Chapter 135 3,000 Years Ago, Sky Ruins Evil Bug

“Great Bodhisattva?”

Cui Heng narrowed his eyes when he heard this, and the golden light in his palm instantly expanded.

Dense runes suddenly flowed on the golden light. Every rune was a light that shone on the purple-black old man.

“Ah, ah, ah!” The old man screamed. His face was ferocious and twisted in extreme pain.

Wherever the golden light shone on, wisps of purplish-black smoke would rise. It was very sinister.

However, under the purple-black smoke, one could vaguely see a golden Buddhist light.

He was really a Buddhist.

It seemed that he had been infected by the purple-black power and had lost his mind.

At the same time, Cui Heng also discovered the essence of this old man.

It was a broken soul.

To be broken to this extent and still be equivalent to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

If his soul was complete, his strength was very likely to be equivalent to the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

He was indeed a Great Bodhisattva.

“This power…”

Cui Heng frowned. He noticed the traces of external forces involved in this remnant soul.

This should be the power that turned this Great Bodhisattva into a remnant soul.

It was a sword mark and a multicolored light.

This was clearly the damage caused by the Immortal Dawn Sword Art!

And the only person who could beat a Great Bodhisattva into a remnant soul with the Immortal Dawn Sword Art was probably Jiang Qiqi.

Was this Great Bodhisattva the one who led the Immortals and Buddhas to attack the Immortal Dawn Sect a hundred years ago?

Thinking of this, Cui Heng stopped shining the runes on the old man and said in a low voice, “Youre a monk from the Baolin Buddhist Hall. You besieged the Immortal Dawn Sect a hundred years ago?”

“I-Immortal Dawn Sect, Immortal! Immortal Dawn Sect!!” The old mans eyes were blank at first, then they turned to anger, and finally to extreme hatred. He roared, “Immortal Dawn Sect, Immortal Dawn Sect, exterminate, we must exterminate, exterminate!”

At the same time, the power on the old mans body quickly expanded, and the purple-black flames burned again. The skull necklace also bloomed with light again.


The old man actually collided with the golden light curtain condensed from the power of the Golden Core again, and naturally, he returned empty-handed.

However, his eyes were still filled with madness as he continued to attack the golden light.


Cui Heng snorted coldly. Vast soul power surged out and instantly suppressed the old mans will, causing him to freeze on the spot.

After a while, the old man regained his senses. He looked at Cui Heng with extreme fear and knelt down, trembling.

“T-this little monk remembers that I did participate in the siege of the Immortal Dawn Sect.”

The old man was clearly frightened by Cui Hengs soul power, and his voice was trembling. “But, I cant remember the details. I only remember that a sword light rushed out of the Immortal Dawn Sect…”

He really couldnt remember.

After all, his soul was already incomplete. This wisp of remnant soul might not even be a tenth of its original state.

Cui Heng stared at him and said in a low voice, “Whats your name?”

The old man said shakily, “I, I cant remember. I only remember that others called me Great Bodhisattva Vast Bright.”

“Vast Bright…” Cui Heng gently remembered this Dharma name and asked,” Whats the situation in the Baolin Buddhist Hall in the Heavenly Void World?”

Vast Bright thought for a moment and said with some fear, “I, I only remember that our Ancestral Master is Buddha Baolin. Other than me, there should be two other Great Bodhisattvas in the Buddhist Hall…”

“What realm is a Buddha?” Cui Heng frowned slightly.

He had never heard of the realm of Buddha from Wang Donglin.

Although it sounded like it was above the Great Bodhisattva realm, it was uncertain if it was just a subsection of the Foundation Establishment realm like the Heaven Immortals and Heaven Lords, or if it was a higher realm.

“I dont know…” Vast Bright shook his head. He didnt even know what a Great Bodhisattva was, let alone what a Buddha was. He only remembered that he had once been a Great Bodhisattva.

After that, Cui Heng asked him some more questions. Most of them were what he knew, and there were also some that he did not understand, but he did not gain much.

In the end, Vast Bright was only a remnant soul, and his memories were too incomplete.

Other than remembering how he died and being a Great Bodhisattva under Buddha Baolin, he only remembered some things about his childhood.

To Cui Heng, this only allowed him to have a better understanding of the secular world of the Heavenly Void World. It was not of much value.

However, apart from these, Cui Heng also had an extremely important question.

“Since youve already been killed and only your remnant soul is left, you should have dissipated.” Cui Heng stared at Monk Vast Bright and let the golden light light up with runes again. “How did you get infected by this purple-black power?”

“Dont, dont shine that at me. I know, I know! I havent forgotten about this!” Vast Bright hurriedly exclaimed, his face filled with fear.

Just now, under the light of these runes, he only felt that life was worse than death. He wished that he could end it immediately and not endure that feeling anymore.

Then, seeing that the rune light did not shine down again, Vast Bright seemed to heave a sigh of relief. He raised the skull necklace on his neck and said, “This is it, this is it!

In the battle of the Immortal Dawn Sect, my remnant soul should have dissipated, but I accidentally landed on this thing. The strange power inside instantly contaminated me, but it also allowed me to regain my consciousness andlive.

“I, I didnt mean to be contaminated by this strange power. I also want to get rid of it, but once I get rid of it, my soul will dissipate!!”

“Where was this skull necklace at the beginning?” Cui Heng asked.

“Sanjun Town… yes, its Sanjun Town. Although I could only vaguely sense the outside world after recovering my consciousness, I could occasionally hear people talking.” Vast Bright lowered his head and said, “That place is called Sanjun Town…”

“Sanjun Town?” Cui Heng had never heard of this place before. He frowned and asked, “What is that place?”

“I, I dont know.” Vast Bright shook his head. “Before I came to the grasslands, my perception of the outside world was very vague. I could only hear the names of some places occasionally, but I didnt know where I


“Mn.” Cui Heng nodded.

Next, he interrogated Vast Bright a few more times. After confirming that he had squeezed everything dry, the runes on the golden light lit up again.

Cui Heng did not intend to keep Vast Bright for further observation.

For him, it was extremely dangerous to carry an unknown thing that he did not understand.

It was the purplish-black power that had contaminated Vast Bright.

Therefore, after confirming that Vast Bright was no longer of any value, he naturally had to eliminate the purple-black power on him.

As for whether Vast Bright could still live after the purple-black power was eliminated, it was not important.


At this moment, Vast Bright screamed miserably.

Layers of purple-black smoke rose from his body, and soon, all the purple-black smoke on his body was illuminated.

The purple-black power quickly condensed into a small bug.

It was exactly the same as the purple-black bug Cui Heng had seen when he was exploring the void of the universe.

What followed was also an old scene.

After the purple-black bug collided with the golden light a few times, it dissipated into its original purple-black color and disappeared.

The necklace of skulls also turned to ashes.


Vast Brights remnant soul let out a scream.

His soul dissipated.

The reason why he could survive until now was because of the existence of the purple-black power.

Now that the purple-black power had dissipated, his remnant soul naturally could not survive anymore.

“This world is far more dangerous than it appears.”

Cui Heng thought to himself. At the same time, he reminded himself again not to be arrogant. He had to be cautious at all times.

He was just a Golden Core realm cultivator!

In the world of Immortal cultivators, a small Golden Core cultivator like him was nothing.

He could only be considered to have officially stepped onto the path of cultivation.

There were too many things stronger than him.

It was only in this world that he seemed very powerful.

He could not think that he was really strong just because of this.

The unknown purple-black power he encountered just now was a clear example.

Although this power was very weak, its essence was filled with the unknown.

No one could be sure if there was a Golden Core or even Nascent Soul level power.

What if they met one day?

If he didnt even know what this was, he would definitely fall into a passive state.

It was better to investigate thoroughly.

“Sanjun Town…”

Cui Heng muttered to himself. He felt that he could ask the people from the Immortal Dawn Sect.

After all, Vast Bright was killed by Jiang Qiqi in the Immortal Dawn Sect at that time, so his remnant soul couldnt have drifted far.

Moreover, since this strange purple-black power not only appeared in outer space but also on this planet, he should be able to ask Zhang Shuming for information.

The Daoyi Palace was a large sect that had existed for 10,000 years. It was very likely that there were related clues.

Thinking of this, Cui Heng stood up and said goodbye to Hui Shi, Chen Tong, and Meng Zhang before flying away from Yunshu County.

The matter here had already been resolved, so there was no need for him to continue staying here.


Cui Hengs flight speed was extremely fast, and the 1,000-kilometer journey passed in the blink of an eye.

After returning to Changfeng Prefecture City, he went straight to find Zhang Shuming. Zhang Shuming was a little surprised by Cui Hengs sudden visit. He gestured for Zhou Hongyi to pour tea and asked curiously, “Didnt Lord Overseer go to Yunshu County?”

“The matter over there has been settled.” Cui Heng sat down and went straight to the point. “Perfected Zhang, have you heard of this kind of power?”

He described the situation he encountered in Yunshu County City and also talked about the purple-black bug he encountered when he was investigating the situation in the void. “Sky Ruins Evil Bugt!” Zhang Shuming exclaimed as soon as Cui Heng finished speaking. He could not sit still anymore. He stood up and walked around in panic. “The Sky Ruins Evil Bug actually appeared again!”

“Perfected Zhang, do you know what this is?” Cui Heng also stood up.

“Yes.” Zhang Shuming nodded and said solemnly, “This is an extremely evil thing. Three thousand years ago, it appeared in this world with the descent of the Heavenly Void World…”

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