Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 145 - Sword Light Passes Heads Roll Down

I have no objections.” Ye Hui nodded.

Although they also hated Liu Litao to the extreme, they had just issued an order to meet the envoy. How could they go back on their word now?

It might even affect the final distribution of benefits.

Wasnt it just some etiquette?

It was not like it would hurt them.

Just like that, under the dumbfounded expressions of the city guards and messengers, Liu Litao swaggered into Changxing County.

He was walking on a bright red carpet. On both sides stood beautiful young women who bowed.

There was also music coming from behind.

A high platform had already been set up in front of the county magistrates office.

The 27 leaders of the Battle Cui Alliance were all on it. They looked at Liu Litao, who was slowly walking over, with different expressions.

Xie Tianxing and Ye Hui were both Upper World Angels and did not know much about the etiquette of the mortal world, so they did not feel much about it.

However, the State Overseers had ugly expressions.

How was this like receiving an enemy envoy?

They were completely welcoming the envoys of the Heavenly Court!

This was too ridiculous!

This was absurd!

“Youre Fengzhous envoy?” Xie Tianxing stood on the platform and looked down.

“Thats right, I am.” Liu Litao nodded, but he did not stop. He continued walking forward, intending to ascend this platform.

“Stop right there!”


The guards below the platform immediately stepped forward to stop him.

“What is the meaning of this?” Liu Litaos face was filled with confusion. He frowned and said, “Im the envoy of Fengzhou. Im here as if Im the State Overseer himself. Why do I have to be below when youre standing on the platform? This is an act of rudeness that only uncivilized barbarians would do.”

Uncivilized barbarians…

Xie Tianxing was so angry that he almost wanted to kill someone on the spot, but it was already too late to back down. He could only wave his hand and say, “Let him come up!”

“Heh, thats right.” Liu Litao nodded and continued to swagger up the platform. He stood in front of the leaders of the chaotic army and slowly took out a note. He smiled and said, “Everyone, listen up. This is what the Lord Overseer wants to tell you.”

His attitude was still very arrogant, as if he did not take the 27 people on the platform seriously at all.

At this moment, this group of people was suppressing their anger in their hearts. They glared at Liu Litao coldly, planning to skin him alive after he finished speaking.

Otherwise, it would not be enough to vent their anger.

“Xie Tianxing, Upper World Angel of the Xie Family of Pingshan, Upper World Angel of the Ye Family of Jiangnan, Ye Hui… Upper World Angel of the Bai Family of Quzhou, Bai Songnian, State Overseer of Yuzhou, Qin Kang… State Overseer of Yanzhou, Tao Zheng, and State Overseer of Youzhou, Shen Yu!”


Liu Litao read out the names of the 27 leaders of the Battle Cui Alliance. Just as these people were confused, he continued

“The 27 of you have mobilized an army and gathered friends to harm the people of Fengzhou. Your sins are monstrous. From today onwards, I will draw three peoples name every day and take all your heads in nine days!”

With that, he put the piece of paper back into his sleeve and laughed loudly. “This is the message from the Lord Overseer. Goodbye!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Liu Litao had already walked down from the platform.

His footsteps were fast.

No one stopped him at all because everyone was still stunned. They almost thought that they were hallucinating.

How bold must one be to dare to provoke an army of two million and 17 Deity Realm experts like this?!

Liu Litao wanted to walk out quickly, but he felt his heart thumping in his chest. He could not help but turn around to look at the stunned crowd, his heart filled with extreme excitement.

This feeling was too damn exciting.

“Catch him! Dont let this fellow escape!”

But at this moment, Xie Tianxing finally reacted to what was going on. He roared and ordered, “Capture him and hang him on the city gate tower. Cut him into pieces and execute him!”

He felt like hed been played.

An Upper World Angel like him, one of the leaders of the Battle Cui Alliance, was played by a fellow who was not even at the Xiantian realm in front of everyone!

It was extremely hateful!

The densely packed soldiers quickly surrounded Liu Litao and placed their weapons on his neck again.

However, he was still fearless as he sneered. “Do you not believe my words, or do you not believe Lord Overseers words? Accept reality. From today onwards, three of your heads will be taken away every day!”

“Nonsense!” Xie Tianxing was furious and shouted, “Drag him away!”


At this moment, a sword cry suddenly came from the sky. It was as if a bolt of lightning tore through the sky and arrived in the sky above Changxing County.

Three bamboo sticks fell from the sky.

They landed on the platform.

“Hahaha, the Lord Overseers Divine Sword has arrived!” Liu Litao laughed loudly. “Hurry up and take a look. Which three of you are so lucky?”

“Shut him up!” Xie Tianxing ordered the soldiers, but he felt a wave of fear in his heart. He could not help but pick up the bamboo slip on the ground and look at the words on it. He muttered, “Xie Tianxing, Ye Hui, Bai Songnian… theres my name?!”

This made his heart skip a beat.

Immediately after, this almighty Angel from the Upper World suddenly felt a chill on his neck.

The world spun around him.

In the next moment, he saw his own headless body, and blood poured out of his neck like a fountain.

He also saw a sword light circling around Ye Hui and Bai Songnians necks like a nimble snake.

Their heads also fell to the ground!

“What that fellow said just now was actually… true?!”

This was Xie Tianxings last thought. What followed was endless darkness.

At the same time, the expressions on everyones faces froze.

They felt their limbs turn cold, and a bone-piercing chill rose from their feet to the top of their head.

An unprecedented fear filled their hearts.

At this moment, be it the Deity Realm experts, the Upper World Angels, the heads of the preeminent families, or the State Overseers, their faces were pale.

It was true!

It was actually true!!

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