Chapter 151 Ill Give You a Mission

On the endless wasteland, a million troops stood in formation.

There were more than a dozen leaders, either at the Deity Realm or with high positions and power.

This was originally a power that was enough to sweep through the world. Now, just facing one person, the entire army was silent and did not dare to move.

One sword could block a million soldiers.

This phrase was no longer an exaggeration.

Instead, it became reality.

Liu Yiyun stood behind Cui Heng, her heart filled with shock.

She looked at the Deity Realm experts, State Overseers, Family Heads, and the boundless masses of the million-strong army who stood frozen, not daring to move. For a moment, she did not know how to describe this emotion.

Since ancient times, it has been very difficult for martial artists to face a powerful dynasty head-on. Even Deity Realm experts could only take the heads of ten thousand soldiers.

But it was impossible to fight against hundreds of thousands of troops head-on.

Deity Realm experts were only mortals with mortal bodies. If there were too many opponents, they could simply be trampled to death.

There had never been a martial artist who could make an army of a million not dare to move just by standing here.

But now, Ancestral Grandmaster has done it.

Was this the power of someone above the Deity Realm?

No, the Human Immortal realm definitely did not have such power. The monk just now even displayed power similar to the Bodhisattva realm.

Was Ancestral Grandmaster already a Deva?


What had just fought with the monk was only a strand of Ancestral Grandmasters hair.

Was a strand of hair already comparable to a Deva?!

What kind of power was this?!

The more Liu Yiyun thought about it, the more shocked she became. She felt that her worldview and knowledge were about to be overturned.

Zhang Shuming, who was standing at the side, appeared much calmer.

After all, she had long treated Cui Heng as a Heaven Monarch.

However, after seeing that the puppet that defeated Monk Dufa was only a strand of hair, she still felt her scalp tingle.

He was too powerful, simply unimaginable.

Was this the power of a Heaven Monarch?

No wonder mighty figures like that were so elusive in the Upper World.

If such experts often appeared, the sky would probably overturn from time to time.

“Perhaps the vitality of Daoyi Palace lies in Exalted Immortal.” Zhang Shumings heart was filled with hope.

After Cui Heng asked that question, he did not continue.

He just stood there and looked at Shen Yu, Tao Zheng, and the others indifferently without saying a word.

But in this situation, to Shen Yu and the others, not speaking was even more terrifying than speaking

An intense fear and lingering despair hung on their hearts.

All of them broke out in cold sweat, but none of them dared to make a sound, afraid that they would anger Cui Heng and their heads would be instantly cut off by the flying swords.

The leaders in front did not say anything, and the soldiers behind did not know what to do.

Their eyes were empty and filled with despair.

This was the outcome Cui Heng wanted.

There were more than a dozen top-notch Inner World experts, several Deity Realm experts, and more than a million troops. There was no lack of Xiantian and Profound Gate realm generals among them. The Seven Emotions of Life they provided was extremely impressive.

The green color that symbolizes fear, the gray color that symbolizes sorrow.

These two Light of Seven Emotions were increasing at an extremely fast speed, far surpassing any of the previous large-scale “harvesting”.

Of course, there was also the purple light that symbolizes anger.

Monk Dufa was indeed a qualified treasure chest monster.

He was actually still not in despair and was still tirelessly angry.

However, although Monk Dufa was angry, he did not shout or threaten him with his background.

Instead, he lay weakly on the ground without moving.

No struggle, no words.

Not a sound.

He let the sword stab into his body.

In fact, Monk Dufa was trying to activate the power of the Bodhisattva Jade Bone in his body. It was not to deal with Cui Heng, but to contact Monk Xuankong, who was thousands of kilometers away.

When he activated the power of the Bodhisattva Jade Bone to fight with the puppet, he discovered that there was actually a seal left behind by Monk Xuankong on the Bodhisattva Jade Bone.

There was a boundless light of compassion on it. It was actually a Buddha Dharmic seal.

However, this seal did not have the ability to subdue demons. It could only communicate with the owner of the other seal by activating the seal.


Monk Dufa was suddenly delighted.

He finally activated this Dharmic seal and hurriedly sent a message to the air through it. “Master, that Cui Heng is definitely not an ordinary Deity Realm expert. He only used a strand of hair to defeat me. What should I do now?”

After a while, there was a message from the other side of the seal.

“Such strength is extraordinary. Hes at least a Heaven Immortal mighty figure. I was wrong earlier. Cui Heng is not a pawn of Daoyi Palace and the Immortal Dawn Sect. Perhaps these two sects are his pawns.”

“This person used a mighty Buddha figure to hide in the mortal world. His goal is very great. You have to restrain him in time. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable. Dufa, I have a difficult mission for you.

“The Buddha Dharma Seal on your side has a special characteristic that contains the power of Buddha. When you receive my message, it will begin the countdown. After ten breaths, it will detonate.

“The explosion of this Buddha seal is equivalent to a Buddha taking action personally. It will naturally kill Cui Heng. It can be considered as washing away your hatred. You can leave in peace.”

Monk Dufa was stunned on the spot, and then his face revealed an expression of disbelief.

At this moment, he finally understood everything

Why did Master still play with the Bodhisattva Jade Bone even though he clearly did not intend to refine it? It was not because he wanted to check the safety of the Bodhisattva Jade Bone.

The reason why he placed the Buddha Seal on it was not to maintain contact with him so that he could seek help in time.

He clearly wanted to use him as a human weapon.

He wanted him to die with the opponent!

“Why, why, why is this?!”

Monk Dufas anger reached a peak, but he did not say anything. He even glanced at Cui Heng to see if he had noticed him.

Although he was filled with hatred for Monk Xuankong now, he knew very well that he had no other way out.

Instead of roaring hysterically, and causing the other party to become vigilant.

It was better to just explode silently.

He wanted everyone here to die with him!

“Heh, even if youre powerful and comparable to a Heaven Immortal, so what? Arent you still going to die without a grave?” Monk Dufa stared at Cui Heng with a sinister expression.

He waited for the Buddha seal in his body to explode.

But at this moment, Cui Heng suddenly turned to look at him and said with a teasing smile, “Are you waiting for the seal in your body to explode?”

“What?!” Monk Dufas face immediately revealed an extremely shocked expression. He said in disbelief, “How is this possible? How did you…”

However, before he could finish speaking, golden Buddhist light shone from his mouth. Immediately after, light burst out of his eyes, nose, and ears.

The Buddha Seal began to act up.

A terrifying force suddenly appeared in Monk Dufas body, causing Buddhist light to extend out from all over his body.

It seemed like he could explode at any moment.

“Why do I know? Can you sense what that Bodhisattva Jade Bone is?” Cui Heng chuckled. At the same time, he raised his hand and pointed at Monk Dufa before suddenly raising



With a thunderous sound, Monk Dufa, who was already covered in Buddhist light, actually broke through the sound barrier and soared into the sky at an extremely fast speed, leaving a long white trail in the void.

At this moment, Monk Dufa still retained his consciousness and was even in a very good condition. He knew that he would definitely die, but before he died, he had to figure out something

He began to sense the Bodhisattva Jade Bone in his body, but he realized that the originally solemn and holy skeleton that was like white jade had already disappeared.

Only a rough, obviously gnawed… chicken bone was left!

Chicken, chicken bone?!

Why was it a chicken bone?

How could it be a chicken bone?!

That Bodhisattva Jade Bone was actually a chicken bone?!

Was it a chicken Bodhisattva?!

Or was that Bodhisattva Jade Bone actually forged by Cui Heng with a chicken bone?

However, he had clearly cultivated the Arhat Golden Body through the Bodhisattva Jade Bone and even borrowed the Buddhist power of the Bodhisattva realm!

In terms of effect, this was a true Bodhisattva Jade Bone.

What kind of divine power and great magic could turn a chicken bone into a true Bodhisattva Jade Bone?

What kind of existence was this Cui Heng?!

Monk Dufas heart surged with an unprecedented fear. This feeling was even worse than when he learned that he was about to be blown up by the Buddha Dharma Seal.

He even suspected that Cui Heng was not a so-called Heaven Immortal or Heaven Monarch at all, but an even higher existence.

It was the cultivation of the Fourth Realm whose name had not even been passed down.

Thinking of this, Monk Dufas heart surged with intense joy again. He was even a little grateful to Cui Heng.

He knew that since the Baolin Buddhist Hall had offended such a terrifying expert, it would definitely be destroyed in the end.

“Master, you treated me as a pawn, but think about what kind of existence you provoked this time. This can be considered as burying the entire Baolin Buddhist Hall with me!



A dazzling Buddhist light exploded in the sky, forming an incomparably huge golden ball of light. An extremely violent shock wave spread out, and the surrounding thousands of feet felt like the world was shaking.

Standing on the ground and looking up at the sky made one feel as if a sun had exploded. At the same time, one could feel hurricanes howling and sand flying everywhere.

This was the power of the explosion of a Buddha Dharmic seal!

It was enough to instantly turn an army into dust.

Shen Yu and the others knelt down with sore legs and prostrated themselves on the ground, begging respectfully, “Immortal, spare us, Immortal, spare us!”

From their perspective, Cui Heng was the one who caused Monk Dufa to fly into the sky and explode.

This completely destroyed all their psychological defenses.

If they didnt beg for mercy despite such powerful might, did they have to wait to be blasted into ashes?

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