Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 172 - Inner Demon Bewitchment Welcome Nine Fire Flame Dragon! (2)

ation of the Nascent Soul realm will be like. I reckon it wont just be the accumulation of Dharmic powers.”

As his cultivation deepened, he increasingly felt that purely accumulating Dharmic powers and tempering his soul could only increase his strength, but it could not achieve a qualitative leap.

The process of reaching the Nascent Soul realm from the Grand Completion Golden Core realm was proof.

The path of cultivation was not a simple process of accumulation and growth. It also involved some mysterious methods.

“If Im not wrong, cultivation from the early-stage Nascent Soul realm will most likely involve some relatively profound cultivation methods.” Cui Heng pondered.

“If I had to comprehend the Dao on my own, Im afraid I might not even be able to succeed in a thousand or ten thousand years. Fortunately, theres the Primary Grade Immortal Technique. After I successfully nurture a Nascent Soul, I can just flip through


Now, he was not far from the Nascent Soul realm.

The Light of Seven Emotions had already reached five levels of Perfection. The only emotions missing were the white light that symbolizes love and the red light that symbolizes joy.

The former was six feet and one inch, while the latter was six feet and nine inches. It was only a matter of time before he reached perfection in all of them.

After that, he only needed to enter seclusion for 49 days to nurture a Nascent Soul.

“I wonder if the Immortals and Buddhas in Langya can provide me with some Light of Seven Emotions before they die?” The corners of Cui Hengs mouth curled up slightly as he looked in the direction of Yanzhou.

Three feet above Wang Dongyangs head, there was a Seven Emotions Divine Spirit that also extended as his consciousness.

Therefore, even though he was sitting in the official office of Changfeng Prefecture City, he could still see the scene in Langya County.

Although Cui Heng was afraid of the Upper World because there were too many unknowns in the Upper World, this did not prevent him from slaughtering the Immortals and Buddhas who had descended to the Lower World.

After all, he had basically figured out the Lower World. After talking to White Tiger Child and Wang Dongyang, those so-called Upper World Immortals and Buddhas no longer had any secrets in his eyes.

Naturally, they should be destroyed.

Although he was cautious, there was no reason for him to hide when something happened.

He was not worried that a Nascent Soul expert would suddenly appear from the Heavenly Void World.

If they could really descend at will.

The Immortal Dawn Sect would have ceased to exist a hundred years ago. In Cui Hengs opinion, this Lower World was relatively safe.


The Langya County City today was very different from before.

Whether it was on the city gate tower or the houses along the streets of the city, red lanterns were hung up. Many auspicious words were written in gold powder, and it was very festive.

This made the citizens in the city feel like it was the new year.

Of course, the most different thing was the auspicious clouds that fell from the sky from time to time.

The commoners could not help but kneel on the ground and worship the sky.

To ordinary people, these big shots who could ride the clouds and fly were Immortals.

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