Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 15 - Is This the Life of an Immortal Venerable?

e could not retaliate at all.

“Return my brothers life!”

Li Mingqiong shouted in a low voice. Her eyes were filled with killing intent as she raised her fist and was about to smash it towards Pei Qingshus head.


Just then, a cold snort boomed out like thunder.

At the same time, the clouds in the sky seemed to be attracted by an invisible force, blocking out the sunlight and making the sky darken.

It was like the wrath of the heavens!

Li Mingqiong immediately woke up and the murderous intent in her eyes disappeared quickly. She hurriedly bowed towards the villa respectfully, “Great Zhous Li Mingqiong greets Immortal Venerable!”

Having escaped death, Pei Qingshu felt a lingering fear and hurriedly bowed, “Thank you for saving my life, Immortal Venerable.”

The wrath of an Immortal caused even the skies to change color!

This was undoubtedly an Immortals technique, an Immortals divine power!

The two of them bowed and kowtowed respectfully, but did not receive any response, nor did they see any figures.

However, none of them dared to act impudently anymore.

They didnt even dare to get up.

They all knelt there respectfully, waiting for theImmortal Venerable to reply.

Just now, one of them was confused about the situation while the other was overwhelmed with anger and hatred. That was why they started fighting.

In the end, both of them were just kids.

And after hearing that cold snort, they completely realized how powerful the owner of this place was.

Even the mighty figures from the Immortal sects could not change the weather with just a snort.

This was really an Immortal Venerable!

At this moment, Cui Heng fell into deep thought.

These two kids were different from Hong Fugui and Jiang Qiqi.

This time, one of them was from an aristocratic family, while the other was a princess. Furthermore, both of them possessed decent martial arts skills.

According to Cui Hengs standards, their strength was at least equivalent to the level from the Second to the Third layer of the Qi Refinement realm.

Considering the age of these two, possessing such strength was already very surprising.

What kind of world did they come from and what kind of martial arts did they cultivate?

This was what Cui Heng wanted to know more.

Especially the latter.

Now that Cui Heng had reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm, his Dao foundation had transformed into a golden ocean.

However, he had no idea how to ignite true fire, much less use true fire to calcine this sea into a Golden Core.

If the two of them came from a certain martial arts world or cultivation world, perhaps they could provide him with some inspiration and find a way to ignite his true fire.

However, these two people had extraordinary backgrounds and were knowledgeable. If they were really from a high-level world, it would not be easy for him to use the identity of an Immortal Venerate to get information from them with his mere peak Foundation Establishment cultivation.

Therefore, Cui Heng was not in a hurry to show his face, nor did he show much of his abilities.

Let the two children kneel outside for a night first.

“Tsk tsk, Fugui and Qiqi are still the best.” Cui Heng could not help but sigh.

Maybe it was because of their respect for the Immortal Venerable, or maybe it was because both of them had something to ask of him.

Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong obediently knelt outside the villa for an entire day and night until the next morning.

Finally, Cui Heng walked out. However, he did not look at the two of them.

Instead, he carried a basket to the yard to pick the vegetables as usual.

Pei Qingshus eyes almost popped out after seeing Cui Hengs actions.

This Immortal Venerable treated the immortal medicineVermillion Fruits like ordinary fruits. He simply threw them into the basket and returned to the villa.

Is this the life of an Immortal Venerable?

That was an immortal medicine that could revive the dead!

He treated them so casually?

As for Li Mingqiong, her attention was on Cui Hengs actions.

As an extremely talented martial arts genius, she felt that every move Cui Heng made seemed to contain the essence of martial arts.

Whether it was his steps in the vegetable garden, the way he plucked the tomatoes, or the way he placed the tomatoes in the basket… In Li Mingqiongs eyes, they were all some kind of supreme martial art.

Her eyes sparkled.

As expected of an Immortal Venerable, every movement was a great Dao!

“Get up.”

At this moment, Cui Hengs voice came from the villa.

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