Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 11 - Streaks of Sword Light Flashing to the Clouds

s as smooth as a mirror, without any ripples.

Movement and tranquility were strangely fused together.

Jiang Qiqi was shocked by the sight. She subconsciously raised her head to look at the source of the light and wind.

There was a figure wearing a gorgeous Dharmic robe and a jade crown on his head.

It was Cui Heng.

Bright green sword radiance danced around his body, and layers of colorful clouds spread out along with the sword radiance. The sky became filled with clouds, as if a celestial paradise had descended.

Jiang Qiqi looked up at all of this with a dazed expression, and her gaze was intoxicated by Cui Hengs imposing figure. The trajectory of the sword lights dancing about and the phenomena of multicolored lights filling the sky left an indelible impression in her heart.

This allowed her comprehension of the Immortal Dawn Sword Art to undergo a qualitative improvement, and she truly began to ascend to a higher level.

After about ten minutes, the phenomenon outside began to gradually dissipate.

The sword lights and colorful lights surrounding Cui Heng gradually faded, and the howling wind also stopped along with the last resounding dragon roar.

Cui Hengs figure that seemed to have gathered thousands of lights finally became solid.

He had broken through.

He had reached mid-stage Foundation Establishment!

If the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm could only be said to be fusing Dharmic powers as a part of ones body through the formation of ones Dao foundation, then the mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm was to take advantage of the opportunity to further activate ones Dao foundation and allow ones mental strength to permeate into ones Dharmic powers.

From then on, ones Dharmic powers would circulate in both form and spirit, overlapping the real and the fake. It was even more natural and had many wonderful uses. One could even directly use his Dharmic powers to interfere with reality, and his Dharmic powers could also display some miraculous effects on the spiritual level.

Right now, Cui Heng felt that if he were to face an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator like his previous self, he wouldnt even need to make a move. With just a thought, he would be able to create an extremely powerful spiritual pressure that would make him faint on the spot.

This was how cultivation was like. Even if it was just a breakthrough to the middle stage of a major realm, it was enough to obtain a qualitative improvement.

This made Cui Heng look forward to the wonders of late-stage Foundation Establishment even more.

Cui Heng, who was in a great mood, ended his breakthrough. He sensed Jiang Qiqis gaze, and he withdrew his aura and controlled a streak of sword light to descend slowly.

Jiang Qiqi had already woken up from her epiphany. When she saw Cui Heng coming down, she immediately wanted to bow, but she felt a gentle force holding her back, preventing her from bowing down.

“Do you want to fly?” Cui Heng smiled.

He had noticed Jiang Qiqis excited and envious gaze when she looked at the flying sword.

Flying in the sky was definitely everyones dream.

“Yes!” Jiang Qiqi immediately nodded and said happily, “Big Brother Immortal, do you want to bring me to fly?”

“Ill bring you to experience the feeling of flying.” Cui Heng smiled and waved his hand.

Immediately, a streak of sword light separated from him, wrapping around Jiang Qiqis body, dragging her out of the window.

“Ah!” Jiang Qiqi exclaimed.

At this moment, she was both happy and frightened. She was even more excited. Her little face was flushed with excitement and her voice was trembling. “Im flying, Im flying!”

Cui Heng brought Jiang Qiqi on his sword and flew to a height of more than a thousand meters. Looking down, she felt like an Immortal overlooking the mortal world.

This was a feeling that the little girl had never felt before. She was so excited that she pressed her chest that was already heaving up and down. She could clearly feel her heart thumping wildly.

“Big Brother Immortal, will I be able to fly like this in the future too?” Jiang Qiqi looked at Cui Heng with anticipation.

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