Chapter 120 24 Families, Immortal Class

Linjiangs Pei family?

Cui Heng was stunned.

Wasnt this the family that Pei Qingshu came from?

The Great Zhou… was the country where she and Li Mingqiong were from.

So it was them.

“I wonder how those two children are doing now.” Cui Heng was a little dazed. “What level have the martial arts I taught them reached?”

A hundred and fifty years ago.

Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong fell into his Beginners Space.

And obtained the martial techniques he taught.

In Cui Hengs heart, he had only classified these two as “fated”.

They were not as important as Hong Fugui and Jiang Qiqi.

However, he could not help but sigh when he suddenly heard the relevant news about them after such a long time.

However, he did not interrupt Wang Donglins narration and continued to listen quietly.

Following Wang Donglins description, the general situation of the Heavenly Void World gradually appeared in his mind.

It was also a world controlled by aristocratic families and sects.

However, it was different from the Great Jin here.

Firstly, there were the Nine Immortal Sects and the three Buddhist monasteries.

With the might of a Devas and a Bodhisattvas, they ruled above everything.

Next were the Great Zhou Dynasty, the Linjiang Pei Clan, and the Daoyi Palace. They were all top factions with Deva powerhouses.

These three major forces were in an alliance with each other and were not under the jurisdiction of the Nine Immortal Sects.

The ones who were really under the jurisdiction of the Nine Immortal Sects were the top aristocrat families.

There were 24 aristocratic families.

There were Nine Preeminent Families, and 24 aristocratic families.

There was a clear difference between them. They represented different statuses, different privileges, and different resources.

The most important point was the numbers attached to each “Immortal class”.

There was a clear limit to the number of “Immortals” in the Immortal Sects.

The Nine Preeminent Families allowed 18 Human Immortals and 5 Earth Immortals.

On the other hand, the 24 noble families only allowed nine Human Immortals and one Earth Immortal.

The Wang Family of Jiangdong was one of the Nine Preeminent Families.

As of now, there were three Earth Immortals and 17 Human Immortals in the Family. Among them, Wang Donglin had nine peers.

“How do you achieve the restrictions of the Immortal classes?” Cui Heng could not help but ask with a frown.

At the same time, he recalled what Li Mingqiong had said back then. Immortal martial techniques were controlled by the Immortal Sects. There was clearly a path to Immortal Ascension ahead, but the world could not enter it.

What Wang Donglin said corresponded to this.

But how could they achieve this restriction?

Even if the Immortal Sects prohibited aristocratic families from privately imparting Immortal cultivation techniques, it did not mean much.

As long as enough time passed, it would definitely be difficult to avoid the cultivation techniques from being spread.

Once the cultivation technique was circulated, the Immortal Ascension path would be opened. Such a strict limit would no longer exist.

“Through the Three Primordial Immortal Pills. Only by consuming the Three Primordial Immortal Pills can one be ranked in the respective Immortal Class,” Wang Donglin explained. “Only the Immortal Sects have such Immortal pills.

“I heard from the elders in my clan that the effects of the Immortal pills are very strange. As long as you swallow them, you can immediately become an Immortal or break through from the Human Immortal realm to the Earth Immortal realm.”

“Consume an Immortal pill to become an Immortal?” Cui Heng frowned when he heard that. “Do they know how they broke through?”

“I dont think so.” Wang Donglin shook his head. “After swallowing the Immortal pill, one immediately becomes an Immortal. Theres no process of breaking through.”

“…Mm.” Cui Heng was stunned when he heard that. Then, he nodded lightly. “Continue.”

“Yes, yes!” Wang Donglin hurriedly nodded. “Every 10 years, the aristocratic families will first select suitable advancement candidates internally, then they will take out sufficient Heavenly Dew Crystals and offer them to the respective Immortal Sects that governed them.

“The Immortal Sects will choose those who meet their requirements and give them an Immortal pill. If theyre meant to advance to the Human Immortal Realm, they will give them the Human Origin Immortal Pill. If theyre meant to advance to the Earth Immortal Realm, they will give them the Earth Origin Immortal Pill.”

Cui Heng was lost in thought.

According to Wang Donglins description, the so-called 24 Families of the Nine Preeminent Families did not know how to advance at all.

Their lives were in the hands of the Immortal Sects, and there was no room for resistance.

Moreover, only by consuming Immortal pills could one break through to the next realm. It was definitely not a normal cultivation method.

It was most likely a special technique created by the Nine Immortal Sects to make it easier for them to control the aristocratic families.

“Do the Nine Immortal Sects people need to eat Immortal pills to break through?” Cui Heng chuckled.

“I dont know, but I heard that… theres no need.” Wang Donglin also understood what Cui Heng meant.

This was indeed a very aggrieved situation, but this was the truth that he had no choice but to face.

“I see.” Cui Heng nodded slightly, basically confirming his previous guess. Then, he asked, “Do the Great Zhou Imperial Family, the Linjiang Pei family, and Daoyi Palace also take Immortal pills?”

If Li Mingqiong and Pei Qingshu had passed down the martial techniques that he had taught them, then the Great Zhou Imperial Family and the Linjiang Pei family should be able to break through by relying on cultivation alone.

The Daoyi Palace was essentially an outsider of the Heavenly Void World. They did not stand with the Nine Immortal Sects, nor was it under their jurisdiction. Most likely, they did not need to take Immortal pills.

“The Great Zhou Imperial Family and the Linjiang Pei Clan both have their own Immortal cultivation techniques. They dont need Immortal pills.” Wang Donglin said enviously, “As for the Daoyi Palace, not only can they break through without using Immortal pills, they also have the means to refine their own Immortal pills.”

At this point, he paused and continued, “Because the Nine Immortal Sects have always wanted to destroy Daoyi Palace. This time, during the hundred years period, our Wang Family received an order from the Immortal Sects to destroy Daoyi Palace in the Lower World.

“The Upper World should also be making a move. Its said that after a hundred years, the Immortal Sects and Buddhist monasteries have already recovered from the effects of the Great Calamity. They plan to capture Daoyi Palace, the Great Zhou Imperial Family, and the Linjiang Pei Clan in one fell swoop.” “The Great Calamity a hundred years ago?” Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly and sneered, “Youre referring to the siege of the Immortal Dawn Sect, right?”

“Yes, yes.” Wang Donglin knew that he had hit the nail on the head and could not help but panic.

“Why did you all attack the Immortal Dawn Sect?” Cui Heng asked in a low voice.

This was also what he had been wondering all along. Was it really because their cultivation methods were different that they had to fight to the death?

However, from the information that Wang Donglin had revealed earlier, he already had a rough guess in his heart.

“I-its because…” Wang Donglins mind raced, and he quickly organized his words.” A hundred years ago, the Great Zhou was not ruled by the Empress, and the Linjiang Pei family was still part of the Nine Preeminent Families.

“At that time, other than the Immortal Sects and Buddhist monasteries, the only ones in the world who could break through without Immortal pills was the Daoyi Palace. This was also the reason why the Daoyi Palace was always targeted.

But during that 100-year period, an Arhat from the Baolin Buddhist Hall discovered in the Lower World that the Immortal Dawn Sect did not need any Immortal pills to become an Immortal. There were even several Human Immortals and an Earth Immortal.

“This was much stronger than the strength of the Daoyi Palace in the mortal world. Therefore, the Baolin Buddhist Hall immediately joined forces with two other Immortal Sects and led three Preeminent Families and twelve aristocratic families to encircle and annihilate the Immortal Dawn Sect.”

“As expected!” Cui Hengs face was cold.

He had already guessed this reason earlier, but he still felt angry after hearing the answer.

This was an unexpected calamity!

In order to protect their dominance, those Immortal sects and Buddhist monasteries wanted to destroy the Immortal Dawn Sect and kill Jiang Qiqi.

How hateful!


At this moment, the originally silent void suddenly rumbled like thunder.

Balls of light that seemed to be countless colors mixed together appeared. In the blink of an eye, this place became strange.

This was because Cui Hengs anger had affected the surrounding nomological Dao runes, immediately producing an intense change in the atmosphere.

It was not obvious at this height.

But at this moment, the sky above the 19 Counties of Langya had already become filled with lightning and thunder. Thick dark clouds surged indeterminately, and tornadoes and torrential rain wreaked havoc.

Moreover, the drastic changes in the weather were still continuing. It seemed to be spreading to the other counties and even the entire Luzhou.

Countless citizens knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the Heavens.

This scene was like the end of the world.

It was too terrifying!

Although Wang Donglin could not see the phenomenon below, he was kneeling in front of Cui Heng.

One could imagine how terrifying it was.

He felt his entire body tense up, and his blood was about to stop flowing. He was about to faint.

However, Wang Donglin quickly felt the terrifying pressure disappear.

“Continue.” Cui Hengs indifferent and calm voice sounded again. “Whats with the Empress of Great Zhou and the Pei Family of Linjiang?”

“Yes, yes…” Wang Donglin finally heaved a sigh of relief. After calming down slightly, he said,” The Empress of the Great Zhou is the Empress who rules over the Great Zhou now. She is also the founder of the current world.

70 years ago, a Deva appeared in the Pei Family of Linjiang. He directly announced that they were leaving the ranks of the Nine Families and formed an alliance with the Great Zhou Empress and the Daoyi Palace. They joined forces and advanced together to resist the suppression of the Immortal Sects and Buddhist monasteries.

“Although the Empress and the Pei family of Linjiang also grasped the method to break through without Immortal pills, the Immortal Sects and Buddhist monasteries no longer had the energy to care about this. In the two great battles of the Grand Calamity, one great Bodhisattva, three Bodhisattvas, two Earth Immortals, 30 Arhats, three Bodhisattva Jade Bones, and two Earth Immortal Remains were destroyed.

The Baolin Buddhist Hall and the two Immortal Sects were greatly injured, and the three Preeminent Families and twelve aristocratic families were almost wiped out… At that time, the number of Immortals for each class was only half of what it is now.

“The number of Immortals for each class a hundred years ago was extremely small. The aristocratic families could at most have nine Human Immortals and three Earth Immortals. The aristocratic families could only have three Human Immortals and not even one Earth Immortal.

In order to deal with the influence of the Daoyi Palace, the Great Zhou Dynasty, and the Linjiang Pei Clan alliance, 60 years ago, the Immortal Sects finally increased the number of Immortal allowed for each class for our Nine Preeminent Families and 20 aristocratic families.

“However, if they want to use this newly added portion of the Immortals allocation, they need to offer twice as many Heaven Dew Crystals to the Immortal Sects. This is a treasure that can only be obtained once every hundred years. How can there be so many…”

As he spoke, he could not help but complain. It was obvious that he was dissatisfied with the Immortal Sects.

“Whats a Heaven Dew Crystal?” Cui Heng asked in a low voice. He had noticed this keyword. Wang Donglin had also mentioned it when he was talking about the Immortal pills.

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