Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 164 - Yellow-scarved Strongmans Fist (2)

Chapter 163 Yellow-scarved Strongmans Fist

White Tiger Child had lived for more than a hundred years. Before this, he had never experienced what fear was.

His father was an Earth Immortal, and his mother was also an Earth Immortal. Moreover, both of them were elders of the Beast Taming Immortal Sect and had high statuses.

Therefore, ever since White Tiger Child was born, he had been living among the stars.

When he was seven years old, he accidentally signed a spirit contract with a white tiger divine beast cub and became even more special.

Even the Deva Realm Sect Master of the Beast Taming Immortal Sect had taken him in as a foster son.

In the entire Heavenly Void World, not many people could compare to such an identity.

Just like that, White Tiger Child cultivated very smoothly.

He had never encountered any bottlenecks or difficulties.

In just 150 years, he had become an Earth Immortal.

This was a cultivation speed that most martial artists did not even dare to think about.

Therefore, White Tiger Child had always felt that he was favored by the heavens and was the darling of nature. Everything in the world should revolve around him.

In such an environment and mental state, he had never known what fear was.

He had taken the initiative to come to the Lower World.

His goal was just to come to the Lower World to relax.

With just this reason, could he succeed with the application?

But one only needed to look at his parents and his adoptive fathers identity.

These people naturally would not refuse White Tiger Childs request.

Moreover, from their perspective, letting White Tiger Child descend to the Lower World could be considered as broadening his horizons.

They had not considered any danger at all.

After all, this was an Earth Immortal with ten Human Immortals and a Deva Realm Immortal artifact. Who could stop him in a small Lower World?

Clearly, White Tiger Child thought so too.

Before the appearance of the Yellow-scarved Strongman, he really did not think that anyone in this world could threaten him.

But now, he finally understood what extreme fear was.

Especially after the three Human Immortal White Tigers were injured and killed and the ten Human Immortal guards were seriously injured and vomited blood, the fear in his heart grew even stronger.

However, compared to when he first saw the Yellow-scarved Strongman, White Tiger Child had already recovered from his original extreme fear and was no longer stunned on the spot.

“Golden Carriage!”

White Tiger Child shouted loudly and raised his hand to grab the Golden Rainbow Carriage.

The golden carriage immediately emitted an incomparably bright golden light. It was even more powerful than when it was activated by the ten Human Immortals.

Thousands of phantom beasts flew out from inside. They were more corporeal than before, and there were more of them. The fluctuations they emitted were naturally stronger.

These mutated beasts were all strange and had different characteristics. In the blink of an eye, they surrounded the Yellow-scarved Strongman, leaving almost no gaps.

From the perspective of the outside, the Yellow-scarved Strongman could no longer be seen.

If this was a normal process, the Yellow-scarved Strongman would have been eaten up by these mutated beast phantoms, leaving not even a corpse behind. His cultivation would have been turned into sheep dung that nourished the golden carriage.

White Tiger Child finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this. He sneered and said, “Damn thing, you actually dare to injure my guards. Lets see if you can still overturn the sky under the power of this Deva Immortal Artifact…”


A sudden loud bang interrupted White Tiger Childs words. It was the phantom beasts surrounding the Yellow-scarved Strongmen that had exploded at the same time.

Accompanied by the eruption of a dark golden light, the tall figure of the Yellow-scarved Strongman suddenly expanded. The power of this expansion instantly crushed those mutated beast phantoms.

Although the Deva Immortal Artifact was also a treasure equivalent to the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm, compared to the Yellow-scarved Strongman, who could be said to have reached the peak of the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm in the path of the physical body, it was simply like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, completely overestimating its own strength.

Moreover, after the Yellow-scarved Strongman crushed the mutated beasts shadows, it did not stop attacking. It strode forward and suddenly punched out, smashing fiercely against the Golden Rainbow Carriage.


The golden light on the Deva Immortal Artifact was blown up by the dark golden fist.

In front of the Yellow-scarved Strongmans absolute strength, the various phenomena were like paper and had no resistance at all.

After the light dissipated, the original body of the golden carriage was exposed.

However, the Yellow-scarved Strongman did not destroy it further. Instead, he suddenly grabbed the shaft of the carriage and raised the Golden Rainbow Carriage above his head with one hand.

Then, he suddenly threw it down from the sky.

Only, the Golden Rainbow Carriage did not fall to the ground. When the Yellow-scarved Strongman threw it down, he attached a trace of Dharmic powers to it.

When the golden carriage was less than 100 feet away from the ground, this trace of Dharmic powers played its role, causing the carriage to gently descend into the courtyard of the State Overseers Office like a feather.

White Tiger Child was stunned again.

The Deva Immortal Artifact, the Golden Rainbow Carriage, was one of his trump cards. But now, not only had this trump card been easily broken by the other party, even the carriage had been snatched away.

“Why, why is there such a thing?!” White Tiger Child suddenly roared. He looked at the Yellow-scarved Strongman in disbelief. “Deva, youre a Deva! Why would a Deva appear in such a place?!”

At this moment, his heart was broken.

He originally thought that an Earth Immortal like him would definitely be invincible in a place where the strongest was only at the Deity Realm.

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