Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 179 - Taiyi Mystic Immortal Purple Extreme Heavenly Palace

ly my guess based on some clues. Some of the records in this book completely subverted my previous understanding.”

“Oh?” Cui Heng was a little surprised when he heard this. He took the ancient book in his hand and sized it up carefully. He realized that the cover was already worn out, and even the title could not be seen clearly.

He could only vaguely see the words “Dao Yi”.

However, before he could flip through it, he received a system notification.

[Congratulations! You have discovered an item that can be converted into currency! Do you want to convert it immediately?]

Clearly, this ancient book was also related to the foundation of civilization and had gone through a certain amount of history. He could absorb some kind of aura from it and transform it into system currency.

“Convert!” Cui Heng ordered the System.

Converting currency would not cause any damage to the item itself. Even such a fragile ancient book did not change after being converted into currency.

[Currency +145]

To be able to obtain such a harvest from just a book was definitely a great harvest.

Then, Cui Heng flipped through the ancient book.

He realized that this was a book about the situation.

The author should be a Heaven Immortal mighty figure.

It was about the battle from his perspective, the situation at Daoyi Palace, and the enemies that Daoyi Palace had encountered.

The beginning was clear. The Nine Immortal Sects were not the only ones who besieged Daoyi Palace.

Instead, it was the Ten Immortal Sects.

The Sect Masters of these ten Immortal Sects were all Heaven Monarchs, and they all had an extremely powerful elder.

According to the description in the book, the strength of these elders was far above that of a Heaven Monarch. They were experts at the Fourth realm of the Immortal World and were known as “Mystic Deities”.

At that time, the Daoyi Palace was far stronger than Zhang Shuming had guessed.

As an ancient inheritance that had dominated this planet for more than 7,000 years, it had enjoyed the support of the mortal world for 4,000 years.

Daoyi Palaces foundation was extremely deep, and its strength was also very powerful.

3,000 years ago, when they were invaded, Daoyi Palace had seven Heaven Monarchs, 12 Heaven Immortals, more than 20 Devas, and even an expert at the Fourth Realm of the Immortal World.

Moreover, the strength of this Fourth Realm expert was above the Mystic Deity realm.

He was known as a Taiyi Mystic Deity.

In the current Heavenly Void World, such an expert could definitely be said to be a giant-like existence. He would not have any problem crushing the entire Heavenly Void Worlds forces based on their surface strength.

At the beginning of the battle, the Daoyi Palace suppressed the Heavenly Void World.

A single Taiyi Mystic Deity could suppress 10 Mystic Immortals and 12 Heaven Monarchs. Coupled with the various Heaven Immortals and Devas, the absolute advantage brought about by a high realm was too great.

However, after a certain battle, the ten Mystic Immortals of the Heavenly Void World went to the core of the planet once. When they appeared again, they actually had the characteristics of being indestructible.

No matter how many times they were killed, they could be resurrected!

What was even more terrifying was that they also possessed a strange evil worm that could pollute ones mind and make one fall into madness, causing the Daoyi Palace to suffer an extremely huge loss.

In the end, the Taiyi Mystic Deity of Daoyi Palace held a secret meeting with the ten Mystic Immortals of the Heavenly Void World. Both sides compromised.

The Daoyi Palace moved its main strength to the Heavenly Void World and became the 11th Immortal Sect. Moreover, they removed books that recorded the past history and make the Daoyi Palace in the mortal world a branch sect.

The Ten Immortal Sects promised not to send any more Sky Ruins Evil Bugs into the mortal world and promised not to attack Daoyi Palace again. They would also help Daoyi Palace obtain the secrets of the Immortal Body.

At this point, the records ended.

It was signed with two words—Northstar.

It could be seen from the words that the author was not satisfied with the outcome of this battle. He felt that the Daoyi Palace was completely digging their own graves by making such an agreement. He also felt vexed by their Ancestral Masters actions. He actually made such an agreement for the sake of the mystery of the Undying Body.

This ancient book also provided Cui Heng with a lot of useful information.

First was the Fourth Realm of the Immortal World. It seemed to be divided into two realms, the Mystic Deity realm and the Taiyi Mystic Deity realm. The latters strength was ten times greater than the former.

The distance between their strength was slightly smaller than the gap between the Early to Mid-stage Golden Core realm.

However, from the description of the ancient books, neither the Mystic Deities nor the Taiyi Mystic Deities seemed to have the Golden Immortal nature.

The Mystic Deities of the Ten Immortal Sects should have obtained the Golden Immortal attribute after going to the core of the planet, obtaining an Immortal Body.

In order to obtain this secret, the Taiyi Mystic Immortal of Daoyi Palace made this agreement that could be said to be a humiliation to the country.

However, Cui Heng had also been to the core of the planet before, but he did not discover any abnormalities there.

What did the ten Immortal Sects obtain from the core of the planet back then? Other than the Immortal Golden Body and the Heavenly Void Evil Bugs, was there anything else?

This puzzled Cui Heng.

However, what he was more concerned about was why the former Ten Immortal Sects had become the current Nine Immortal Sects.

And the one that had disappeared.

Now, Cui Heng already knew the names of the Nine Immortal Sects of the Heavenly Void World.

Comparing it with the information recorded in this ancient book, one could obtain the information about the missing Immortal Sect

Purple Extreme Heavenly Palace!

This was in the sixth message Jiang Qiqi had left behind on the Immortal Sword.

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