Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 189 - True Undying Clues of the Astrolabe

to Early and Mid-stage Golden Core cultivators in strength, abeit without Immortal Golden nature. Golden Immortals were most likely equivalent to Late-stage Golden Core cultivators with the Immortal Golden nature.

The step from the Mystic Deity Realm to the Golden Immortal realm was simply a crazy leap!

Wouldnt they be afraid that their foundation would be unstable?

Moreover, this method of directly devouring Immortal True Essence was a little ridiculous.

“However, back then, the ten Mystic Deities of the Heavenly Void World all possessed Immortal Golden nature, but they didnt manage to break through. Could it be that their Immortal Golden nature actually all came from the same source of Immortal True Essence?”

Thinking up to this point, Cui Heng understood why the last page of this maroon gold manual was about devouring those nine people and becoming a Golden Immortal.

It was most likely because the ten of them had discovered the Immortal True Essence together back then, so they could only split it into ten portions and swallow them separately. They only possessed a portion of the Immortal True Essence and did not break through.

Later on, this Mystic Deity of the Purple Extreme Heavenly Palace intended to devour the other nine people and obtain the complete Immortal True Essence to break through to the Fifth Realm. After being defeated, he was miserably suppressed? “If thats really the case, it means that there are indeed many differences between Immortal cultivation and martial cultivation.” Cui Heng deeply felt the difference between the two paths.

Martial cultivation was more about following a path step by step. Immortal cultivation had strange thresholds. As long as one could not cross the threshold, it was impossible to break through.

At the same time, he felt the outline of the Nascent Soul in his Niwan Palace become clearer, and the strength of his Dharmic powers increased.

Clearly, he had received feedback from exploring the unknown.

“This cultivation method is quite suitable for me.” Cui Heng sensed that his cultivation had increased and was rather happy. “If I can find out what this Immortal True Essence that can be swallowed is, I should be able to obtain a considerable increase in my cultivation.”

Then, he put the maroon gold manual into his personal space and rummaged through the Purple Extreme Palace, wanting to see if there were any traces left behind by Jiang Qiqi.

After all, Jiang Qiqis six letters clearly indicated that the most important message was about the Purple Extreme Heavenly Palace. There should be some connection between the two.

However, Cui Heng searched the entire Purple Extreme Palace but did not find any clear clues.

He only found a damaged array formation in a side hall.

It could barely be considered as some clues.

This array formation was divided into two parts.

One of them was a ring with a radius of about 30 feet.

The second was an astrolabe hanging on the wall. Three other places were specially marked.

Cui Heng activated his Nascent Soul Dharmic powers and investigated the remaining inscriptions, Dharma and Logos on the array. He discovered that it had the effect of mobilizing space and teleportation.

“Its most likely a teleportation array.” He nodded slightly, his gaze stopping on the ring array. There was a sword mark in the center of the array. It must have been deliberately destroyed.

The traces left on it contained the aura of the Immortal Dawn Sword Art.

From the aura of the power left behind, the sword mark should have been produced more than 90 years ago. It matched the time when Jiang Qiqi disappeared. “Qiqi left this place through the teleportation array?”

Cui Heng frowned slightly and looked at the astrolabe. After staring at it for a while, he shook his head.

He had never come into contact with the relevant knowledge and could not understand it at all.

Hence, he could only put away the astrolabe and memorize the three points marked on it.

After checking the Purple Extreme Palace again to see if he had missed anything, Cui Heng left the ancient palace.

In the next few days, he explored the entire


After receiving some more exploration feedback, Cui Heng finally left the moon


He flew towards the planet where the Great Jin was.

On the top of Mount Donghua.

Zhang Shuming was meditating with his eyes closed when he suddenly heard a voice enter his mind.

“Perfected Zhang, its time to leave.”

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