of an Immortal God, how could he deal with those Upper World Immortals and Buddhas who also had unbelievable power?

Or did the Overseer actually have other plans?

Wu Yin could not understand.

“Sir Wu, you seem to be very puzzled?” Zhang Shuming had arrived beside Wu Yin at some point and chuckled.

“Perfected Zhang!” Wu Yin hurriedly cupped his hands and bowed. His attitude towards Zhang Shuming was extremely respectful.

In the minds of most people in the Central Plains, the Daoyi Palace was a place filled with myths.

Legend had it that in the ancient desolate era, it was the Daoists of the Daoyi Palace who came down from the East Flower Mountain and guided the ancestors in farming, fishing, and hunting. They taught several Saint Emperors and guided the initial development of civilization.

In a sense, the Daoyi Palace was the source of civilization in this world.

Moreover, the Daoyi Palace was transcendent. After the ancient times, it had never interfered with the change of power in the world and stood aloof from worldly affairs.

Therefore, throughout the dynasties, the Daoyi Palace had an extremely high reputation, be it in the royal court or among the commoners.

As the Sect Master, Zhang Shumings status was even more respected. Even if he went to the Imperial City of the Central Continent, he would be treated respectfully by the current Emperor.

“Are you wondering about Lord Overseers attitude?” Zhang Shuming smiled.

Although he respected Cui Heng as an Immortal, it was inevitable that others would find it strange if he called him that in front of others. Therefore, when he spoke to others, he still addressed Cui Heng as Overseer.

“…” Wu Yins thoughts were exposed by Zhang Shuming. After a moment of silence, he said, “Perfected One, can you come to my humble house for a chat?”

“Of course.” Zhang Shuming nodded and smiled.

He had taken the initiative to talk to Wu Yin.

He wanted Wu Yin to understand what kind of existence Cui Heng was and why he dared to say that he could wipe out all the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World.

This was not Cui Hengs instructions, but Zhang Shumings own analysis of “Heavens Will”.

Wu Yin was an official in Fengzhou and was an important official who assisted the governor in handling political affairs. However, he was not immediately removed by Cui Heng. This meant that Cui Heng probably wanted him to play a role or acknowledged some aspects of him.

What Zhang Shuming wanted to do was to make Wu Yin, this “tool”, more convenient to use so that he would not guess and delay the Exalted Immortals plans.

After all, if Cui Heng wanted to settle matters with the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World, he would raise both hands in agreement. He could not even wait to add fuel to the fire.

Recently, many Upper World Angels had descended. Even the Baolin Buddhist Hall had Spiritual Children descend.

However, there was no news from the Daoyi Palace.

There was a high chance that something had happened in the Upper World. Actually, a hundred years ago, Zhang Shuming had vaguely sensed from the conversation with the Ancestral Masters that the situation in the Upper World was not optimistic.

After becoming the Sect Master, his channels of information had become much wider, and he became even more certain of this guess.

He even guessed that during the battle of the Immortal Dawn Sect a hundred years ago, the Earth Immortals of the Daoyi Palace wanted to stand on the side of the Immortal Dawn Sect to persuade the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World not to attack. Because of that, they landed in a difficult situation.

The Immortal Dawn Sect was powerful enough, and there was no possibility of it joining forces with the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World. It was undoubtedly the best partner for the Daoyi Palace.

Unfortunately, a Deva attacked in the end. “However, the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World probably never dreamed that Perfected Hengxia had a master. Furthermore, he was still alive and had come here. He was even a Heaven Monarch!”

Zhang Shuming often thinks like this now.

Sometimes, he even looked forward to the arrival of the Immortals and Buddhas from the Upper World.


Inside the government office.

“Perfected Zhang, please speak clearly.” Wu Yin bowed respectfully to Zhang Shuming and asked with an incomparably serious expression, “Why is Lord Overseer so anxious? He even said that he wanted to settle accounts with the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World. You have to know about Hongwu back then…”

“Dont worry too much.” Zhang Shuming waved his hand and interrupted Wu Yin. Instead of answering, he asked, “Sir Wu was in charge of a States government. Your authority is very great, but where did this authority come from?”.

“Of course, its from Lord Overseer.” Wu Yin felt a little strange, but he still answered.

“Then, where did the authority of Lord Overseer come from?” Zhang Shuming continued to ask.

“Is it from the support of the Daoyi Palace, or is it from the recommendation of a fellow State Overseer…” Wu Yin became even more puzzled.” Also, the Emperors decree.”

“Then why are the Daoyi Palace, the other State Overseers, or even the Emperor able to give Lord Overseer such authority?” Zhang Shuming smiled.

“…” Wu Yin was stunned. After thinking for a moment, he said in a low voice, “Because they have soldiers, wealth, martial cultivation, and powerful martial strength. They have powerful authority.”

“Thats right.” Zhang Shuming nodded in satisfaction and asked, “What is an Immortal and what is a Buddha?”

“This…” Wu Yin vaguely felt that Zhang Shuming wanted to say something, but he was not too sure, so he continued,” Immortals and Buddhas have power that far exceeds mortals, so they are the high and mighty Immortals and Buddhas!”

“Thats right. Then why doesnt Lord Overseer rely on those powerful aristocratic families, sects, or even the Immortals and Buddhas to deal with them?” Zhang Shuming guided him, and his expression suddenly turned solemn. “Because Lord Overseer is the Will of the eHavens!”

“Heaven, Heavens Will?!” Wu Yin was stunned when he heard this. He did not understand what Zhang Shuming was saying.

“Sir Wu, let me ask you.” A smile appeared on Zhang Shumings face again. “If theres such a person, that with just his strength alone, he can move mountains and fill seas, overturn the universe, and destroy a million-strong army with a flick of his finger!

Is such a person the Will of the Heavens? Is he above all families, sects, even the royal family, the Imperial Court, and Immortals and Buddhas? Can he be dealt with?”

“Perfected Zhang, do you mean that even among the Immortals and Buddhas, Lord Overseer is still an existence that stands above everything?” Wu Yins eyes widened. He was a scholar, and his understanding of martial cultivation only stopped at the Deity Realm.

“A mighty figure like Lord Overseer can be called a Heaven Monarch.” Zhang Shuming bowed in the direction of the State Overseers Office and said respectfully, “The Lord of Heaven, a Heaven Monarch. He is the Will of the Heavens and the ruler of all things!”

“…” Wu Yins mouth fell open as he looked in the direction of the State Overseers Office in disbelief. He muttered in a daze, “So, so I was questioning the Heavens previously?”

He finally came to his senses.

With a supreme mighty figure like Cui Heng backing him up, no matter what kind of decree it was, he only needed to go.

Moreover, this was not just an order from the Overseer

It was the Will of the Heavens!


Luoan County was in the north of Fengzhou, near Yunshu County. It was already considered a border county in the north of the Great Jin.

It was not winter yet, but it was snowing heavily here. When Hui Shi and Chen Tong arrived, the world was already white. The surroundings were covered in silver, and it was incomparably magnificent.


However, the two of them were not in the mood to watch. “Look over there.” Hui Shi pointed at the distant forest. There was a group of figures outside the forest, as if they were sitting in the snow and warming themselves.

However, it was obvious that there were no more flames. Only the firewood pile was left. They were all leaning against the tree and did not move. No one went to replenish the fire.

“Theyre all dead.” Chen Tongs expression was as dark as water. He could already tell that the group had frozen to death. “How many groups have we encountered along the way?”

“Its been 30 groups, right?” Hui Shi looked in the direction of Luoan County and sneered. “After we came to Luoan, we only passed through two counties, and we encountered 30 groups of people frozen to death. There were 287 people!”

“The Governor of Luoan County deserves to be killed!” Chen Tong said in a low voice. “Its just that the people here are too pitiful. I wonder if the situation in the county city will be better.”

“The last time I came to Luoan County, it hadnt started snowing. But there were already people who had frozen to death in the county city.” Hui Shi shook his head and said, “The army can prepare to accept the soldiers of Luoan County!

“This person must die. If he doesnt die, our Lords decree cant be implemented!”


The cold wind howled in Luoan County.

It was snowing heavily.

It was even colder at night. Countless beggars lay down in a daze and never got up again.

However, it was very warm in the county magistrates office. More than 30 charcoal braziers were burning brightly.

The county governor, Ren Yuankui, was only wearing a single layer of clothes. He drank hot tea by the fire and was very comfortable.

Sitting beside him was Wei Xiong from You Prefecture.

Apart from the two of them, there was also a monk in a yellow robe. He looked kind and benevolent, and there seemed to be a faint smile on his face.

He was a Deity Realm expert from the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

Monk Kong Ci.

A few days ago, a Spirit Child from the Upper World descended from the Upper Worlds Baolin Buddhist Hall and left the temple with Divine Monk Dufa to participate in the snatching of the Bodhisattva Jade Bone.

There was no need for an ordinary Deity Realm expert like him to stay in Yongzhou.

Naturally, he wanted him to continue with his original mission to head to Fengzhou to find out more about Cui Heng.

However, not long after Monk Kong Ci arrived in Fengzhou, he was invited to the Luoan County Governors Mansion by Ren Yuankui and Wei Xiong.

They kept telling him about the various things Cui Heng had done.

However, in the eyes of the Deity Realm experts of the Baolin Buddhist Hall, things like raiding businesses and land were just small matters.

It was not worth caring about at all.

The main point was to find out more about Cui Heng, and what was the purpose of Daoyi Palace supporting Cui Heng?

Ren Yuankui and Wei Xiong were a little anxious. They only had one goal, and that was to get rid of Cui Heng!

Only by getting rid of Cui Heng could they feel at ease.

However, the two of them knew very well that from the strength Cui Heng had displayed earlier and with the protection of a Deity Realm expert, it was impossible to kill him.

Unless another Deity Realm expert attacked.

“Divine Monk, dont think that Cui Hengs actions are just messing around.” Ren Yuankui finally couldnt take it anymore. He went up to Monk Kong Ci and said in a low voice, “That Cui Heng is replicating Hongwus actions back then!”

“Hongwu?!” Kong Cis eyes widened when he heard this name. He looked at Governor Luoan in shock and suddenly nodded. He said in a low voice, “Indeed, this Cui Heng must be killed. Lets set off tomorrow.”

This few words were the nightmare of all the powerful people in the world.

Must kill!

However, at this moment, Hui Shi and Chen Tong had already arrived at the Luoan County Governors Office.

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