Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 118 - Shattering an Immortal Weapon with a Flick of a Finger 300000 Feet from the Earth (1)

Chapter 117 Lifting a Mansion into the Sky, Ultimately Unable To Escape

Ever since the descent of the Upper World Angel, Wang Donglin, and the entire Langya Wang Clan fell into an extremely tense state.

From the people in the Deity Realm like Wang Huaiyi to ordinary servants, they were all very careful.

They were afraid of offending Wang Donglin, an Upper World Angel.

After all, to the Wang Family of Langya in the Lower World, any Upper World Angel was an unattainable existence that could take their lives at any time.

Therefore, the Langya Wang Clan was doing their best to cater to Wang Donglin and not let him be dissatisfied at all.

Even if Wang Donglin took a fancy to a certain mans wife or concubine, their husbands would personally send them to Wang Donglins bedroom that night. There was no conflict at all.

Although the Wang Family of Langya in the Lower World and the Wang Family in the Upper World came from the same origin, they had long been separated for more than 3,000 years.

This level of bloodline connection could not be said to be close. They could even be said to be unrelated. Of course, because Wang Donglins identity was too noble, only the husbands were hurt.

Most of their wives and concubines were proud to be able to serve an Upper World Angel.

After all, to these wives and concubines who served him, not only could they satisfy the Upper World Angel, but they could also use this relationship to increase their status in the family.

It was the best of both worlds.

At dawn.

Wang Donglin walked out of the bedroom in high spirits. He was all smiles as he thought to himself, No wonder there were so many people competing for the Angel seat. This feeling was too comfortable.

Although he was also a direct descendant of the Wang Family in the Upper World and his status was not low, he was still a junior after all and did not have much say.

Even among his peers, he was suppressed by his brothers and could hardly stand out.

The best martial techniques in the family were not his, the best treasures were not his, and the best cultivation resources were not his.

Even the girl he liked had been snatched away by his brother.

It could be said to be exceedingly miserable.

However, after coming to the Lower World, Wang Donglin immediately understood what it meant to be a moon surrounded by stars and be high and mighty.

This feeling of being able to kill everyone was too satisfying.

“No wonder those dozen or so Deity Realm experts from the collateral branches broke their heads for this Angel position.”

The corners of Wang Donglins mouth curled up slightly as pride surged in his heart. “Unfortunately, no matter how much they fight, its not as useful as my identity as a direct descendant.”

Although he was not very outstanding among the direct descendants of the Wang Family in the Upper World and was even lacking compared to some outstanding disciples of the side branches, he was still a direct descendant. As soon as this identity was revealed, it directly eliminated all the disciples of the side branches.

Not many people from the main branchs direct line of descent wanted this Angel position.

This was because most of the people of the same generation as Wang Donglin had already become Human Immortals. Even if they descended to the mortal world, it would only happen after the hundred years period was


This angel position naturally fell into his hands.

“However, the Wang Family of Langya is good in every aspect, but theres one thing thats not too good.” Wang Donglin frowned again and thought to himself, “Why do they keep thinking about killing that Cui Heng?”

In the past few days, he had read a lot of information about Cui Heng.

At first, he did not believe that there was such a powerful existence in the Lower World. The great divine power of summoning wind and rain, sinking the land and creating a lake was definitely not something that a cultivator from the Lower World could possess.

However, as he understood Cui Heng more and more, he gradually realized that this person was not simple.

Especially after knowing that the Sect Master of the Daoyi Palace, Zhang Shuming, was following Cui Heng, his attitude towards Cui Heng changed from disdain to fear.


In his opinion, this was very likely a powerful outsider, similar to the 100-year-old ancestor of the Immortal Dawn Sect, Perfected Hengxia!

“If its really such an expert, I cant afford to offend him. Ill deal with him after my brothers come over.” Wang Donglin shook his head and walked towards the meeting hall.

Today, Wang Huaiyi invited him to discuss an important matter. Should he attack Cui Heng, who had already inherited the position of Fengzhous State Overseer, to wash away his previous humiliation?

However, Wang Donglin did not attend this meeting to help the Langya Wang Family kill Cui Heng. Instead, hed already decided not to provoke Cui Heng.

Everything could wait until the 100 years were up.


In the meeting hall.

Wang Huaiyi and his eight sons had solemn expressions. The atmosphere was solemn, and no one spoke.

They were waiting for Wang Donglin to arrive.

Before the Upper World Angel arrived, no one dared to start this meeting.

However, as they waited, they inevitably paid attention to the seat at the head of the table and the one beside it.

These two seats belonged to Wang Huaiyis eldest son, Wang Qingchen, and his most outstanding second son, Wang Qinghe.

But now, none of them could come.

Wang Qingchen had left home five years ago and handed over all the family matters to Wang Qinghe. Now, Wang Qinghe was also killed in Lu County.

Now, only the eight heads were left. They looked at the two chairs with different thoughts.

Wang Huaiyis mind was not on this. He did not care about his sons death at all.

Right now, there was only one thing he cared about the most.

How to wash away the humiliation the Langya Wang Clan had suffered!

If they did not wash away this humiliation, even if the Angel did not care now, he would definitely blame them when the Upper World Immortals descended.

This humiliation had to be washed away.

Cui Heng had to die!

“Sorry to keep you all waiting.” At this moment, Wang Donglins voice came from outside. Then, he walked in with a smile.

“Greetings, Angel!”

“Greetings, Angel!”

When Wang Huaiyi and his eight sons saw Wang Dong arrive, they hurriedly stood up to welcome him, not daring to be disrespectful at all.

“Relax.” Wang Donglin waved his hand and sat at the head of the table. After looking around, he said in a low voice, “This meeting is to discuss how to kill Cui Heng, right?”

“Yes, this Cui Heng has disgraced our Wang Family. We must kill him and save our Wang Familys face.” Wang Huaiyi said passionately.

“Yes, Cui Heng does deserve to die.” Wang Donglin nodded, but then he said, “However, I think its too early to kill him.”

“Why?!” Wang Huaiyi did not understand and asked subconsciously.

“Are you questioning me?” Wang Donglins eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Wang Huaiyi.

“No, I dont dare!” Wang Huaiyi hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to say another word. However, he was extremely puzzled. Why did the Angel suddenly not want to kill Cui Heng?

Didnt he ask for Cui Hengs information earlier as if he wanted to get rid of him?

“Well make plans after the 100-year deadline.” Wang Donglin directly decided. As a Heavenly Master from the Upper World, there was no need for him to say anything.

His words were an order that the Wang Family of Langya had to obey.

“Yes, Lord Angel!”

Wang Huaiyi and the other eight people could only nod. No matter how puzzled they were, they did not dare to ask anymore.

“Heh.” Wang Donglin chuckled when he saw this. He felt much more at ease.

He had descended as an Angel just to enjoy himself.

If they wanted to rely on his strength to torture those who dared to provoke the Wang Family, it would not be a problem.

As for experts of unknown origins, they could forget about it.

He didnt even want to have any contact with Cui Heng.


At this moment, everyone in the Wang Familys meeting hall heard a loud bang under their feet.

Immediately after, they felt the ground beneath their feet move.

As if they had arrived on a ship at once, the entire meeting hall began to shake violently.

“An earthquake?!”

Wang Huaiyi exclaimed. As a Deity Realm expert, his perception was extremely strong. He could clearly sense that the ground under his feet had changed drastically. “Lord Angel, lets leave this place quickly!”

There was no need for him to say anything. The moment the ground shook, Wang Donglin had already rushed out.

But as soon as he rushed out, he was stunned.

Immediately after, Wang Huaiyi and the others also rushed out of the meeting hall. However, when they saw the situation outside, they were all stunned.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Wind roared past their ears, and the surrounding trees bent down strangely, as if a hurricane was blowing from above.

At the same time, the entire Wang Family mansion became noisy. Countless Wang Family members rushed out of the room and looked at the scene outside in shock.

And the approaching clouds in the sky!

Thats right. They were all flying upward No, to be precise, the entire Wang family mansion was flying up. This huge mansion that occupied more than a thousand acres was being pulled by some unknown force towards the sky at an extremely fast speed!

“How is this possible? How is this possible?!” Wang Donglin looked around in disbelief, his body trembling uncontrollably.

“Lord Angel, this, whats going on?!” Wang Huaiyi was also shocked to the extreme. This was something he had never encountered before, so he could only ask Wang Donglin anxiously.

The Upper World Angels should know more.

“How would I know!” Wang Donglin roared. The current situation had already exceeded his understanding.

This was not just capturing people into the sky.

Instead, the ground under their feet, the surrounding houses, rockery, pool water, and various other things were all lifted into the sky.

The area of the Wang Familys mansion was more than 1,000 mu. This wind had taken so many things, including the land, into the sky!

What kind of power was this?!

It was simply unbelievable!

At the same time, in Langya County.

Countless commoners gathered around the Wang Familys mansion and looked at the dark pit in front of them with their mouths agape.

What had just happened?

How did the Wang Familys mansion that had been here for countless years suddenly fly into the sky?

All of this was naturally done by Cui Heng.

At this moment, they had arrived at a height of 40,000 feet. Looking down, they could no longer see the ground.

There was only the surging sea of clouds and the bright sunlight in the distance.


Suddenly, the sound of air being torn could be heard. The Wang Familys mansion rushed through the thick sea of clouds and arrived directly below Cui Heng.

At this moment, Wang Huaiyi and Wang Donglin finally saw clearly that there was actually someone standing above them!

He was the one who had captured the entire Wang Family mansion into the sky?!

What kind of great divine power was this?!

An indescribable sense of fear surged in their hearts.

They prayed that this mysterious expert had no intention of killing them.

“Long time no see, everyone.” But at this moment, Cui Hengs smiling voice suddenly came from above. “Im Cui Heng.”

Cui, Cui Heng?!

Wang Huaiyis limbs turned cold, and the rest of the Wang Family members were scared out of their wits.

Wang Donglins face was also pale.

I dont intend to interfere in your matters, nor do I intend to kill you!

But, why am I still unable to escape?!

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