Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 184 - Chaotic Dantian Birth Of A Nascent Soul

Chapter 183 Convergence of Seven Emotions, Spiritual Seed

After collecting enough system currency, Cui Heng returned to Changfeng Prefecture City.

Then, he called Wu Yin, who had been engrossed in studying the Great Harmony Collection.

“Lord Overseer, you mean you want me to lead a rebellion?” After Wu Yin heard Cui Hengs words, he was first stunned, then he felt very excited.

He had always been a loyal follower of Heavenly King Hongwu. In the past, when he was in Fengzhou, he had tried to carry out the Hongwu Decree.

However, due to the obstruction of the local forces and the fact that he did not have a complete version of the Harmony Collection as a guide, he had never been able to truly fulfill his ideals.

Cui Hengs appearance gave him new hope, so he studied hard and wanted to show off his skills. He did not expect the opportunity to come.

“Thats right. Ill be leaving in a few days. You can find someone to assist you.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said in a low voice, “A hundred years later, Ill come to inspect your results.”

In the past period of time, he had already figured out Wu Yins personality.

This was a person who was good at theoretical research and was calm in doing things. He also had great ambitions but did not have the ability to lead.

Such a person was not suitable to personally rebel.

He was more suitable to be an aide to help teach a true commander.

“Thank you, Lord Overseer!” Wu Yin was overjoyed. This was what he had always wanted to do.

“For the next hundred years, Ill lend you the Hongwu Divine Sword.” Cui Heng opened his palm, and the Hongwu Divine Sword jumped out. It floated in the air and let out a soft sword cry.


It was also excited.

It had once followed Hong Fugui to conquer the world and killed many Deity Realm experts. Even though its spirituality was only nurtured later, the imprint of war on this weapon was still difficult to erase.

The most suitable place for it was still the battlefield.

In a sense, fighting on the battlefield was the Hongwu Divine Swords own cultivation method.

“Hongwu Divine Sword!” Wu Yin was so excited that his entire body was trembling. He bowed to the ground and said loudly, “Wu Yin will definitely not let you down. Please take a look again a hundred years later. This world will be a peaceful and prosperous one!!”

After arranging everything for Wu Yin, Cui Heng met with Hui Shi again.

Then, he did nothing else. He just sat in the inner hall of the State Overseers Office.

However, outside this inner hall, one could clearly sense the changes in aura. It was increasingly vast and unfathomable.

Three days later, the Earth Immortal from the Heavenly Cycle Star Dipper Pavilion arrived.

His name was Kui Zheng. He was over 300 years old and looked to be in his seventies or eighties. He was old.

As Devas did not often appear in the Heavenly Void World, Earth Immortals were the most common top experts, and they became the high-level martial artists who had the most contact with various matters.

Therefore, Kui Zhengs position was not low. He was the external affairs manager of the Heavenly Cycle Star Dipper Pavilion.

He was usually a respected senior in the Heavenly Void World.

However, when he faced Cui Heng, he appeared extremely respectful, and he was sincere. It was not just an act.

In Kui Zhengs opinion, a mighty figure like Cui Heng was a supreme being who could destroy the Nine Immortal Sects alone. It was normal for him to be respectful.

“Greetings, Exalted Immortal.” The old Earth Immortal bowed to Cui Heng with a trembling voice. “Exalted Immortal, tomorrow is the deadline for us to return to the Heavenly Void World. May we return?”

Although Cui Heng had promised to let them return on the last day, no one from the Heavenly Cycle Star Dipper Pavilion dared to leave without saying goodbye, afraid that they would anger Cui Heng. After all, they had all seen Cui Hengs power in Langya County.

“Go back.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “However, you have to bring one more person back.”

“Exalted Immortal, please speak,” Kui Zheng said respectfully.

“Hui Shi, come out,” Cui Heng said to the side.

Then, Hui Shi walked out of the side room and bowed to Cui Heng. “Greetings, Lord Overseer.”

“This, this is?!” Kui Zhengs eyes suddenly widened as he looked at Hui Shi in disbelief. He was shocked to the extreme and said with a trembling voice, “A Deva?!”

He had seen Hui Shi before and clearly remembered that Cui Hengs follower was just a small Inner World cultivator a few days ago. He was not even a Human Immortal. How did he suddenly become a Deva?!

This was directly advancing from the Mortal Realm to the Third Realm of the Immortal World!

There was actually such a divine power in this world? It could actually create a Deva in just a few days?!

What kind of cultivation and realm does one need to be in to accomplish such an unbelievable thing?

The Fourth or Fifth realm of the Immortal World?!

Kui Zheng took a deep breath and lowered his head even more respectfully.

Only then did he realize that the “Exalted Immortal” in front of him might be countless times stronger than he imagined.

“Tomorrow, youll follow Steward Kui to the Heavenly Void World,” Cui Heng said to Hui


He had already planned to arrange for someone to go to the Heavenly Void World in advance. He had specially left the Heavenly Cycle Star Dipper Pavilion behind for this purpose.

After all, to him, the Heavenly Void World was an unfamiliar place filled with unknown dangers. It was very necessary to send someone to scout ahead.

At the same time, he could also investigate Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiongs situation for him.

Therefore, he increased Hui Shis strength. Other than raising his cultivation to the Deva Realm, he also condensed a mid-stage Foundation Establishment Nine Fire Flame Dragon for him.

After completing the cultivation of the Seven Emotions, Cui Heng had made a small improvement in his cultivation of the Nine Fire Flame Dragon. He could now condense two mid-stage Foundation Establishment Nine Fire Flame Dragons.

“As you command, Lord Overseer!” Hui Shi said respectfully, as if he did not think that this mission was dangerous at all.

This was because he had long recognized his position. He would slash wherever Cui Heng pointed without any hesitation.

Kui Zheng was watching from the side and felt his scalp tingle. He had never seen such a respectful and obedient Deva.

He was simply a living Deva-level Immortal weapon!

“Leave.” Cui Heng waved his hand.


The next morning.

Kui Zheng led the people from the Heavenly Cycle Star Dipper Pavilion and Hui Shi to open the Gate of World Crossing and disappeared from the human world.

After Cui Heng handed the position of State Overseer to Liu Litao and asked Chen Tong to temporarily take over Fengzhou, he waited for two more days before the new month arrived.

On the first day of the month, he gave the System an order.

“Purchase the Grotto-Heaven One-Month Experience Card and the Grotto-Heaven Experience Bonus Card!”

[Currency: -25,000,000]

[Grotto-Heaven One-Month Experience Card: After purchasing this value-added service, you can stay in the Heavenly Abode for a month. The actual number of days is based on the remaining days of the month and the date of purchase. You can buy it once every three months. Purchase price: 10,000,000 points.]

[Grotto-Heaven Experience Bonus Card: Purchasing this value-added service requires buying the “Grotto-Heaven One-Month Experience Card” first. The experience period can be extended for a month on the original basis. Purchasing price: 15,000,000 points.]

(Congratulations! Purchase successful. The countdown for the experience card has begun. Please enter the Grotto-Heaven in time.)

Cui Heng looked at the plummeting number of system currencies. Although he knew that this was a necessary sacrifice, he could not help but feel his heart ache.

However, in order to break through safely, it was all worth it.

There was no safer place than the Grotto-Heaven World to nurture a Nascent Soul.

Just as he was about to buy 60 “World rivets” and enter the Grotto-Heaven to enter seclusion, he suddenly received a system notification.

[Congratulations! You have spent a large sum of currency and triggered a special reward! You only need to spend another 75,000,000 coins to obtain a “Heavenly Abode 10 days tour” gift card! Do you want to continue spending?)

Get lost!

Where did the System learn this from?!

“Purchase 60 World rivets!” Cui Heng directly ordered the System.

(Currency: -60,000]


The vast sky, the surging sea of clouds, and the sun that emitted endless light and heat appeared in front of Cui Heng again.

He was already in the Grotto-Heaven World.

Directly below was the land in the middle of the grotto-heaven, which was also where he had lived before. Beyond the land was a boundless sea with scattered islands.

The last time Cui Heng came in, he discovered that there were many strange flowers and plants growing on these islands. There were also some islands that were enveloped in fog and emitted all kinds of lights. It was very magical.

However, he did not go over to investigate in detail that time, nor did he notice anything unusual.

But this time, Cui Heng felt the uniqueness of these flowers and plants and muttered, “These flowers and plants actually have spirituality. The closer they are to the islands on land, the richer the spirituality of the flowers and plants on them.”

The spirituality of these flowers and plants was extremely weak, not even 1% of the Hongwu Divine Sword.

If not for the fact that he had already perfected the cultivation of the Seven Emotions and was about to start nurturing a Nascent Soul, he would not have sensed such weak spirituality.

However, even with such weak spirituality, it meant that these strange flowers and plants were no longer simple plants.

Instead, it was the embryonic form of intelligent life. However, it would take an extremely long time for this embryonic form to truly grow into an intelligent life form. It might take thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, or even longer.

Cui Hengs figure swayed and he arrived at the island closest to land.

As soon as he landed, the flowers and plants on it bent slightly, as if they were bowing and kowtowing. At the same time, the leaves and branches were trembling, as if they were afraid of something.

“As expected, they have a weak spirituality. This is a spiritual instinct to fear powerful pressure.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and restrained the Golden Core aura on his body. The flowers and plants immediately returned to normal.

“Previously, when I was in Daoyi Palace, I had a feeling that after breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm, I might have the ability to grant spirituality to dead things. I should be able to use it to strengthen the spirituality of these plants.

As long as the spirituality is strong enough, these flowers and plants have a chance of nurturing intelligence and becoming true intelligent life forms. Is this considered enlightenment into spirituality?

I can give it a try after I nurture a Nascent Soul.”

Then, he left the island and returned to land. At the same time, he spent another 120,000 coins to buy the authority to use the Blessed Land Dao Palace and the Primary Grade Meditation Chamber for 60 days.

Breaking through to the next realm was a huge matter. The cultivation conditions had to be maxed out.

After making these preparations, Cui Heng came to the strengthened version of the Meditation Chamber. He sat cross-legged and closed his eyes slightly. His divine sense was restrained as he sank into a meditative state.

It was as if endless golden light was reflected into his perception, filled with an eternal aura. The aura of the seven emotions of all living beings was wrapped around him, and a spiritual seed was being nurtured at the intersection of the seven lights.

He began his seclusion!

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