Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 186 - This Is the Nascent Soul Realm

Nascent Soul is like an infant that has just appeared in the world. It is small and fragile, and it knows nothing about this world. Therefore, it needs to constantly understand the unknown to make the Nascent Soul stronger.

This was the core direction of Nascent Soul cultivation.

Understanding the unknown!

“What does it mean by understanding the unknown?” Cui Heng was confused and thought to himself, “Is learning martial techniques and spells that I dont know considered exploring the unknown?”

It seemed very likely.

Thinking of this, the expression on his face suddenly became strange.

Exploration, learning…

Wasnt this the process of a baby growing?

If he really used this method to cultivate, it would be like raising a child.

The only difference was that he was nurturing his Nascent Soul.

“If I extend my thoughts in this direction, as children grow up, other than exploring and learning, they still have to comprehend some things themselves.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “Ill just stay in one place to comprehend the mysteries of the Great Dao laws. This is also the best way to understand the unknown.”

Thinking of this, he immediately tried. He sat cross-legged with his eyes closed and spread out his divine sense, sensing the omnipresent Great Dao laws in an attempt to directly analyze the mysteries within.

But he quickly gave up.

Because the progress was too slow.

Although Nascent Soul cultivators could mobilize the power of the Great Dao laws and their perception was extremely strong, this was completely different from being able to comprehend the mysteries within.

With the strength and analysis ability of an Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, it would probably take more than 100,000 years to break through by comprehending the Great Dao laws.

Unless, one was a natural-born Immortal or Saint who understood the Great Dao laws at a glance and could easily comprehend the mysteries within.

Cui Heng was clearly not such a person. When he was at the Qi Refinement realm, he had already recognized the fact that his talent might not be very good.

Hence, he made a decision.

“I should try to explore the unknown secrets and study well. It seems that I have to go to the Heavenly Void World. There are too many unknowns there for me.”

“When I explore the Moon next, I can also see if I can make my Nascent Souls form clearer.”

The Primary Grade Immortal Technique had a very clear description of the cultivation stages of the Nascent Soul realm.

In the early stages, the appearance of the Nascent Soul was actually just an outline.

As his cultivation deepened, the form and appearance of the Nascent Soul would become clearer and clearer.

When the form and size of the Nascent Soul became completely the same as the cultivator himself, it meant that he could break through to the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm.

For the next half a month.

Cui Heng cultivated his spells in the sky.

He had cultivated the Miniature Thousand Mile Court, Nine Fire Flame Dragon, Five Thunder Heavenly Heart Technique, Xiantian Grabbing Technique, and the Ten Thousand Mile Soaring Light Technique to the Nascent Soul realm.

He had even cultivated a new spell, Heavenly Transformation. Indeed, the outline of his Nascent Soul became clearer.

This proved that the cultivation direction he had planned earlier was correct.

The cultivation of spells was not something that could be achieved overnight, nor was it something that could be learned just by watching. It was quite difficult.

Therefore, Cui Heng had only managed to learn six of the ten relatively powerful spells he had deduced earlier.

Actually, according to this path, as long as he continued to cultivate the spells he had yet to learn, he could increase his Nascent Soul cultivation.

After cultivating these spells, he could continue to deduce new spells.

In any case, he still had more than a million coins left.

It should be enough to cultivate to the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm.

However, after reaching the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm, there was only one way for him to improve.

That was to enter the starry sky of the universe and explore the unknown. At the same time, he would search for new civilizations to obtain things that could be converted into currency.

Therefore, after Cui Heng cultivated the Heavenly Transformation technique, he did not continue cultivating.

After all, there was only another half a month left before the Heavenly Void World and this planet crossed paths.

If he missed this half a month, he would have to wait another hundred years before he could enter the Heavenly Void World.

Hence, he ended his cultivation and descended towards Changfeng Prefecture City.

At this moment, many people had already gathered in Changfeng Prefecture.

Zheng Nanxun, Perfected Shenxia, Perfected Zhu Qing, Liu Yiyun, Chen Ying, and almost all the other disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect were here.

They were here as junior disciples to congratulate Cui Heng and send him off.

Previously, when he was in the Immortal Dawn Sect, Cui Heng had mentioned that he might leave when his cultivation broke through.

Zhang Shuming and Zhou Hongyi were also here. They had prepared generous gifts to congratulate Cui Heng.

In addition, there was also Wang Donglin, a former Upper World Angel.

He did not return to the Heavenly Void World. Instead, he chose to stay here and manage the Wang Familys businesses in Langya. Hed also come to congratulate Cui Heng.

There were also many aristocratic families who came with Wang Donglin. They all wanted to express their goodwill to Cui Heng.

Chu Yuanliang, the Prime Minister, came from the Great Jin Imperial Court.

In addition, there was Zhao Guang from Juhe County and Lu Zhengming from Xiling County.

Before Hui Shi left, he had sent someone to deliver a letter to them, asking them to visit Cui Heng if they were free recently.

On the way, they happened to see the phenomenon and came over to congratulate Cui Heng.

Although Cui Heng did not appear after the phenomenon ended, Liu Litao and Chen Tong had been coordinating with everyone to congratulate Cui Heng.

On this day, the sky was clear. Liu Litao had just finished handling todays official documents when he suddenly saw a golden light descending from the sky and flying over.

He was overjoyed and ran out of the government office in high spirits. He shouted, “Welcome back, Lord Overseer!!”

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