sitors who came to offer incense were frightened.

After all, that Arhat was known as the incarnation of Buddha Baolin in the mortal world.

Even the incarnation of Buddha could die suddenly, so how could they protect others?

In addition, Zen Master Dufa, who had once been heavily promoted by the Baolin Buddhist Hall to recruit believers wantonly, suddenly “died in meditation”, causing the reputation of the Baolin Buddhist Hall to plummet.

Many visitors did not want to go.

Just like that, the number one holy land of Buddhism in the world became deserted in just half a month.

In the past, no one would have believed it.

After the 12 Bodhisattvas descended from the Upper World and saw this situation, they initially thought that they had come to the wrong place.

After asking the current abbot, Kong Hui, they were finally convinced that this was the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

Kong Hui was originally the former abbot of the Baolin Buddhist Hall and one of the nine Divine Monks who lived in seclusion.

In terms of seniority, he was Monk Dufas Martial Nephew. He had already abdicated decades ago and handed the position of Abbot to his disciple.

However, in the past few months, there have been many major events. The abbot felt even more powerless.

Finally, after the Bodhisattva Jade Bone appeared and the Arhat descended from the sky, the abbot felt that he could no longer manage the current Baolin Buddhist Hall well, so he took the initiative to ask to step down from the position of abbot.

That was indeed the case. At this special time when the 100-year period had arrived, the martial world was no longer as calm as before. Deity Realm experts who were treated as martial arts legends in the past had appeared one after another. They indeed needed a powerful abbot.

Hence, the previous abbot, Kong Hui, walked to the front of the stage again and changed from the previous abbot to the current substitute abbot.

Not long after, Zen Master Dufa and the Arhat died.

Two big pots were placed on Kong Huis head.

Even the 12 Bodhisattvas were questioning him after they descended. Why did he manage the once number one Buddhist Holy Land in the world into such a state? Faced with this situation, there was only one thing Kong Hui could do.

He would try his best to push the blame to Cui Heng.

Actually, the sudden death of Arhat Xuankong was very strange. No one knew what was going on.

However, to Monk Kong Hui, the truth was not important. It was fine as long as he could get rid of the blame on him.

Since Monk Dufa had fallen in Cui Hengs hands, it should not be a problem for him to blame the death of Bodhisattva Xuankong on him.

Unexpectedly, he had hit the nail on the head. Moreover, Cui Hengs relationship with the Immortal Dawn Sect and Daoyi Palace was almost obvious.

Therefore, after the twelve Bodhisattvas understood this situation, they immediately identified Cui Heng as the number one enemy of this Lower World operation.

After an entire day of discussion, the twelve Bodhisattvas came up with a strategy to join forces with the four Immortal sects and lead many aristocratic families to first kill Cui Heng, then destroy the Immortal Dawn Sect and finally destroy the Daoyi Palace.

Then the next problem was to inform the other forces of this strategy.

It would be best if they could find a place to sit down and discuss the details of the operation.

Regarding the choice of this place, the meeting hall of the Baolin Buddhist Hall had been arguing for a few days.

The reason was very simple. The 12 Bodhisattvas each had their own opinions, and there was no way to unite them.

And they were all on the same level as each other. They didnt even have a nominal leader, so they couldnt make a decision in a short period of time.

That was because the person who made the final decision this time was most likely the person in charge of the operation in the future.

This simple negotiation decision was essentially the 12 Bodhisattvas fighting for the right to lead.

Naturally, they argued endlessly.

However, there were no more arguments in the meeting hall today. The 12 Bodhisattvas gazes were all on the substitute abbot, Kong Hui.

Monk Kong Huis eyes widened, but he still took a deep breath and said, “Bodhisattvas, I just received news that the Wang Family of Langya wants to hold a banquet to discuss the attack.

“This banquet is specially held to suppress Cui Heng. It will invite everyone in the world who wants to kill Cui Heng. They have already sent invitations to the various aristocratic families, the five Immortal Sects that have descended to the Lower World, and our Baolin Buddhist Hall.

“May I know what you all think?”

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