Chapter 164 Yellow-scarved Strongmans Fist (2)

But now, a Deva had suddenly appeared?!

There was actually a Deva in the Lower World!

This didnt make sense!

He could not accept it!

However, the Yellow-scarved Strongmans actions were not up to him.

After throwing the Golden Rainbow Carriage down from the sky, the 16.5-meter-tall dark golden giant looked at White Tiger Child again.

Before he even attacked, White Tiger Child felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

“No, no, no! I cant die. How can I die in such a place?!”

He shook his head desperately and retreated step by step. At the same time, the True Essence in his body circulated almost crazily. Soon, it reached a peak. In the end, he could only shout with all his might, “White Tiger!!”

Before he could finish his sentence


A loud bang suddenly sounded in the world. The air within a 1,000-foot radius was stirred up, creating a hurricane out of thin air.

Moreover, this hurricane was not limited to the sky.

It also affected the ground.

Strong winds swept through Changfeng Prefecture City. Trees bent and houses swayed. If an ordinary person stood in such a wind, they would be blown to the ground.

However, the hurricane only affected the situation on the ground for an instant.

After that, a soft knock on the table came from the State Overseers Office.

The hurricane in the city stopped abruptly.

It was as if it had never appeared.

If not for the fact that they could see the wind and clouds surging in the sky, many people would even think that they had just felt an illusion.

At this moment, a huge mutated beast phantom had already appeared behind White Tiger Child.

There were black patterns on the white fur, and it looked like a ferocious tiger. It stepped on the storm and spat out sword light!

A White Tiger!

Unlike the three white tiger spirit beasts that had been killed by the Yellow-scarved Strongman earlier, this white tiger not only had powerful strength, but it also grasped a portion of the power of laws.

This was a true divine beast.

However, it was still a cub.

Moreover, because it was too young, it had to stay in White Tiger Childs body. It could only summon some phantoms at most.

However, even if it was just a phantom, it still possessed strength comparable to a Deva. “Roar!”

The White Tiger phantom roared angrily behind White Tiger Child.

With this roar, endless storms condensed and wrapped around White Tiger Child, preventing external objects from approaching

The wind follows the tiger!

At this moment, White Tiger Child finally heaved a sigh of relief. He retreated slightly and hid behind the White Tiger phantom, shouting, “You big guy, youre Cui Hengs backer, right?!

Its good that you took the initiative to jump out. It saves me the effort of looking for you. Ill watch you be bitten and eaten by my White Tiger with my own eyes! Then, Ill kill Cui Heng!”

He tried to calm his excessive fear through these mocking words.

Unfortunately, the Yellow-scarved Strongman did not have intelligence and could not understand White Tiger Childs emotions.

However, it could read some of the information from the outside world.

For example, what White Tiger Child said about “killing Cui Heng”. Hence, the Yellow-scarved Strongman moved again. He still raised his fist and smashed down. It was a direct punch without any fancy moves.

It was absolute power!


With a loud bang, the hurricane wrapped around White Tiger Child was instantly broken. At the same time, the White Tiger phantom in front of him dissipated.

This fist that was suffused with a dark golden light smashed onto White Tiger Childs body.

“How is this possible?! Why, why is this happening?!”

White Tiger Child roared crazily in his heart. He could not accept the current situation. Ever since he was young, he had been the center of attention and thought of himself as the favored child of the heavens.

But it was only at this moment that he truly understood that he was nothing.

After leaving the environment that protected him in every way, he was useless.

When facing a truly powerful enemy, he could only wait for death.

“Am, am I going to die?!”

White Tiger Childs consciousness was a little blurry. He felt extreme pain all over his body. All his bones had shattered, and his entire body felt like it was about to split open.

Under the punch of the Yellow-scarved Strongman, his body had been completely destroyed.

At this moment, White Tiger Child only retained the appearance of a human.

Everything inside had been shattered.

He was about to die.

“To think that I promised the Emperor to kill Cui Heng. I didnt expect to break my promise…” A thought suddenly appeared in White Tiger Childs heart.

At the last moment of his life, he actually thought of this.

However, he did not know that Wei Yi had been using words to lure him into making the decision to come here to kill Cui Heng.

Next, as long as the Yellow-scarved Strongman threw another punch, he would die.

But at this moment, the Yellow-scarved Strongman suddenly stopped attacking White Tiger Child and even released a stream of Dharmic powers to help stabilize his injuries.

Immediately after, after receiving the basic treatment, the White Tiger cub in White Tiger Childs body began to play its role.

Thick Qi and blood power circulated on the White Tiger cubs body and began to repair his body.

In the blink of an eye, White Tiger Childs body went from being on the verge of death to having a trace of vitality, and finally quickly healing until he was only in a heavily injured state.

Although his injuries were still extremely serious, he would not die.

“Alright, bring him down.”

Cui Hengs voice sounded in the Yellow-scarved Strongmans ears. The reason why it stopped attacking and started treating White Tiger Child was because it heard Cui Hengs orders.

Hence, it grabbed White Tiger Childs neck and held him in its hand, as if it was holding a little chick.

With his other hand, he grabbed the 10 severely injured Human Immortals.

Then, he descended from the sky.


Inside the State Overseers Office.

Whether it was Zheng Nanxun, Zhang Shuming, Liu Yiyun, Hui Shi, Chen Tong, Liu Litao, and the others, they were still immersed in extreme shock.

The battle scene in the sky just now was too exaggerated. Wind and clouds surged, and light shone everywhere. They were clearly fighting in the sky, but it had an extremely intense effect on the ground below.

Was this really something a human could do?

Was this the power of an Earth Immortal?

When the Yellow-scarved Strongman descended with White Tiger Child in one hand and 10 Human Immortals in the other, they felt their minds buzzing.

An Earth Immortal and 10 Human Immortals!

In the hands of the Yellow-scarved Strongman, they were like a bunch of chickens, ducks, and geese that he had brought back from outside.

This was too ridiculous!

And such an expert had to call Cui Heng Master Immortal!

“How… powerful is Ancestral Grandmaster?” Zheng Nanxun couldnt help but sigh.

Too powerful, too powerful!


White Tiger Child was flung down in front of Cui Heng like a rag doll.

The other 10 Human Immortals were still in its hands because it had yet to figure out what to do with them.

At this moment, the people standing beside Cui Heng were none other than Wang Dongyang and the other two.

At this moment, Wang Dongyang was completely stunned.

He looked at the heavily injured White Tiger Child on the ground in disbelief.

This prodigy from the Beast Taming Immortal Sect had actually been captured?!

Cui Heng noticed the change in Wang Dongyangs emotions and chuckled. “Why? Do you know this kid?”

Wang Dongyang hurriedly said humbly, “Exalted Immortal, this child is the adopted son of the Sect Master of one of the Nine Immortal Sects, the Beast Taming Immortal Sect. His parents are also elders of the Beast Taming Immortal Sect, and his identity is extraordinary…”

After Cui Heng heard Wang Dongyangs words, he nodded repeatedly and said to the White Tiger Child, “Since you have such an identity, you should know how many people came to the Heavenly Void World this time and what level they are at.”

“Hmph!” White Tiger Child only snorted coldly and did not answer.


At this moment, heavy footsteps sounded. It was the Yellow-scarved Strongman walking over slowly from afar, approaching White Tiger Child step by step.

When White Tiger Child heard this sound and saw this scene, his body could not help but tremble. He let out a long sigh and said, “I indeed know about the situation of the people descending to the Lower World this time.”

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