Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 161 - Fengzhous State Overseer Cui Heng Deserves Death!

Chapter 160 Untitled

“Im from—”

Wang Dongyang subconsciously wanted to answer.

But then he realized what kind of situation he was in. He looked at this “giant” in disbelief and opened his mouth, but he could not make a sound.

This was a reaction of extreme shock.

The experience at this moment had completely exceeded his imagination.

He could not even tell if the other party was too big or if he had become smaller.

A senior Human Immortal like him and the two Human Immortals beside him were actually imprisoned in the palm of someones hand.

It was simply unbelievable!

Actually, they were not the only ones who were shocked. The people behind Cui Heng were also stunned.

Zheng Nanxun could not help but hold her breath as she stared fixedly at Cui Heng.

She was not far away and could easily see three little people standing in Cui Hengs palm.

Although they were called little people, they were three true Immortals from the Upper World!

They were at least Human Immortals!

This made her heart tremble, and she was shocked to the extreme.

Ancestral Grandmaster was too powerful! Although Zheng Nanxun had long known that her Ancestral Grandmaster should be incomparably powerful, this was the first time she had seen Cui Heng personally attack.

He could actually turn three Human Immortals into inch tall little people and imprison them on his palm.


Zhang Shuming was so excited that his entire body was trembling. He was exceedingly shocked and excited in his heart. He thought to himself, “Great Divine Power. This is definitely a Great Divine Power! Thats the power of shrinking a thousand miles of land. Only such a legendary Great Divine Power can shrink three Upper World Immortals into little people.”

The saying of shrinking and creating a miniature version of a thousand miles of land was not uncommon in the stories told by storytellers. Most of the Immortals and Buddhas in myths and legends had similar methods.

Originally, after Zhang Shuming heard these stories, he only laughed it off.

As a Deity Realm martial artist and the Sect Master of Daoyi Palace,

He knew very well how magical this method of affecting space was.

Not to mention Human Immortals and Earth Immortals, even Heaven Immortals could not do such an exaggerated thing.

Therefore, he had always thought that those overly exaggerated methods were just the delusions of storytellers and novelists.

However, after seeing Cui Heng, he felt that his previous understanding was being overturned bit by bit.

This time, it was completely shattered.

So there really was such a great divine power in the world!

It turned out that practicing martial arts could really allow one to become a legendary Immortal!

As for Hui Shi, Chen Tong, Liu Litao, and the others, they felt that their values had been reconstructed.

To them, the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World had always been high and mighty.

Even after witnessing the great power Cui Heng possessed, they still subconsciously feared the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World to a certain extent.

But just now, Cui Heng had simply raised his hand and grabbed at the sky. A huge hand that covered a radius of several kilometers condensed in the sky and even grabbed three Upper World Immortals out of the void.

The three Upper World Immortals were like three little chicks. From beginning to end, they did not show any ability to resist.

In fact, after the huge hand dissipated, the three Immortal Gods were reduced to inch tall people. It was impossible for them to escape.

Such a shocking scene made them involuntarily bow and kowtow to Cui Heng, shouting, “Immortal Venerable is mighty!”

Their shouts immediately woke up the citizens and soldiers who had fallen into an extremely shocked state under the sacrificial platform. They also knelt on the ground and shouted.

“Immortal Venerable is mighty!”

“Immortal Venerable is mighty!”


Actually, if it were the past Cui Heng, he really wouldnt be able to do such a thing. At most, he would punch the three of them out of the Lower World passageway. It was difficult to guarantee their survival.

However, after cultivating the Miniature Thousand Mile Court and Xiantian Grabbing Technique, he could easily capture people out of the spatial passageway. Turning Wang Dongyang and the others into one-inch figures was also a wonderful use of the Miniature Thousand Mile Court.

Actually, Wang Dongyang and the others had not changed much. They had just shrunk in size.

This was the same as a palm-sized Cosmic Bag containing tens of thousands of catties of food.


However, this method that Wang Dongyang and the others found unbelievable indeed brought them an unprecedented fear.

They collapsed weakly onto Cui Hengs palm. Their faces were pale and they did not dare to say a word.

Seeing how scared the three of them were, Cui Heng smiled and comforted them. “You dont have to be afraid. As long as you answer my questions truthfully, you might be able to live.”

Wang Dongyang and the other two were speechless.

What did he mean by there was no need to be afraid? Who wouldnt be afraid in such a situation?!

Now, they were all breaking down inside.

Didnt they say that there were no powerful inheritances or experts in Fengzhou? Wasnt it safer than other counties?

Why did such a ridiculous existence exist?!

The most ridiculous thing was that this expert was actually a State Overseer. He directly captured them at the sacrificial ceremony!

Since 3,000 years ago, nothing so ridiculous has ever happened!

Wang Dongyang even wanted to rush to the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace to question them. Who gave them the confidence to say that Fengzhou was relatively safe? They were captured before they could even walk out of the Lower World passageway. Was this called safe?!

How was it safe!

What a scam!

However, Wang Dongyang was a senior Human Immortal after all. He had been in charge of the Wang Family in Jiangdong for many years. No matter how devastated he was, he could not panic when something happened, especially when he was facing a life and death crisis.

Hence, after Cui Heng asked a second time, he finally suppressed the surging emotions in his heart and bowed respectfully. “Wang Dongyang of the Wang Family of Jiangdong greets Exalted Immortal.”

Following that, the two Human Immortals behind him also reacted and hurriedly bowed.

Their attitudes were extremely humble and respectful.

They had to be respectful!

“Wang Family of Jiangdong?” Cui Heng immediately laughed when he heard that. He nodded lightly and said, “Looks like Im really fated with your Wang Family. Wang Donglin is your younger brother?”

“Donglin?” Wang Dongyang was stunned, but he was not happy at all. Instead, he became even more nervous and probed, “Exalted Immortal, you know Donglin? Hes my seventh brother.”

“Thats right.” Cui Heng chuckled. “In that case, Ill send you to a family reunion.” “???” Wang Dongyang immediately turned pale with fright and hurriedly said, “Exalted Immortal, spare me! Exalted Immortal, listen to me. Although Wang Donglin and I are brothers, we dont get along well. Theres also quite a bit of friction. I definitely wont hate Exalted Immortal because of him…”

He thought that Cui Heng had already killed Wang Donglin. Now, he wanted to kill them all and send them to “reunite” with Wang Donglin.

“When did I say I wanted to kill you?” Cui Heng put on a puzzled expression. Then, he said to Wang Dongyang with a faint smile, “Wang Donglin is working for me. Is there a lot of friction between the two of you?”

“…” Wang Dongyang was stunned. He wished he could slap himself.

He realized that he was actually still panicking. He actually confessed everything before the other party could explain clearly.

This was the end.

“Alright, I wont tease you anymore,” Cui Heng suddenly said. After the stimulation of his words just now, he had already collected enough green and gray light from Wang Dongyang and the other two. These two Light of Seven Emotions had finally reached the perfected seven feet.

With a wave of his hand, he threw Wang Dongyang and the other two to the ground, returning them to their normal size. He said in a low voice, “Hui Shi, bring these three back to the government office first.”

“Yes, Master Immortal!” Hui Shi immediately stepped forward.

He was not afraid of Wang Dongyang and the others identities as Upper World Immortals at all. He took out a rope and tied their hands together.

Then, like pulling sheep, they were pulled down from the sacrificial platform.

When Cui Heng released the shackles on Wang Dongyang and the other two, he used his Dharmic powers to seal the True Essence in their bodies and weakened their muscles and bones.

At this moment, these three Human Immortals were even inferior to Profound Gate Realm martial artists.

It was naturally impossible for them to resist Hui Shis power.

Wang Dongyang and the other two Human Immortals, who should have the bearings of Immortals from the Upper World, had been pulled down to the mortal world. Just like that, under the gazes of tens of thousands of commoners, they were dragged by Hui Shi towards the State Overseers Office.

Such a situation caused the commoners to boil with excitement again. They, who were originally kneeling and kowtowing to Cui Heng and calling him Immortal Venerable, began a new round of kowtowing.

In the hearts of these commoners, Cui Heng had really become a Supreme Immortal.

Otherwise, how could he casually capture the Immortals and Gods of the Upper World?

Cui Heng turned around and looked at the scene below the sacrificial platform. He sighed slightly in his heart, but he did not stop them. After a while, he stepped forward and shouted,

“Fellow villagers, Ive already said that I wont let you come for nothing. Later, the bailiffs will send food over. Everyone will get one unit.”

This was a promise he had made to the people before he organized the sacrificial ceremony.

Otherwise, the people would have worked hard for nothing. This was also one of his orders, so he naturally had to implement it.

Moreover, food was the easiest thing for him to make.

There was no cost at all.

This naturally caused the citizens to cheer again.

The red and white lights gathered over in wisps, and he was getting closer and closer to reaching the perfected seven feet.


At the same time that Hui Shi pulled Wang Dongyang and the other two off the sacrificial platform.

On the other hand, the atmosphere at the Imperial City of the Central Continent was rather tense.

Emperor Wei Yi was very flexible. After kneeling on the ground and bowing to White Tiger Child, the Upper World Earth Immortal finally restrained himself and walked down from the golden carriage.

However, White Tiger Child did not seem satisfied with this.

After he arrived at the mound, he looked back at his golden carriage and frowned slightly. Then, he turned to Wei Yi and said, “Hey, Barbarian Chief, why is your country so weak? Are you trash?”

As soon as these words were spoken, be it Chu Yuanliang, who was behind Wei Yi, or the other civil and military officials, they could not help but clench their fists. They felt suffocated.

As the saying went, if a Dao Lord insulted the subjects and said that the Emperor was trash, then what were they?

Large pieces of trash?!

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