Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 176 - Unparalleled Demon Heavens Wrath Lightning

Chapter 175 An Existence Sealed Since Ancient Times

“The red light is perfected.”

Cui Heng looked into his dantian. Six of the Seven Emotions Light around his Golden Core had already reached seven feet.

Only the white light that symbolizes love was left.

“As expected, its not difficult to make these Immortals and Buddhas from the Upper World feel joy, but its indeed not easy to make them respect and love me.”

Cui Heng opened his eyes and woke up from his meditation. He thought to himself, “However, the various places are already implementing my new policies. The white light continues to grow every day. It wont take long for it to reach the height of five inches.”

Then, he walked out of the inner hall of the government office and looked up at the clear sky. He suddenly raised his right hand and clenched it in the direction of Yanzhou.

At the same time, his left hand formed a seal.

The citizens of Changfeng Prefecture immediately felt a wave of pressure coming from the sky.

It was as if someone was looking down from the sky.

However, this feeling only existed for a moment. Most people thought that they were hallucinating, so they did not care.

“So this is the Heavenly Heart Technique,” Cui Heng muttered.

Just now, while his six types of Seven Emotions Light were perfected, he had finally broken through the initial mastery of the Five Thunder Heavenly Heart Technique.

He had truly cultivated this spell to the Beginner stage.


To these aristocratic families from the Heavenly Void World, they no longer had a choice.

They could only follow Cui Heng. Only then would they have a way out.

They already knew the methods the Immortal sects used to oppress the aristocratic families. If they returned to the Heavenly Void World and spread this news, it would definitely cause a huge commotion.

Indeed, in this world where power belonged to one person, even if all the aristocratic families joined forces, they might not be able to compare to a Heaven Immortal.

However, if all the aristocratic families of the Heavenly Void World caused trouble and tried their best to stand up, it would greatly affect the source of the Nine Immortal Sects Heaven Dew Crystals.

Therefore, it was impossible for the Earth Immortals of the Immortal sects and the Bodhisattvas of the Buddhist sects to let them return to the Heavenly Void World alive.

They would definitely make them stay in the Lower World forever.

Only the dead could really keep a secret. If they did not follow Cui Heng, they would definitely die.

Coincidentally, Wang Dongyang had expressed Cui Hengs intentions. He only wanted to kill the people from the Immortal sects and Buddhist monasteries. He did not have to kill the people from the aristocratic families.

If they didnt cast their lots now, when would they do it?

The people from the aristocratic families naturally chose to join Cui Heng.

Other than White Tiger Child, the faces of all the people from the Immortal sects present turned green with anger.

All along, they had only treated the aristocratic families as their dogs.

Now, these dogs actually betrayed their owners to the face.

This was a ruthless slap to their faces!

However, they did not dare to show it.

The terrifying aura and pressure displayed by the little Fire Dragon were still deeply imprinted in their hearts, making them feel incomparably terrified.

A Heaven Immortal!

This was a terrifying existence that could easily kill them all!

Wang Dongyang looked at the many aristocratic families who had knelt down and was very satisfied with this result. He nodded slightly and said, “Theres no need to kneel. Get up.

“Im just passing on Exalted Immortals words. In the end, only Exalted Immortal can protect you. After this matter is over, Ill bring you to Changfeng Prefecture to meet Exalted Immortal.”

“Thank you, Sir Wang!”

“Thank you, Sir Wang!” Everyone thanked him and moved to stand behind Wang Dongyang, which was the opposite of the people from the Immortal sects and Bodhisattvas from the Buddhist sects.

The people from the four Immortal sects did not dare to say anything.

At this moment, Emperor Wei Yi suddenly stood up and said to Wang Dongyang, “Can I go to Changfeng Prefecture with them?”

As soon as he said this, he immediately attracted everyones attention.

What was the Emperor of the Great Jin trying to do?!

Was he courting death?

Wang Dongyang also looked at Wei Yi in surprise and asked curiously, “Why does Your Majesty want to see Exalted Immortal?”

At this moment, Wei Yi no longer hid his goal and said with a serious expression, “To consult about the fate of the country.”

“…” Wang Dongyang fell silent when he heard this, but he still nodded and said, “I can bring you there, but its still up to Exalted Immortal to decide if he wants to see you.”

“Of course, of course!” Wei Yi was already very satisfied with this outcome. He nodded and smiled. “Thank you.”

“You actually dare to speak at a time like this.” White Tiger Child looked at Wei Yi in surprise. “Ive underestimated you.”

“I have no other choice.” Wei Yi sighed.

“Yes, indeed. Your country is indeed not far from death.” White Tiger Child nodded.

“…” Wei Yi smiled bitterly. “Immortal child, you really know how to talk.”


At this moment, the little Fire Dragon suddenly cried out.

It flew in the air and looked up at the sky, its scarlet eyes filled with vigilance.

At the same time, everyone present felt a terrifying pressure coming from the sky and looked up slightly.

Then, they exclaimed in succession.

“Buddha! This extremely powerful pressure is from a Buddha?!”

“Has a Buddha descended to the mortal world? No, this is the phantom incarnation of a Buddha!”

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! Seven, there are actually seven phantoms of Buddhas. How is this possible!”

At some point, seven Buddha-like shadows appeared in the sky.

Although these Buddhas did not look real and were only phantoms, they still emitted an extremely powerful aura that made one tremble in fear.


An incomparably loud Buddhist proclamation came from the sky. It was deafening and resounded throughout the entire Langya County.

Golden Buddhist light shone in the air, as if the sky had turned into a pure land of the mortal world.

Immediately after, seven pillars of Buddhist power descended from the sky and enveloped the entire Wang Family mansion, sealing off all directions of escape.

“Evil demons! Quickly execute them!”

“Evil demons! Quickly execute them!”

A thunderous sound came from the sky, carrying an extremely powerful spiritual shock, causing the expressions of everyone in the Wang Familys mansion to change.

Everyone from the aristocratic families looked terrified.

The people from the Immortal sects were overjoyed.

They had already recognized that these seven Buddha phantoms were manifested by the other seven Bodhisattvas of the Baolin Buddhist Hall. They were undoubtedly here to



The five monks of the Baolin Buddhist Hall chanted Buddhist scriptures with their hands clasped together. Their expressions were solemn, and their bodies began to emit Buddhist light. Golden light shone and formed the outline of a Buddha behind them.

This was the power of the Buddha Seal.

The seven Buddha phantoms in the sky were the seven Bodhisattvas they had contacted far away in the Baolin Buddhist Hall through the Buddha Dharma Seal, allowing them to rush to Langya County.

Theyd come to help them out.


A series of loud sounds spread.

The five Bodhisattvas of the Baolin Buddhist Hall who were originally standing there did not move. Their bodies were enveloped in Buddhist light.

An incomparably huge pressure was released from their bodies.

In the blink of an eye, the five of them had also transformed into golden Buddha phantoms sitting on lotus platforms. The aura emitted from their bodies was actually not much weaker than the small Fire Dragon.

“Its over, this is the incarnation of Buddha Baolins Dharma Seal!” White Tiger Child said with a trembling voice. His face was ashen and he was horrified. “There are actually 12 incarnations of the Buddha Seal. Its over, its over, its over!”

“Whats a Dharma Seal Incarnation?” Wei Yi asked in confusion.

“It means that Buddha Baolin will split a portion of his power to condense a Buddhist seal. He can use special methods to condense it into incarnations,” White Tiger Child explained simply. “Within 15 minutes, these incarnations will have power comparable to Heaven Immortals!”

Wang Dongyang also became nervous at this moment. He looked at the 12 Buddha phantoms with extreme fear and subconsciously looked at the little Fire Dragon.

The little Fire Dragon bestowed by Exalted Immortal was also at the Heaven Immortal realm.

However, it was only one Fire Dragon after all. There were 12 people on the other side. The difference was too great!

At the same realm, the side with more people would definitely have the advantage. There was no doubt about this.

“Evil demon! Evil dragon! Arent you going to submit?!”

The 12 Buddha phantoms had already risen into the sky and looked down at the Wang Familys mansion. Moreover, all their Buddhist power had targeted Wang Dongyang and the Nine Fire Flame Dragon.

“Hahahaha!” Wang Dongyang laughed loudly and pointed at the sky as he cursed, “Since I chose to work for Exalted Immortal, Im naturally prepared to die.

“Even so, I still want to kill all of you here. Bald donkeys, if you have the guts, why dont you kill me now? Otherwise… Fire Dragon, please kill these monks!”


The Nine Fire Flame Dragon immediately roared at the sky. The power on its body increased again, and the flames on its scales burned even more brightly, causing the surrounding void to distort.


He heard the sound of the void trembling around him.

At the same time, the little Fire Dragon turned into a streak of light and rushed into the sky. Layers of Buddhist light burst out, seeming to want to stop it, but it was useless.

They were easily destroyed!

They were all easily shattered by it!


With a shocking dragon roar, the originally seven-inch long small Fire Dragon instantly transformed into a huge fire dragon that was ten feet long.

Its body danced in the air.

It was as if an ancient fire god had descended to the mortal world, releasing endless light and heat.

The huge Dragons body burned with flames. Every scale seemed to be burning with heavenly fire, illuminating the 12 Buddha phantoms with a fiery red color.

At this moment, the Nine Fire Flame Dragon twisted its body. Before the 12 Buddhas could react, its tail slapped one of the Buddhas. It was Bodhisattva Zi De!


With an earth-shattering bang, the Buddha phantom was smashed into countless light fragments on the spot and dissipated without a trace.

Immediately after, it shook its dragon head and opened its huge mouth filled with blazing flames, biting the head of another Buddha phantom.


The Buddha phantom was bitten and crushed on the spot, and the true body hiding inside was burned to ashes by the flames.

Then, the Nine Fire Flame Dragons four dragon claws also grabbed at the other four Buddha phantoms, trying to shatter them.

However, after the destruction of the first two Buddha phantoms, the other Buddha phantoms were already on guard.

The moment the dragon claw was waved, they all flew back and barely dodged the Nine Fire Flame Dragons attack.

At this moment, the ground was silent.

This sudden change stunned everyone. No one expected this Heaven Immortal-level Fire Dragon to be so powerful.

It could actually instantly kill two Buddha phantoms. It was simply unbelievable!

They were clearly all at the Heaven Immortal realm. Why was the difference so huge?!

“Hahaha, you overestimated yourself!” Wang Dongyang laughed heartily. “How can a group of phantoms condensed from the Baolin Buddha Dharma Seal compare to a life form refined with Immortal Dharmic powers?”

In the sky, the remaining ten Buddhas looked at the Nine Fire Flame Dragon in fear.

“Theres no need to hesitate anymore. If this continues, well all die!” The Buddha phantom transformed by Monk Ji Feng suddenly spoke.

“Thats right, this is the only way!” Monk Jitong nodded.

The other Buddhas gritted their teeth and made up their minds.

Then, purple-black shadows suddenly appeared on their Buddha Golden bodies, and their crazy and filthy auras suddenly expanded!

The power fluctuations of the ten Buddha phantoms instantly soared several times, but the bright Buddhist light no longer existed. Instead, it turned into a purple-black light that covered the sky.

Most of the sky in Langya County darkened, and fear began to spread quickly.


At the same time that the ten Buddha phantoms were dyed purple-black.

Thousands of kilometers below the ground.

A living being that had been sealed for countless years suddenly opened its eyes!

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