on the ground. If he used a flying sword, he could even flatten a mountain that was hundreds of meters tall!

If this was on Earth, it wouldnt be too much for him to be considered as a god.

However, even though hed grasped such strength, Cui Hengs mental state was still very stable, and he didnt feel carried away at all.

He did not forget that the world he had come to was actually a Xianxia world, and it was extremely dangerous.

He was merely at the peak of Foundation Establishment. He was not even an ant.

Of course, being able to maintain such a mentality was also because he had been trying his best to retain the feeling of being a human for the past few decades.

Otherwise, in an environment that was isolated from the rest of the world and he was constantly becoming stronger, it was inevitable that he would lose himself in this growing power.

In turn, he would develop wishful thinking and forget about caution.

Before Jiang Qiqi came, he already had this kind of mentality.

Fortunately, he managed to restrain himself in time.

No matter what, I must never forget my situation. Cui Heng warned himself in his heart.

At this moment, he had just finished his cultivation for the day and was currently reviewing the changes in his mental state. He was thinking about the recent changes in his mental state.

If he discovered any problems, he could correct them in time.

This was a warning, and also the wake-up call he gave himself every day.

“Its getting late.” Cui Heng stood up and looked out the window. The sun was setting and night was about to fall. “Lets go pick some tomatoes and stir-fry them.”

In the blink of an eye, hed prepared dinner for himself, just like half a year ago.

Yes, he had been eating scrambled eggs with tomatoes for half a year.

It was an easy meal and it saves trouble!

After all, laziness was part of human nature.

However, when Cui Heng arrived at the vegetable garden he was cultivating, he suddenly felt that the weather had changed. Even the clouds in the sky were dyed with a strange purple-red color.

“Looks like its time to add another dish.” His lips curled into a smile.

It didnt matter if he only ate one dish, but if it was used to treat guests, there had to be more variations.

Well, Ill just add a plain omelet.

Its not bad either.

“Whats going on? Wasnt I just studying at home?”

Pei Qingshu frowned and looked around, his expression uncertain. “I was brought to this completely unfamiliar place in the blink of an eye. What kind of mystical ability is this? Unbelievable!”

Although he came from an extraordinary background and was experienced and knowledgeable, the current situation had already completely exceeded the scope of his knowledge, and he was unable to comprehend it.

Even the legendary Immortal Almighty could not do such a thing.

“The most important thing now is to figure out where this place is, who brought me here, and what their purpose is!”

Pei Qingshu calmed himself down very quickly. He turned the wheelchair around and tried to move.

His legs were disabled.

He could only sit in the wheelchair.

An unfortunate incident in the past had caused this 13 year old youth to lose the qualifications to stand on his own legs. However, it had also caused him to be much calmer than his peers when he encountered an emergency.

Pei Qingshu wheeled himself through the forest and followed a path that was obviously taken by someone. Soon, he found a vegetable garden.

He saw a youth dressed in coarse linen clothes, currently picking vegetables in the garden… a peasant youth?

But before he could ask, the young farmer seemed to have sensed his gaze and stopped what he was doing. He turned around and threw a red fruit over.

“What is this?” Pei Qing Shu held this red fruit with a stunned expression. With his status, he had actually never seen this fruit before.

“Something that will let you stand up,” the young farmer said with a smile.

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