Perfected Zhu Qing had organized another discussion about how to address Cui Heng before coming to Changfeng Prefecture.

In the end, after some discussion, they decided to only address Cui Heng as Ancestral Grandfather.

Other times, such as when the fellow disciples talked to each other, they could just call him Ancestral Master.

This did not violate the decision of the Ancestral Master, Perfected Hengxia, and it could also facilitate communication between the fellow disciples.

It was the best of both worlds.

“Alright, Im coming.”

Zheng Nanxun stopped her complicated thoughts and nodded in response. She closed the window that was looking outside.


They walked on the bustling streets of Changfeng Prefecture City.

Zheng Nanxun gradually felt like she had found her past self.

A hundred years ago, when she was with her master, she would often shop in such prosperous cities.

Unfortunately, she probably wouldnt be able to experience such a feeling for long.

She had been severely injured in that battle back then and her lifespan had greatly decreased. To this day, she does not have much lifespan left.

Although she looked healthy on the surface, she was already on the verge of death.

“However, being able to take a look at her Big Brother Immortal on behalf of Master before I die can be considered as helping Master.”

Zheng Nanxun thought to herself.


In the State Overseers Office.

Cui Heng saw three familiar figures.

Chen Ying, He Qingrou, and Perfected Zhu Qing.

He did not know the others.

However, one of the figures instantly attracted his attention.

Zheng Nanxun.

“This is?” Cui Heng asked Perfected Zhu Qing.

He felt that this persons temperament was quite similar to Jiang Qiqis. She was the one who looked the most like Jiang Qiqi among the nine people from the Immortal Dawn Sect.

Perfected Zhu Qing hurriedly invited Zheng Nanxun, “Martial Aunt Zheng…”

“Greetings, Ancestral Grandmaster.” Zheng Nanxun bowed respectfully to Cui Heng.

“Youre Qiqis first disciple?” Cui Heng was a little surprised and enlightened when he heard this. He smiled and praised, “The aura is restrained, and the sword light is hidden without leaking. Looks like youve already understood the true meaning of the Immortal Dawn Sword Art…”

But as he spoke, he could not continue. His brows furrowed.

Cui Heng noticed the abnormality in Zheng Nanxuns body and said in a low voice, “Whats going on? Your source energy has been severely exhausted. Your cultivation is actually at the end of its lifespan.”


Zheng Nanxuns Immortal Dawn Sword Art had already been cultivated to the Eighth level of Qi Refinement. Even if her lifespan was not as long as a true Immortal cultivator, she should be able to live for more than 300 years.

But it had not even been 200 years.

She was actually close to the end of her life.

This was definitely not normal.

The surrounding people from the Immortal Dawn Sect clearly did not know about Zheng Nanxuns situation. When they heard this, they were shocked.

“Martial Aunt Zheng, whats wrong with


“Martial Aunt…”

“Martial Grandaunt…”

Although they knew that Zheng Nanxuns physical condition was very bad, they did not expect it to be so serious.

Her origin had been damaged and her lifespan was about to end. This was like a bolt from the blue.

“Im fine.” Zheng Nanxun shook her head indifferently and said to Cui Heng, “Grandmaster, dont worry. Its just an old injury left behind from a hundred years ago. Its an old problem.”

“Come over.” Cui Heng waved at Zheng Nanxun. “Ill help you treat it.”

“T-treat?” Zheng Nanxun looked confused when she heard this. She asked curiously, “Grandmaster, actually, my injuries have long been healed. Its just that my origin has been damaged…”

The damage to the origin energy meant that the foundation of the body had been injured. There was no possibility of recovery.

No matter how powerful a tonic was or how brilliant a martial technique was, it was impossible to make up for the deficit and consumption of the origin energy.

This was already the consensus of every martial artist.

Could this be treated?

“Martial Grandaunt, dont worry. Ancestral Grandfather is very powerful!” Chen Ying moved to Zheng Nanxuns side and said, “He will definitely be able to treat your injuries.”

Perfected Zhu Qing, Liu Yiyun, and the others did not say anything.

They all knew very well what it meant to have their origin damaged.

Moreover, Zheng Nanxun had already cultivated the Immortal Dawn Sword Art to an extremely high realm, comparable to a Human Immortal. It was almost impossible to repair the origin energy of a Human Immortal.

“En. If the origin is damaged, we can just patch it up and youll be fine.” Cui Heng nodded lightly.

“Thank you, Grandmaster.” Zheng Nanxun came to Cui Hengs side.

“Close your eyes and wait for a moment,” Cui Heng said gently.

At the same time, he raised his right hand and flicked his finger, allowing a wisp of Dharmic powers to enter Zheng Nanxuns body.

This wisp of Dharmic powers instantly spread to her limbs and bones, turning into endless vitality that quickly filled her extremely empty body.

Zheng Nanxuns originally pale face gradually regained its color.

The white hair at her temples also turned black again, and her appearance became even younger, as if she had directly changed from her thirties to her twenties.

In a short while, Zheng Nanxuns entire body turned from an exhausted lamp to a raging fire.

She slowly opened her eyes and felt her body in shock. She muttered, “Ive recovered. Ive completely recovered!”

Perfected Zhu Qing, Liu Yiyun, and the others also felt an unprecedented shock.

Ancestral Grandfather was too powerful!

Even the origin energy of a Human Immortal could be recovered so easily.

“Thank you, Grandmaster!” Zheng Nanxun bowed to Cui Heng. “Theres no need to be so polite.” Cui Heng raised his hand to stop her from bowing. “Tell me about what happened before Qiqi disappeared.”

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