Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 141 - Giving the Chicken Bone Bodhisattva a Home

Chapter 140 State Overseers of the World, Please Kill Them Together (2)

Although the Ancestral Master did not say this, they felt that they had to work hard in that direction.

In the past, when there were no leaders, it was fine if they sealed the mountain in the face of a life and death crisis.

But now that he had the backing of an Immortal figure like the Ancestral Grandfather, there was naturally no reason to hide anymore.

They had to develop it vigorously.

They had to make the name of the Immortal Dawn Sect resound throughout the world.

Moreover, they had to complete the ceremony before the 100-year deadline.

At that time, they would let those high and mighty Immortals and Buddhas see that the Immortal Dawn Sect was not without a backer.

The Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World were not the only ones who could find


The Immortal Dawn Sect also had people helping!

Actually, Cui Heng did not care about this.

Of course, he did not object to the juniors using this to obtain his approval.

It was not a bad thing to work hard and develop.

After the people from the Immortal Dawn Sect left, he went to look for Zhang Shuming. “Perfected Zhang, have you heard of the Purple Extreme Palace?” Cui Heng asked directly.

“Purple Extreme Palace?” Zhang Shuming pondered for a moment and shook his head. “No, Ive never seen any records of this…”

As he spoke, he seemed to have thought of something else. “However, I dont have any relevant records on my side. There might be some on the other side. After all, the Daoyi Palace here has already suffered a calamity.”

Clearly, he was referring to the Daoyi Palace in the Upper World.

In other words, the Daoyi Palace of the Heavenly Void World.

The Daoyi Palace on this side had suffered a great calamity 3,000 years ago. Many books had been destroyed and were severely damaged.

The Heavenly Void World was different.

Back then, many Patriarchs of the Daoyi Palace had ascended to the Heavenly Void World and rebuilt their sect there. They would definitely reorganize the books based on their knowledge.

As those Ancestral Masters were extremely ancient existences, and most of them had read the complete books in Daoyi Palace, the books of Daoyi Palace in the Heavenly Void World should be very comprehensive.

“Yes, its indeed a good direction.” Cui Heng nodded in agreement. Then, he looked at Zhang Shuming with a faint smile. “Perfected Zhang has some selfish motives for making this suggestion, right?” “…The eyes of Lord Immortals are like torches.” Zhang Shuming smiled bitterly and sighed. “Im a little worried about the Daoyi Palace in the Upper World. I didnt see the elders of the Upper World when the Angels descended this time. Im worried that something has happened, so I want to go over and take a look.”

“I should indeed make a trip to the Heavenly Void World.” Cui Heng nodded slightly, but then he smiled and said, “However, this matter cant be rushed. Ill go after I finish some things.”

This “some things” naturally referred to nurturing a Nascent Soul.

From the Golden Core to the Nascent Soul realm, there would be an extreme sublimation of the essence of life, and his strength would also undergo a world-shaking change.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he would directly transcend the mortal world.

The stronger one was, the safer they would be in the Heavenly Void World.

Actually, according to Cui Hengs original plan, he wanted to continue cultivating here.

It would be best if he could cultivate until he transcended the tribulation and reached the Mahayana realm before attaining the Dao and becoming an Immortal.

But now, he learned from Jiang Qiqis letter that there was a peerless Demon King suppressed in the core of the earth here. It was clearly not a good place.

It was better to go to the Heavenly Void World to investigate the situation.

Comparing the two, he would stay on whichever side was suitable for him to cultivate.

However, that was after he nurtured a Nascent Soul.

The most important thing now was to think about how to collect as much of the Seven Emotions as possible.

Especially the red and white light that symbolizes joy and love.

There was also the black light that symbolizes evil.

Although implementing the new government decree could continuously collect these three types of Light of Seven Emotions, this would at most affect the forces with top Inner World experts. There were not many of them, and the benefits were becoming more and more limited.

Thinking up to this point, Cui Heng suddenly changed the topic and asked, “Perfected Zhang, what do the Seven Distinguished Families or some other top factions with Deity Realm experts hate the most?”

“The thing they hate the most?” Zhang Shuming thought for a moment and said, “It should be the theft of the Deity Realm martial techniques, especially the secret techniques about the awakening of the Divine Treasures.”

“What if I print the Deity Realm secret manuals of the Seven Distinguished Families and distribute them all over the world?” Cui Heng chuckled.

“This, this…” Zhang Shuming said in shock, “Theyre probably going to curse Exalted Immortal all day long!”

“Thats good.” Cui Heng clapped his hands and smiled.

Not only would this make the Six Distinguished Families apart from the Wang Family of Langya hate him to the extreme, but it would also make most of the top Inner World experts in the world shed tears of gratitude.

He could harvest black, purple, red, and white lights at the same time.

It could be said to be perfect.

On the yellow light side, the Bodhisattva Jade Bone was still stirring up trouble in Yuzhou. It had been growing rapidly and would probably reach three feet in a few days.

This left only the green light and gray light that symbolizes fear and sorrow.

Although he had already collected a lot of them when he was in Yunshu County City, there was still some distance from the height of three feet.

If not for the fear of alerting the enemy and scaring those Immortals and Buddhas from the Upper World,

Cui Heng wanted to take the initiative to capture some Upper World Angels to collect the green and gray light.

After all, Angels were all Deity Realm experts. They should be very useful for his cultivation.

Or if someone took the initiative to cause trouble, it would be a good thing.

“Lord Overseer, Lord Overseer!”

At this moment, Liu Litao jogged over from outside and hurriedly reported, “Lord Overseer, something has happened! Something has happened! Emperor Jianyan of the Central Continent has issued a crazy decree!

He said that you disregarded the friendship of his neighbors and attacked without permission. You cruelly killed 300,000 people from the grasslands and violated the virtue of the heavens. Your crimes are thus unforgivable, and he ordered the State Overseers of the world to execute you! What should we do now?!”

When Zhang Shuming heard this news, he was stunned on the spot. He frowned and said, “Is the Emperor crazy? Lord Overseer went to help Yunshu County defend the city.”

They had successfully defended the city, but the Emperor still let all the State Overseers in the world join hands to kill them?

This kind of insane decree was simply unheard of.

The key was that this kind of insane decree might really be effective.

The various State Overseers could not wait to attack the surrounding areas and plunder the land.

This gave others an excuse to attack Fengzhou.

However, Cui Heng laughed. “Hahaha, good, good! I was just afraid that they wouldnt come!”


Actually, Cui Heng was indeed a little worried that these State Overseers would not dare to attack him.

After all, times were different now.

There were too many dazzling achievements on him.

Moreover, he would destroy the enemys entire army every time.

Even if people did not believe that he had great divine powers, they would still be afraid of such a solid battle record.

Cui Heng calculated in his heart.

“I have to find someone to connect the dots and persuade them. I have to make these State Overseers send troops to attack me.”


Youzhou was adjacent to Fengzhou, and their borders were extremely long, more than 2,000 kilometers.

When Cao Quan was still the State Overseer of Fengzhou, Shen Yu, the State Overseer of Youzhou, had been coveting the land of Fengzhou. He always wanted to find trouble and snatch some land and people over.

Therefore, after Cao Quan was assassinated, Shen Yu directly sent his deputy, Wei Xiong, who was in charge of another mission, to Ren Yuankuis side.

He planned to take this opportunity to install a puppet State Overseer and annex the territory bit by bit before expanding his land.

However, Shen Yu never expected to encounter Cui Heng.

Not to mention his plan being completely messed up, even Wei Xiong had been killed.

If not for the fact that he was a little afraid of Cui Hengs rumored terrifying battle results, he would have used Wei Xiongs death as an excuse to directly attack Fengzhou.

But that battle record was too terrifying.

Even if he disregarded the rumors about the great divine power of summoning wind and rain and only looked at the actual results, he had to take it seriously.

It was precisely because of this that Shen Yu did not attack Fengzhou.

But now, he was a little swayed.

A few days ago, the Imperial Court sent an edict.

Originally, as the Youzhou State Overseer, Shen Yu could not be bothered with the Imperial Courts edict. However, this edict called for all the State Overseers in the world to attack the Fengzhou State Overseer together.

Although the Imperial Courts decree was bullshit, it was still very useful to use the Imperial Courts name to expand his territory.

Shen Yu was a little tempted.

After all, Fengzhou had a great canal. As long as it was managed well, it would be a money tree!

However, he was still a little afraid of Cui Hengs achievements.

He hesitated.

On this day, Shen Yu was in the inner hall of the State Overseers Office, looking at the map on the wall in a daze.

He kept thinking about whether to attack Fengzhou.

“Lord Overseer, I have something to report!”

At this moment, the magistrate who was Shen Yus subordinate walked over. “A Deity Realm expert who calls himself Wang Donglin has come to visit. He even said that hes from the Wang Family of Langya.”

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