Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 174 - We Are All Willing to Follow Exalted Immortal

Chapter 173 Inner Demon Bewitchment, Welcome, Nine Fire Flame Dragon! (3)

They could not be disrespectful to an Immortal.

However, the people from the Immortal sects who came to attend the banquet actually did not have the ability to ride the clouds.

This was something that only a Deva could do.

They had basically used the Immortal artifacts they had brought down from the Upper World to achieve a similar effect.

Although it was a little hypocritical, everyone did it, so naturally, no one said anything.

If they didnt do this, they would instead appear to be abnormal.

The five Bodhisattvas of the Baolin Buddhist Hall were the last to arrive. They were Ji De, Jitong, and Ji Feng, along with two other monks.

“Senior Bodhisattvas have graced us with your presence. Please forgive me for not coming out to welcome you.” Wang Dongyang welcomed them warmly, and Wang Donglin followed at the side.

“Mn.” Monk Zi De didnt even look at the two of them as he nodded and sat down.

Jitong, Ji Feng, and the other two monks only glanced at the two of them and nodded lightly. Clearly, they did not take them seriously.

Wang Donglin and Wang Dongyang were not angry at all.

They could not help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw the five bald men sit down.

They did not let Exalted Immortal down.

Before the arrival of the five Bodhisattvas from the Baolin Buddhist Hall, the Beast Taming Immortal Sect, Emperor Jianyan Wei Yi, the aristocratic families who had received the invitation, as well as the four Immortal Sects, the Tianhe Saint Sect, the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion, White Cloud City, and the Void Dao Sect, had already taken their seats.

The arrival of the five Bodhisattvas also attracted everyones attention.

Whether it was the aristocratic families, the few Immortal sects, or Wei Yi, who had decided to attend the banquet at the last minute, they all looked at them.

“Everyone!” At this moment, Wang Dongyang walked to the center of the banquet venue. He looked around and smiled. “First of all, thank you for coming here to support and attend this banquet. I have something very important to tell everyone.”

The five Bodhisattvas closed their eyes slightly and did not listen to what he was saying at all. The aristocratic families and the few Immortal sects were also a little impatient. They did not come here to listen to such nonsense. Only Emperor Wei Yi and White Tiger Child listened with interest.

“What I want to tell everyone is…”

Wang Dongyang suddenly paused. His clothes were faintly burning with flames, and his expression was solemn. “This banquet is not to suppress Cui Heng, but to kill all of you here!”

After everyone arrived, he revealed his true intentions.

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire place fell silent. Everyone looked at Wang Dongyang in disbelief, almost thinking that they were hallucinating.

Was this person crazy?

“Heh, ridiculous!” Monk Zi De was the first to stand up. He spoke to the four junior brothers beside him. “Is this the kind of banquet you want us to come to? How laughable!”

Jitong, Ji Feng, and the others were speechless. Their gazes towards Wang Dongyang were filled with killing intent.

“Amitabha!” Monk Zi De pressed his palms together and chanted a Buddhist proclamation. He turned to look at Wang Dongyang and said in a low voice, “So youre already controlled by Cui Heng, this evil demon. This poor monk shall purify you.”

With that, the Buddhist light around his body surged, and he was about to attack Wang Dongyang

“Bald donkey, Im under the orders of the Exalted Immortal to kill all of you here. Not only did you not repent on the spot, you actually dared to attack me?!”

Wang Dongyang was not afraid at all when facing a Bodhisattva. After cursing loudly, he suddenly cupped his hands and bowed to the void. “Welcome, Nine Fire Flame Dragon!”


At this moment, a dragon roar resounded in all directions. An extremely strong red light flickered as it suddenly burst out from Wang Dongyangs body.

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