Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 150 - Its Just A Strand of Hair (2)

troying the phantom of the Buddha.

Monk Dufa himself was pushed down from the sky by the huge sword.

Facing such an attack, he had no room to resist at all. He could only watch helplessly as the huge sword condensed and shrank, finally condensing into a three-foot-long green sword that pierced through his entire body.


The surrounding ground shook violently again, and this time, the ground surged.

After the “Three-foot Green Peak” pierced through Monk Dufa, it brought the monk down from the sky and stabbed into the ground.

At the same time, a terrifying sword qi spread in all directions, causing the ground to surge like waves, and layers of “earth waves” appeared.

However, this change was quickly suppressed and did not cause much damage.

Hence, the scene of Monk Dufa, the “Bodhisattva”, being nailed to the ground by a sword appeared in the eyes of Shen Yu and the others.

The faces of those people who had asked for help just now turned pale with no trace of blood. There was only fear in their eyes, and even their bodies began to tremble.

Especially after seeing the figure on the sword slowly descend from the sky.

This fear was even stronger.

One of the State Overseers was so frightened that he fainted.

However, Shen Yu seemed to have been enlightened. He kowtowed respectfully and said loudly, “State Overseer Shen Yu of Youzhou greets Lord Overseer Fengzhou. Im willing to serve you!”

Tao Zheng also shouted, “Tao Zheng, the State Overseer of Yanzhou, is willing to serve you!”

Unfortunately, this was only a puppet and there was no response.

“Ah! Demon, what exactly are you?!”

At this moment, Monk Dufa, who was nailed to the ground by the sword, actually spoke again.

He was not killed on the spot. His vitality was extremely tenacious. He was glaring at the puppet in disbelief.

“Naturally, its because youre still useful.”

Cui Hengs teasing voice came from the sky. He had once again collected numerous green, gray, and purple light from Monk Dufas body. It was quite impressive.

When he landed with Zhang Shuming and Liu Yiyun, Monk Dufa, Shen Yu, Tao Zheng, and the others were all stunned.

These people looked at Cui Heng and then at the puppet.

What was going on?!

Why were there two Cui Heng?!

At this moment, the puppet that had just suppressed Monk Dufa, the “Bodhisattva”, suddenly swayed gently and turned into a thin black hair on the spot.



Shen Yu, Tao Zheng, and the others felt their minds buzz, as if something had exploded from inside.

They had truly seen something that completely exceeded their understanding and imagination.

Hair… how could it be just a strand of hair!

That was a being with supreme divine power that was enough to instantly suppress a Bodhisattva. Why did it become a strand of hair?!

This was too ridiculous and unbelievable!

When Monk Dufa saw this, his entire body trembled, and even his lips were trembling.

His eyes were fixed on the strand of hair, and his eyes seemed to be burning with flames.

He felt like he was going crazy.

He had returned to his youth in order to become a Golden Arhat!

After obtaining the Bodhisattva Jade Bone, his cultivation realm advanced by leaps and bounds. He finally cultivated to the Golden Body Arhat realm and even possessed the powerful might to temporarily transform into a Bodhisattva.

In the end, he couldnt even defeat a single strand of someone elses hair??

In an era where the Immortals and Buddhas had yet to descend, shouldnt his strength be invincible and be able to handle all matters?

Why did it become like this?!

How could this Cui Heng be so powerful?

A strand of hair, just a strand of hair, had defeated him?!

Monk Dufa could not accept this fact at all.

It was worse than dying on the spot.

Next, the strand of hair actually returned to Cui Hengs head, fusing with the original strand of hair and reconnecting.

Monk Dufa almost went crazy when he saw this scene. He felt that Cui Heng was mocking him.

However, in reality, Cui Heng ignored him. Instead, he looked at Shen Yu and the others with interest and chuckled. “Are you and the troops behind the alliance that claims to want to kill me?”

No one dared to answer. There was complete silence.

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