untry after scolding the officials, came out to attend court again.

There was no choice. Chu Yuanliang had already “recovered” and returned to court.

This “King of the fallen country” could not withstand the Prime Ministers persuasion and could only step up again.

However, although Wei Yi came out, he only planned to brush the matter off.

He was still lying crookedly on the Dragon Throne. His eyes were half-closed, and he looked like he had not woken up. He said with a muffled voice, “Everyone, isnt it just the barbarians? Whats the big deal?

“Didnt you already know that I had already given Fengzhou to Huyan Chanyu? Its not wrong for him to want to take back his land. Whats wrong with that?”

This was a complete mess.

“Your Majesty! It is the will of the heavens for the Son of Heaven to protect the land for the ancestors!” Chu Yuanliang stepped forward and said loudly, “Your Majestys order to give Fengzhou to the barbarians is against the laws of the ancestors. It should be invalid.

Now, the barbarians have sent troops to Yunshu County City. Governor Meng Zhang only has a few thousand old soldiers in his hands. He cant take on a battle of that scale. Its already too late to send reinforcements. Only by sending troops over to meet the barbarians and subdue Yunshu can Fengzhou not fall into the hands of the barbarians.

I request Your Majesty to confer the title of Northern Garrison General on Cui Heng, the State Overseer of Fengzhou. He is allowed to recruit troops from all over Fengzhou to resist the barbarians. Only then can we defend the entire Fengzhou.” “Huh?” Wei Yi was still napping, but when he heard the name Cui Heng, he was stunned.

He remembered that this seemed to be the county magistrate who defeated King Yans army of bandits previously. Now, he was actually the State Overseer of Fengzhou?

How many months had it been?

“Your Majesty, you cant!” At this moment, Jiang Wanshan, the Central Secretary, suddenly jumped out and bowed. “Im the Grand Marshal and know about military affairs.

The State Overseer is already a marquis with land, if hes appointed as a Great General, he can raise a flag and rebel in the future. The country will be overturned in an instant!”

“Oh?” Wei Yis eyes widened when he heard that. He suddenly became energetic and clapped his hands as he laughed. “Theres actually such a good thing?”

Then, he looked at Chu Yuanliang and nodded. “Prime Minister, Ill permit this matter.”

The royal court fell silent.

Jiang Wanshan was even more stunned, his face filled with disbelief.

Now, everyone understood that this Emperor above the jade steps had not just said those words out of anger when he said that he wanted to be the ruler of a fallen country.

He really wanted to be the ruler of a fallen country!

Actually, the so-called edict to cede Fengzhou to Huyan Chanyu had only given the other party a reason to march south. The final ownership of the territory could only be determined after the war.

But now, he had directly conferred the title of Northern Garrison General on a State Overseer. This was clearly digging his own grave.

If the dynasty really changed, they, as court ministers, would be finished as well.

Hence, the ministers stepped out one after another and knelt under the jade steps. They bowed and kowtowed, begging Emperor Wei Yi to retract his orders.

Jiang Wanshan also reacted and hurriedly led the ministers beside him to scold Chu Yuanliang.

In Chu Yuanliangs opinion, if he wanted to protect Fengzhou and prevent the people of Fengzhou from being ravaged by the barbarians, he could only let Cui Heng lead the troops to resist.

In any case, the Imperial Court had long lost control of Fengzhou. It would not be much different from now if they conferred a title of Northern Garrison General. They could still protect their territory, so why not?

However, the court ministers did not think so. Under Jiang Wanshans lead, they continued to argue with Chu Yuanliang.


Emperor Wei Yi stood on the jade steps and watched the court ministers argue with a mocking expression.

He said nothing

This situation continued for three days.

It was on this day that the latest news about Yunshu County City finally reached the Imperial Court in the capital.

The bizarre outcome of the battle with the 300,000-strong barbarian army was presented in front of all the court ministers.

The entire hall was shocked!

Jiang Wanshan and the others were speechless, but Chu Yuanliang was also shocked.

No one expected this outcome.

With the situation in Yunshu County City, they could actually win?

Not only did they win, but they also won a huge victory and wiped out the entire barbarian tribal army!

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, Emperor Wei Yi suddenly spoke.

He gave an edict that made everyones scalps tingle.

“The State Overseer of Fengzhou disregarded the friendship of his neighbors and attacked without permission. He cruelly killed 300,000 people from the grasslands and violated the virtue of the heavens. His crimes are unforgivable. I order the State Overseers of the world to execute him!”

Chu Yuanliang vomited blood again and fainted.

The other courtiers were also completely dumbfounded.

He was crazy! The Emperor was really crazy!!


Cui Heng did not know about the dispute in the Central Continents Imperial Court, nor did he know how ridiculous the Yan Emperor, Wei Yi, was.

Even if he knew, he wouldnt care.

After all, letting the State Overseers of the world go after him together was definitely more beneficial than harmful to him.

He could take the opportunity to harvest a large wave of Seven Emotions Light.

He might even be able to push the gray and green light to seven feet.

It was just that the progression of the red and white lights would take some effort.

On this day, Cui Heng was nurturing the young spirituality born in the Hongwu Divine Sword.

At the same time, he comprehended the profundities within.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat as he looked up.

Red and white light could be seen faintly in the sky.

This was the light of the seven emotions that only Cui Heng could see. It symbolized joy and love, and they were all directed at him.

After a while, Liu Litao came over to report.

“Emissary, the Sect Master of the Immortal Dawn Sect, Perfected Zhu Qing, is here…”

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