Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 135 - 3000 Years Ago Sky Ruins Evil Bug

Chapter 134 Heavenly Fire Descends, Great Bodhisattva Baolin

Bang! Bang! Bang! The palm-sized little person carried a pocket-sized skull necklace and crazily collided with the surrounding light curtain. It let out a crazy roar and tried its best to escape.

But it was meaningless. In the light barrier formed by Cui Hengs Golden Core power, it was impossible for it to escape.

In the face of an absolute difference in strength, no matter how strong ones spiritual will was, it was useless.

Not to mention that this so-called strength was only at the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

“Chen Tong, Governor Meng, Ill leave the rest to you.”

Cui Heng instructed the two of them before taking out a piece of white paper from his sleeve and handing it to Chen Tong. “You can write the wordHeavenly Fire on it to deal with those corpses to prevent an outbreak of plague.”

With that, he left the city wall.

He had to hurry up and study this strange thing in his hand.

This was to prevent it from dissipating before it could be studied like the purple-black worm he had captured previously.

“Yes, Lord Overseer!”

“Yes, Lord Overseer!”

The two of them bowed and then looked at Cui Hengs departing figure in silence for a long time.

This Lord Overseer was really an Immortal God that walked the mortal world!

Too powerful!

Just now, the strange purple-black fireball transformed into an old man with monstrous killing intent, causing the sky within a few kilometers to change color. In the blink of an eye, he had killed hundreds of thousands of barbarians. He was simply like a god of death that wanted to destroy the world.

However, such a powerful, terrifying, and despairing monster was still unable to resist the methods of Lord Overseer.

Just now, Lord Overseer seemed like he was only dealing with a rabbit that was jumping around. He casually crushed this monster and held it in his hand, imprisoning it in his palm.

Too formidable!

However, when Cui Heng left Chen Tong a piece of white paper to deal with the corpses, Meng Zhang felt a little puzzled.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there were mountains of corpses and a river of blood outside the city. That was the corpses of hundreds of thousands of barbarians!

If such a huge number of corpses were not dealt with in time, it was very likely that a plague would erupt.

But what should they do with a piece of white paper?

In fact, not only was Meng Zhang puzzled, but the soldiers guarding the city also felt confused.

They were all worried about what to do with the corpses outside. This was a huge project.

How could it be resolved with a piece of


“Governor Meng has doubts?” Chen Tong smiled, looking confident.

“Lord Chen knows what the Overseer meant?” Meng Zhang asked hurriedly.

“After Hui Shi comes up, Governor Meng will know.” Chen Tong smiled.

When he was in Lu County, he had personally seen how powerful the “paper” Cui Heng had given him was.

He knew how powerful the might it contained.

However, Hui Shi was still outside and would inevitably be affected.

He would definitely wait for Hui Shi to return before using this “paper”.


“Lord Overseer actually bestowed an Immortal talisman again?” Hui Shi looked at the paper in Chen Tongs hand in surprise and envy. “Next time, I must ask the envoy to let me release the Immortal talisman.”

He had once heard Zhou Hongyi say that when releasing an Immortal talisman, one would feel as if they were facing the laws of the Great Dao at close range.

He felt that the truths of the world were reflected in his eyes.

This was extremely beneficial to any martial artist.

If one hadnt reached the Xiantian realm, with just this perception of the laws of heaven and earth, he wouldnt have any problems before stepping into the Xiantian realm.

If one was in the Xiantian realm or higher, he could also use this to quickly construct an Inner World.

If one had already cultivated to the Inner World realm, they could more accurately find the direction to adjust their Inner World. They could even adjust the awakening of their divine power through the comparison between the Inner World and the laws of the Outer World.

It could definitely be said to be a great opportunity. “Go, go, go. You have obtained Lord Overseers Bestowment Technique that allowed you to directly cross several realms. Theres no need to care about such a small realm,” Chen Tong scolded with a smile. In his eyes, Hui Shi was the person who was truly worthy of envy.

Using the divine power bestowed by the Lord Overseer, one could instantly step into the Xiantian realm and successfully refine the Inner World. This was much better than comprehending the laws of the world bit by bit.

“Hahaha.” Hui Shi laughed loudly. He turned his gaze to the city below and nodded. “Its time to activate the Immortal talisman. The blood aura below is too strong.”

“Thats right.” Chen Tong nodded.

At this moment, a soldier had already prepared the brush and ink. He took a pen and wrote the words “Heavenly Fire” on the white paper.

Meng Zhang, on the other hand, had been standing at the side the entire time. As he listened to the two of them speak, the Yunshu County Governor became even more puzzled.

What was Chen Tong trying to do?

Could it be that writing on a piece of paper could really trigger the heavenly fire to descend? How was this possible?

On the wasteland outside the city.

Huyan Chanyu looked at the sky in a daze and looked at the blue sky and white clouds that had completely returned to their original state in disbelief. Then, he looked around in confusion.

The pungent smell of blood filled the air. The hundreds of thousands of troops had long disappeared, leaving only a mountain of corpses and a river of blood.

“How is this possible, how is this possible?!” Huyan Chan seemed to have gone crazy as he knelt on the ground with a thud. His eyes were empty and filled with despair as he muttered, “Sir, why did you let me down? Why?!”

TheSir he was talking about was actually the strange old man who had emerged from the skull necklace.

12 years ago, not only had he accidentally obtained an exquisite bead chain, but the “beads” on it had been carved into the shape of very fine human skulls. He liked it very much.

However, this bracelet quickly revealed its extraordinariness.

Every night, the skulls on the bracelet would emit a black and purple glow, increasing his spiritual perception so that he could hear other peoples conversations from afar.

As time passed, his grasp of the situation around him became clearer and clearer.

After he killed the previous Chanyu and cleaned up the opposition, sounds that only he could hear would come from the bracelet from time to time.

It was an old mans voice.

This voice taught him how to strengthen his forces, how to recuperate, how to manage the army, and even told him where there were good ranches to raise horses and where there was fat prey to hunt.

Huyan Chanyu called this voice “Sir”.

It was under this old mans guidance that the forces of Huyan Chanyu grew rapidly and he even nurtured hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers.

Under normal circumstances, this was something that was impossible for the grassland barbarians.

Originally, Chan Yu thought that with the help of “Sir”, he would continue to be successful and would soon be able to enter the Central Plains.

Especially before this battle began, the “Sir” had even promised that if he encountered any life-threatening danger, he could summon him to appear and he would definitely be able to help him out.

This made Huyan Chanyus confidence swell to the extreme.

But what was going on now?

Why did that seemingly omnipotent man directly slaughter his hundreds of thousands of troops?

Why did Sir look so crazy after appearing? He didnt look as wise as before at all.

Why was such a powerful person crushed by the person on the city wall?

“Why, why is this?!” Huyan Chanyu knelt on the ground and roared at the sky. Suddenly, he saw a dazzling red light in the sky.

No, it should be flames!

This was a huge fireball condensed from crimson flames. Its diameter was at least 1,000 zhang!

At the same time, the sky within a radius of dozens of kilometers was dyed red. Even in the county cities and villages far away from Yunshu County City, as long as one looked up, they could see that the sky in the north was fiery red.

A raging fire burned in the sky, and a huge fireball slowly descended. It felt like a sun had descended from the sky, wanting to burn everything in the mortal world to ashes.

Before the fireball landed, the surrounding air seemed to have been ignited. It instantly became extremely hot and even distorted.

It was as if the end of the world had arrived!

“Ah! This, what is this?!”

Huyan Chanyu looked at the sky in horror. This was a scene he had never seen before.

At the same time, on the city wall of Yunshu County, Governor Meng Zhang was completely stunned.

He stared fixedly at the sky and the huge fireball. He was dumbfounded. “This, this, what is this? Heavenly Fire, is it really Heavenly Fire?!”

Just now, Chen Tong had burned the white paper with the words “Heavenly Fire”.

Then, this huge fireball appeared in the sky!

What was the power of an Immortal God?

This was the power of an Immortal God!

“I didnt expect it to be so powerful…”

Chen Tong also felt an unprecedented shock. Even though he was standing on the city wall and was far away, he could still feel the hot air blowing from outside.

“This is nothing. Its not the strongest flame of the Lord Overseer.” Hui Shi was much calmer.

This was because he still remembered that when he was in Juhe County, he accidentally saw a small flame burning on Cui Hengs fingertip.

Although it was only an extremely small flame, and in terms of size, it was nothing compared to the huge fireball in front of him, the power contained in it was probably many times stronger than this fireball.

The fireball in front of him looked very huge, but in the end, it was just pure flames.

And that small flame seemed to be a real sun!


At this moment, the giant fireball fell to the ground.

An unparalleled light and heat were instantly released, and the aura dissipated on the spot. Hundreds of thousands of broken limbs and bodies were instantly reduced to ashes in the blazing heat.

The surging air waves swept up a huge amount of sand and dust, surging towards Yunshu County like a tsunami. However, it was blocked by a layer of golden light barrier and could only be swept back.

This was a Dharmic power left behind by Cui Heng to prevent the power of the Heavenly Fire from harming Yunshu County City.

But even so, the citizens in the city still heard the deafening sound. At the same time, they felt the ground under their feet shake extremely violently.

If not for Cui Hengs Dharmic powers protecting them, most of the houses in the city would have been flattened.


Inside the Governors Office.

Cui Heng looked up at the red light outside and muttered, “10% of my Dharmic powers seems to be too much.”

This time, it was rare to see the wilderness outside. He wanted to test the strength of his Dharmic powers, so he left 10% of his Dharmic powers on the talisman to clear the mountains of corpses and rivers of blood in the wilderness outside the city.

“Although its a little too much, just treat it as a thank-you gift for those barbarians.” Cui Heng silently mourned for those barbarians for a second.

Just now, he had collected a lot of gray light that symbolizes sorrow and green light that symbolizes fear from the barbarians outside the city. Coupled with the red and white light that erupted from the citizens in the city, he could be said to have gained a lot this time.

“However, the most important thing now is to figure this thing out.” Cui Heng opened his palm. After a series of violent collisions, the old man who had turned into a pocket-sized person was no longer as crazy as before.

Instead, he woke up from that chaotic state.

Now, he was like an accomplished monk. He clasped his hands together and sat cross-legged. He wore the skull necklace around his neck like a Buddhist prayer bead.

However, the old man looked at Cui Heng with hatred in his eyes. He no longer looked like an eminent monk.

Fortunately, he had regained consciousness and could communicate.

“Which monk are you?” Cui Heng asked in a low voice. “And where did you get that purplish-black power from?”

“Amitabha!” When the old man saw Cui Heng looking at him, he chanted the name of Buddha and shouted sternly, “Evil cultivator, I am a Great Bodhisattva from Baolin Buddhist Hall. How dare you imprison me?!”

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