Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 188 - 8 On the Moon Mystic Palace Maroon Book

. At the same time, he carefully sensed the changes in his surroundings.

During this “journey”, he encountered many purple-black Sky Ruins Evil Bugs. Without exception, they were all extremely weak.

Their strength was at the Third level of Qi Refinement and spiritual power at the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

When this Sky Ruins Evil Bug approached Cui Heng, it was automatically shattered by the Dharmic powers aura he emitted. It disappeared on the spot.

However, the closer he got to the moon, the more Sky Ruins Evil Bugs there were. When he arrived at the void outside the moon, he realized that there were tens of thousands of Sky Ruins Evil Bugs wandering around.

This could be said to be the nest of the Sky Ruins Evil Bugs.

Under Cui Hengs Nascent Soul Dharmic powers, these Sky Ruins Evil Bugs were instantly destroyed and no longer existed.

The entire surface and surroundings of the moon were cleared.

“I found it.”

Cui Hengs lips curled up slightly as he descended. His feet quickly landed on the


Then, he took a step forward and arrived at the side that was away from the sun.

This place was pitch black like an eternal night, but Cui Heng could still see everything here clearly.

There were dense craters everywhere. They should have been formed by meteors.

In the middle of this side was an extremely huge crater, far surpassing the others.

Cui Heng walked over and stood at the top of the crater. Looking down, he saw a huge palace in the middle of the crater.

Most of the palace had already been smashed into the ground, and there were also dense craters around it. It seemed like it had fallen on this place for a long time.

“Its quite magical. Its almost equivalent to an Early-stage Golden Core Dharmic treasure.” Cui Heng easily determined the situation of this palace.

Then, with a thought, the entire palace suddenly shook violently and began to slowly rise from the ground. Even the moon itself shook.

When Cui Heng pulled the palace out of the ground and placed it down in a normal position, he saw the words on the plaque at the main entrance of the palace.

“Purple Extreme Palace?” Cui Hengs gaze froze.

Before this, he had already heard the name of the Purple Extreme Heavenly Palace twice.

First, it was in the information left behind by Jiang Qiqi, then in the North Star ancient book provided by Zhang Shuming.

This was one of the ten great Immortal sects of the Heavenly Void World. It was a powerful sect with Mystic Immortals. Later on, it disappeared without a trace. Now, there were only nine Immortal sects left.

Cui Heng had suspected that the “Great Demon” who was suppressed in the core of the planet and had the characteristics of Immortality was someone from the Purple Extreme Heavenly Palace. He might even be a Mystic Deity from the Purple Extreme Heavenly Palace.

However, he did not expect to find the Purple Extreme Palace on the Moon.

This discovery made Cui Heng feel as if he had discovered something unknown. The outline of the Nascent Soul in his Niwan Palace immediately became clearer.

“As expected, exploring unknown information can increase the cultivation of the Nascent Soul.” Cui Heng was in a very good mood. He took a step and arrived in front of the Purple Extreme Palace.

“This palace is only at the Early-stage Golden Core realm, and the power that affected the laws around the moon is at the Late-stage Golden Core realm. It should be in this palace.”

After carefully sensing the situation in the palace and confirming that there was no dangerous aura, he walked into the Purple Extreme Palace from the main door to investigate the situation inside.

The entire palace was made of a golden metal, and the interior space was extremely huge. There were many rooms that had different functions and furnishings.

Unfortunately, the impact of the palace falling onto the moon was too strong. The furnishings in the palace had basically been shattered.

Whether it was the tables, chairs, lamps, or jade, all of them were shattered. Not a single one was intact.

The books were all reduced to dust, and almost none of them could be preserved.

However, in the deepest part of the Purple Extreme Palace, Cui Heng still discovered a book made of pure gold. It was also the source of the distortion power he had sensed earlier.

It was at the Late-stage Golden Core realm.

Moreover, this maroon gold book was also the source of the Heavenly Void Evil Bugs that were entrenched in the void around the moon.

Cui Heng held the pure gold book in his hand. He could clearly see a ball of purplish-black filth on it.

This ball of filth was extremely strong and powerful. It corroded the cover of the book made of pure gold. The name of the book could not be seen clearly. It also emitted an aura of madness and hatred, trying to contaminate everything around it.

However, under the envelopment of Cui Hengs Nascent Soul Dharmic powers, this ball of purple-black filth seemed to have met its natural enemy. It dissipated the moment it was touched and immediately disappeared.

“What exactly is that purple-black filth?” Cui Heng frowned, feeling that this thing was rather strange. “If those Mystic Deities from the Nine Immortal Sects are still alive, Ill ask them.”

Then, he flipped open the book.

The first sentence of the book was: “Mystic Palace Maroon Book, Extreme Purple Secret Technique. Prove the wonders of the Mystic Deity realm, obtain the secrets of the Dharmakaya. Its a supreme Dao, a supreme technique…”

This seemed to be the secret martial technique manual of the Purple Extreme Heavenly Palace.

Cui Heng did not take a closer look and only skimmed through it.

He focused on finding out if there was any information about the Purple Extreme Palace.

After all, it was not too late to study the martial technique later.

However, the first part of the Mystic Palaces Maroon Book was indeed just a martial technique.

When he turned to the last page, he finally saw a sentence

“This Sage wants to eat the nine of them and become a complete undying Golden Immortal!!”

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