Chapter 16: A World Close to the Immortal World

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After a night of mental adjustment.

Be it Pei Qingshu or Li Mingqiong, both of them were like obedient babies.

Even though they had gotten Cui Hengs permission to stand up, they did not dare to enter the villa directly. They waited for Cui Hengs permission before entering.

Immediately after stepping into the villa, the artificial intelligence sprite that automatically greeted them shocked them immensely.

Immortal Artifact!

Numinous Treasure!

The names of various treasures appeared in their minds.

In their understanding, only immortal artifacts or spirit treasures possessed intelligence, could speak on their own, and could respond automatically to a person.

This made Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong feel that Cui Heng was very unfathomable. They even guessed that he was an old monster that had survived from the ancient era to the mythical era.

After all, the might displayed by this Immortal Venerable, the Dao resonance contained in his every move, and this house that was suspected to be an Immortal Artifact, had far exceeded their understanding.

As the eldest son of a top aristocratic family and the most favored Princess of the current dynasty, the two of them had access to a wide range of information, but they had never heard of such a great figure in the world.

Even those old seniors who were rumored to be living in seclusion within the great Immortal sects were unable to compare to him.

This was definitely an unknown supreme existence.

Because of this, the two enemies reached a consensus.

Coming here and meeting this Immortal Venerable was definitely an unparalleled immortal opportunity. It was a blessing that they had encountered after accumulating for countless lifetimes!

Thus, Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong greatly treasured this opportunity, and they became extremely careful in their actions as they were deeply afraid of offending Cui Heng and losing this opportunity.

When the two of them arrived at the villa, they didnt even dare to sit down without Cui Hengs permission. They stood at the corner of the wall like kids being punished.

This situation was slightly out of Cui Hengs expectations.

Originally, he only wanted to let the two children stay outside for a while to let them understand what respect was. He didnt expect the effect to be so good.

“Could it be that the more one knows, the easier it is for one to over-imagine?” Cui Heng thought to himself. He was cutting tomatoes and preparing to make tomato and scrambled eggs with noodles for breakfast.

He sliced the two tomatoes into tiny pieces with a knife and directly threw them into the pan to stir-fry. The fragrance soon floated out of the kitchen.

To Pei Qingshu, this scene was simply earth-shattering.

That was an immortal medicine!

It was the Vermilion Fruit!

It was one thing to pick them so casually earlier, but now, they were being fried like vegetables?!

This was too ridiculous!

Li Mingqiong, on the other hand, was completely focused on Cui Hengs cooking, as if she was trying to comprehend some martial arts from it.

A moment later, a plate of steaming scrambled eggs with tomatoes was ready.

Cui Heng brought the dish to the dining table and glanced at Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong. He chuckled. “Tell me, where did you come from and why did you become enemies? Let the younger one speak first.”

Pei Qingshu was about to speak when he heard the last sentence and quickly shut up.

Li Mingqiong was happy and said respectfully, “Yes, Master Immortal.”

Then, she told Cui Heng a story.

The Emperor of the Great Zhou had three sons and five daughters. Princess Yongan, Li Mingqiong, had the most optimal age among them and was also the most favored. She was the only Princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty who had received the gift of the Nine Plum Blossoms Jade Hairpin.

She and Third Prince Li Mingcheng were born to the same mother. Although they were ten years apart in age, they had a very good relationship since they were young. No matter what happened, Li Mingcheng would protect her and take care of her.

But on the day of her sixth birthday, Li Mingcheng suddenly bade her farewell and said that he was going to do something very important. From then on, he never came back.

To think that a grand Prince of a dynasty would disappear just like that!

Later, Li Mingqiong made use of the advantage of her young age to pretend to be innocent and asked for a lot of information. After half a year of investigation, she finally learned the truth.

It turned out that an Immortal sects mighty figure had discovered an ancient mystic realm that might contain treasures left behind from the mythical era.

However, this mystic realm had to be bathed with the blood of a special physique before it could be opened.

This physique was the Origin Ancient Saint Body.

In the entire Great Zhou, only Prince Li Mingcheng had this physique.

Hence, under the orders of a powerful being from the Immortal sect, many aristocratic families joined forces to force the Great Zhou Imperial Family to hand over Prince Li Mingcheng.

The founding of the Great Zhou Imperial Family was due to the support of many aristocratic families. The royal familys power was too limited. In addition to the will of the Immortal sects, they had no choice but to hand Li Mingcheng over.

In order to protect the Imperial Familys face and not completely fall out with them, the various families also guaranteed that they would not let Prince Li Mingcheng lose his life.

However, the dangers of the ancient mystic realm far exceeded everyones expectations. The moment the mystic realm opened, Li Mingcheng vanished without a trace.

All the aristocratic families had also sensed the danger, but due to the will of the Immortal sects mighty figures, they could only brace themselves and enter to explore.

This exploration was a huge blow.

10 Deity Realm experts and three Human Immortals died on the spot!

Although the remaining Deity Realm experts and Human Immortals were lucky enough to escape, they were all severely injured and on the verge of death. The power of the aristocratic families plummeted.

Even the powerful beings from the Immortal sects who had instructed them to explore the mystic realm had shut themselves away.

The power of the Great Zhou Imperial Family could finally completely suppress the aristocratic families.

However, the dynastys Emperor didnt want to directly fall out with them and didnt make a move.

In order to avenge her brother, Li Mingqiong continued investigating and found out that the person who invited Li Mingcheng was the eldest son of the Pei family of Linjiang, Pei Qingshu. Hence, she begged the Emperor of the Great Zhou every day.

Even if they could not punish all the aristocratic families, they should at least punish some of them first.

In the end, two years ago, the Emperor of the Great Zhou finally could not stand Li Mingqiongs persistent requests anymore and ordered the Imperial Court to issue a royal decree to the third-ranked aristocratic family, Linjiangs Pei Clan.

The eldest son of the Pei family, Pei Qingshu, invited Prince Li Mingcheng out and caused the Prince to go missing. His life and death were unknown and as such, hed committed a serious crime.

His status as a direct descendant was stripped, and his martial arts crippled. In addition, his legs were broken so that he lost the ability to walk. This was to let him avoid making another mistake in the future.

At the same time, Li Mingqiong was also diligently cultivating her martial arts. She was planning to kill her way to these aristocratic families and avenge her elder brother when she had mastered her martial arts one day!

When she spoke to the last part, Pei Qingshu was fuming with anger. He gritted his teeth and almost cursed out loud.

What did this matter have to do with him?!

He was merely acting on the orders of the Patriarch!

But with Cui Heng around, he didnt dare to make a sound.

“At the end of the day, they are just sacrifices in a power struggle.” Cui Heng understood the essence of this very clearly.

However, he was more concerned about the information that Li Mingqiong mentioned.

Immortal Sects, Almighties, Sacred Bodies, Mystic Realms, Mythical Era, Deity Realm, Human Immortal… This sounded like a Xianxia story.

Ordinary human worlds wouldnt have such things.

Could it be that these two people actually came from a world that was of a higher level than the ordinary Mortal Realm, and it was even to the extent that it was close to the Immortal Realm?

That kind of world was much more dangerous than an ordinary Mortal Realm world!

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