Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 144 - Flying Sword from a Thousand Miles Away (3)


“Here, Lord Overseer.” Liu Litao immediately stepped forward when he heard this. He took out a bamboo stick from his sleeve and handed it to Cui Heng respectfully.

“Yes, here it is.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and placed the bamboo sticks in his hand to show everyone. The names of the alliance army leaders were written on it.

There were a total of 27 people. There are Deity Realm experts, State Overseers, Sect Masters, Family Heads, and all kinds of nobles. They were all written on these bamboo sticks.

“From tomorrow onwards, I will randomly draw three bamboo lots here every day to choose the three luckiest people to take their heads with the Hongwu Sword.”

“Lord Overseer, this place should be more than a thousand miles away from the chaotic military camp.” Chen Tong asked curiously, “If we follow this method, wont you have to travel nearly 3,000 miles every day?”

“Theres no need to travel.” Cui Heng shook his head and chuckled. “Its not difficult to send a flying sword to decapitate people from a thousand miles away.”

At the same time, the Hongwu Sword beside him immediately flew up and circled in the


It was like a child dancing happily.

Everyone fell silent when they heard this. They looked at the long sword that was dancing freely in the air and fell silent again.

Of course, it was because his knowledge was too shallow. He did not even expect a legendary flying sword to be able to take a persons head from a thousand miles away…

But who would have thought?

Such a legendary thing could actually become reality!

This was too ridiculous!

“By the way, it wont be good if they die for no reason.”

Cui Heng seemed to have thought of something else and suddenly said to Liu Litao, “Deputy Liu, why dont you go to the alliance armys tents on my behalf? Tell them clearly about me taking their heads one by one.”

“Ah?!” Liu Litao was a little stunned when he heard this and almost lost his senses. However, he still nodded. “Yes, I will follow Lord Overseers orders.”

“Dont look as if youre facing death with equanimity.” Cui Heng chuckled and said, “If they dare to harm you, you only need to shoutLord Overseer, save me to the sky and help will immediately descend.”

Recently, the Light of Seven Emotions had improved by another stage. He had figured out some methods to cast spells from afar.

This time, he could give it a try.

“Thank you, Lord Overseer!” Liu Litao heaved a sigh of relief, but he was also a little excited. He actually took a deep breath and said, “Can I take the list of these people and read the death notice to them in their tent?”

“Death notice?” Cui Heng was stunned when he heard that, then he smiled and said, “Of course.”


In Changxing County, Fengzhou.

This place had already been occupied by the Battle Cui Alliance. The county magistrates office had become a place for many leaders to discuss matters.

Although it was a meeting, it was actually a fight for benefits.

No one was convinced with the other.

As one of the leaders of Youzhou, Shen Yu was also in the government office.

However, he was not in the mood to argue.

At this moment, he looked left and right, his heart filled with sorrow.

He looked at these people who had yet to take down Fengzhou and kill Cui Heng, but had already begun to discuss which county, which city, which river, they wanted to take, and even how to split the mountainous territories.

Shen Yu had already cursed Wang Donglin 800 times in his heart. He felt like he had boarded a pirate ship.

And he couldnt fucking jump out anymore!


At this moment, the voice of a messenger sounded outside.

The argument in the government office suddenly stopped.

“The envoy of Fengzhous Governor, Cui Heng, requests an audience!”

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