Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 185 - Boundless Dharmic powers Yang Divinity Omnipotent Nascent Soul

igh. Im afraid its even higher than the sky!”


On Cangcheng Mountain.

The many disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect also walked out. They all looked at the sky with incomparable focus, their hearts filled with extreme joy.

“Is that Ancestral Grandmaster?” Zheng Nanxun looked at the phenomenon in the sky in surprise. “The current phenomenon makes the entire world tremble, and the ground under our feet shake.”

“Only Ancestral Grandmasters breakthrough would cause such a phenomenon.” Liu Yiyun stood at the side and looked at the phenomenon with an equally amazed gaze. “Thats our Ancestral Grandmaster whos even taller than the sky.”

“We should send everyone to congratulate him.” Zheng Nanxun smiled.


Central Continent Imperial City.

Wei Yi, who was thinking about how to consume the Imperial Courts strength so that the rebellion could succeed earlier, looked at the sky in surprise.

“Immortal Child, this phenomenon… is that caused by Exalted Immortal?” He looked at White Tiger Child beside him.

“I dont know.” White Tiger Child shook his head and looked at the phenomenon in the sky in extreme shock. He muttered, “The range of this phenomenon is too exaggerated. Ive never heard of it, nor have I even thought about it.

Even if a Heaven Immortal breaks through to become a Heaven Monarch or a Buddhist martial artist becomes a Buddha, there has never been such a phenomenon of this scale.

If this is caused by Exalted Immortal, is he about to step into the Fourth realm of the Immortal World Realm? Unbelievable. Ive always thought that the Fourth realm is just fiction. I didnt expect someone to really be able to cultivate to that level!

“If those people from the Heavenly Void World see such a phenomenon, their jaws will probably drop. Hahaha! Oh, wait, they might be scared to death on the spot. Hehe!”


The phenomenon that covered the entire planet continued.

This was because Cui Heng was still cultivating.

Although 49 days had passed and his Nascent Soul had been nurtured, and he was no longer weak, this did not mean that Cui Heng could end his seclusion.

After the Nascent Soul manifested, it still needed to condense a Purple Palace as the residence of the Nascent Soul.

At the same time, it was also a place for the Nascent Soul to grow.

The location of the Purple Mansion was not in the dantian.

It was in the Niwan Palace.

This required nine days to “raise the Yang Divinity”.

The Nascent Soul was nurtured from the Golden Core. It was originally a pure Yang essence, and it had fused with the soul, becoming the foundation of the soul.

Therefore, Nascent Souls could also be called Yang Divinities.

Under Cui Hengs control, the newborn Nascent Soul opened his hands. He grasped clear Qi in one hand and turbid Qi in the other. He naturally sat down cross-legged and clenched his hands into a Taiji seal.

Then, the pure Yang golden light around his body flourished, and purple-gold light gathered under his body.

The Nascent Soul began to levitate!

This could be said to be an “Ascension” in the body!

The original Niwan Palace was in chaos.

However, as the pure golden light of the Nascent Soul shone, it instantly split the clear and turbid energies clearly.

His Nascent Soul opened its hands and let the clear and turbid air fly out, fusing with the clear and turbid air in the Niwan Palace.


With a loud bang, as if the world had been split apart, a Golden Palace suddenly appeared in the Niwan Palace. The Nascent Soul naturally sat inside.

At this moment, Cui Heng finally felt that his realm had reached a perfection state.

Endless Dharmic powers began to surge, and his essence of life began to sublimate.

Countless laws and Great Dao seemed to have gathered into an ocean that was clearly displayed in his perception. He could freely swim in it.

Divine powers that he originally did not have appeared on their own, as if they were innate abilities.

His Dharmic powers were boundless, and he had reached the Nascent Soul realm!

At the same time, in the sky outside, the Purple Mansion phantom above the purple-gold auspicious clouds suddenly condensed, as if it had become a real palace.

Cui Heng sensed something and disappeared from the Grotto-Heaven with a flash.

In the next moment, the door to the Golden Palace in the sky outside opened.

Cui Hengs entire body was enveloped in purple-gold light as he came out.

At this moment, his figure appeared in the eyes of all the living beings on this planet, deeply imprinted in their hearts.

Countless people could not help but kowtow to the sky, as if they were worshiping a God.

Cui Heng stood in the air, and the phenomena behind him fused into his body bit by bit.

At this moment, he seemed to have sensed something and suddenly looked up at the sky, his gaze piercing through the layers of atmosphere and deep void.

It landed on the moon outside the planet.

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