Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 142 - Flying Sword from a Thousand Miles Away

an extremely pure Buddhist power surge out from it, causing the divine power in his body to begin to boil. He wished he could immediately fuse with this Buddhist power.

“Thank you, Master, for the treasure!” Monk Dufa knelt down in ecstasy and kowtowed respectfully to Xuankong.

“Alright, you and I have been master and disciple for more than a hundred years. Why are you so polite?” Xuankong smiled and let Dufa stand up. He said, “Wang Donglin from the Wang Family of Langya came to recruit people to deal with Overseer Cui of Fengzhou. How are you going to deal with him?”

“Ive sent two Deity Realm experts over.” Dufa held the Bodhisattva Jade Bone with both hands and sat up again. “It should be enough.”

“Enough?” Xuankong frowned slightly. “I remember that a Deity Realm expert died in Fengzhou?”

“Thats right, its Kong Ci.” Dufa nodded and smiled. “However, Kong Ci is the weakest Deity Realm expert to begin with. Its normal for him to be beaten to death if hes weak.

This time, the Wang Family of Langya is determined to kill Cui Heng. When they found us, Wang Donglin had already contacted three Deity Realm experts. In that case, it should be enough for us to send two Deity Realm experts.”

“No, its not enough.” Xuankong shook his head and said in a low voice, “Zhang Shuming of Daoyi Palace is beside Cui Heng. The Immortal Dawn Sect has also released the news that they want to reopen the sect. According to what I know, theyve been to Changfeng Prefecture City before.”

“Master, you mean…” Monk Dufa pondered for a moment before saying with a look of realization, “The Immortal Dawn Sect and Daoyi Palace are actually already secretly forming an alliance. This Cui Heng is the link to their alliance?”

“Very likely.” Xuankong nodded and said, “Now, the sects of the Upper World cant stand the alliance of the Empress of Great Zhou, the Pei Family of Linjiang, and the Daoyi Palace anymore. Theyre prepared to eliminate the Daoyi Palace in the mortal world as a warning. This caused the experts of Daoyi Palace to be unable to descend to the Lower World this time. Zhang Shuming must have sensed it. The Immortal Dawn Sect has a life-and-death feud with us. Its reasonable for the two of them to form an alliance.”

“Theyre just a mob banding together for warmth.” Monk Dufa sneered. “Theyre courting death. Its very likely that these two families are behind Cui Heng becoming the State Overseer of Fengzhou so quickly.”

“Its not a possibility, but a certainty!” Xuankong said in a low voice. “The only hope for the Immortal Dawn Sect and Daoyi Palace to turn the tables is to escape to the Upper World and find a remote place to recuperate.

As long as theyre still here, they have nowhere to escape. If they want to go to the Upper World, they need enough Heaven Dew Crystals, so they have to control a State Overseer.

“Therefore, this Cui Heng must be an extremely important chess piece for the Immortal Dawn Sect and Daoyi Palace.

With just Wang Donglin and the others, we might not be able to kill Cui Heng. If the Immortal Dawn Sect and Daoyi Palace really succeed, we will be blamed by the main sect of the Upper World.”

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